Off Road Biker Loses Leg in Collision with Vauxhall Corsa in Liverpool UK

Off Road Biker Loses Leg in Collision with Vauxhall Corsa in Liverpool UK

At around 3:10pm on Wednesday July 12, 2017, a 24 year old off road biker collided with a white Vauxhall Corsa on Commercial Road in Liverpool, UK. The biker was taken to hospital with severely injured leg and arm.

Merseyside Police called his injuries “life changing“. Unconfirmed local reports state both limbs may need to be amputated. The Corsa was operated by a female driver.

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  1. Goddamn women drivers! LOLOLOLOLZ >:o)
    If this woman had stayed in the kitchen, that biker would most likely have both his limbs in order.

    Has anyone watched Wimbledon tennis this afternoon?
    Venus Williams (USA) beat our best hope Johnanna Konta (GBR) in two sets. Fuck da Amercians LOL.
    Now, for someone who killed an old man a month ago due to her bad driving, Venus was in very good form against the British girl who is not exactly a pushover.

    It made me think. A few days ago, World No 4 tennis star Elina Svitolina said that women tennis players had ‘more mental strength’ then the male players. I just fell about laughing. More mental strength? Really??

    So……playing a tennis game against the likes of The Fed, or Rafael Nadal, or World No 1 Andy Murray who can take you upto 5 sets, with KILLER serves and stronger returns, is LESS mentally draining than playing against Svitolina, the Williams Sisters, or Konta, who only play 3 sets at best and have weaker returns and more errors?
    Ummmm ok.

    But now it makes more sense. Women can kill someone with their bad driving and still have the mental strength after that to win Grand Slam semi finals. That’s what Svitolina meant. Agreed, most men wouldn’t have the courage to do that.

    1. Black people on average have far more fast twitch muscle fibres than any other race which gives them much more explosive(as in fast acting)physical movement and strength. They also tend to have greater bone density as well which reduces relative muscle stress thus increasing the physical duration before lactic acid build up starts to take place.

      The above is one of the main reasons why black people tend to dominate running competitions, often leaving white and Asian runners in the dust. They also have naturally higher levels of testosterone as well which aids them in physical pursuits such as fighting, football playing etc. This goes double for many first world slave descended blacks who as you know were explicitly bred for strength.

      This is also why the Williams sisters dominate female tennis because with men they can usually bridge the physical gap somehow but women struggle to do that due to their lower muscle and bone density and their lack of testosterone in general.

      The Williams sisters therefore are just too physically powerful for most non black female tennis players to cope with.

      The above black advantage does have a reverse downside though in that greater testosterone levels etc reduces concentration and learning ability and makes them more aggressive which is one of the main reasons why black people tend to struggle academically and why they are also more likely to end up in prison.

      1. @empty-soul Just looking at your last paragraph. In your opinion, does this possibly give merit to the term “dumb jock” and the stereotype that athletes aren’t that bright? (Of course, I do not mean every athlete. Some people excel in both athletics and academics.)

        1. @itsplaster

          Yeah, that’s pretty much correct. Those who struggle academically tend to focus on sports as a way of attaining achievement and accolades.

          You will have also noticed that the more intelligent athletes in global athletics tend not to be the best in their field but do however go on to make the best coaches and managers.

          I guess the more the brain thinks the slower the body acts.

          1. @empty soul

            “The Williams sisters therefore are just too physically powerful for most non black female tennis players to cope with”

            LOL. Very true.
            Never forget the Olympics’ RSA sprinter Castor Semenya. When I was watching her run the 800m, I shouted out “That’s a f**king bloke running with those women. Not fair! Those poor women will be deprived of a gold medal!”

            I googled him (I mean her) up….it turns out we are twins. Both of us have the same January birthday, I’m exactly 16 years older, and both of us are 1.78m tall and both of us are 70kg. IMHO, she should be running with the blokes. Well I guess, someone just wants a gold medal more easily haha :-). Especially as Oscar Pistorious is now banged up for a few years, so no medals from him.

            Now if we could train Castor at tennis over a few years, and play at Wimbledon, I’ll bet you my last monthly salary that she would DEMOLISH either of the Williams sisters in straight sets on grounds of her superior testosterone level.

            Sorry to go off topic!

      2. @empty-soul
        I was watching the women’s Wimbledon final yesterday.

        You had commented:
        “The Williams sisters therefore are just too physically powerful for most non black female tennis players to cope with”.
        I agreed with this comment with my own at 3.44 above.

        Well you’ll be amused to know, we are both wrong.
        The vehicular manslaughter female juggernaut colossus known as Venus Williams was beaten by a white athlete Garbine Muguruza (Spain), who is just 23, in two straight sets!!
        Gabrine is a feminine lady, although her jaw is as powerful as mine.

        Ok, no need to get Castor Semenya involved in Tennis, then.

        Sorry to go off topic!!

  2. An “off-road biker” riding through town…

    Don’t blame the woman here. Maybe it was the dipshit biker’s fault for pulling a “cool stunt” like a 2-block wheelie on his off-road tires that caused the loss of his limbs ..?

  3. I didnt see any helmet here, so my guess is that this scouser here, (scousers are people from liverpool, and almost certainly thieves) was ragging a stolen crosser round scally town, and got slammed by a tax paying driver. Good! These dick head riders need to be eliminated. They cause lots of drivers a lot of trouble, their driving/riding is ridiculously dangerous and often results in injuries to pedestrians, but these off road bikers always seem to avoid hurting themselves, and that makes it even more infuriating. I’m glad to know at least ONE of them got their come-uppance, and its doubly satisfying because I’ve been in crashes which these knobheads have caused and I live very close to Liverpool as well.

    Not very empathetic I know, but england has plenty of countryside where these selfish bastards could ride their bikes and quads without pissing off a single soul, but they prefer to ride like lunatics on public roads and annoy the fuck out of everyone else So I haven’t got one single fuck to give this newly legless twat. After all, he didnt give a fuck for the safety of anyone else on the road.

    Its probably worth mentioning that I’ve owned motorcross bikes since I was 8 years old, but have never ridden them in places where I could hurt anyone else. Obviously there is an elementary of risk in all motorsports, but being a responsible biker I choose to minimise the risks by riding in designated areas.

    Be safe folks.

  4. The Corsa was operated by a female driver

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    1. He could get one of those snazzy 3 wheeled ones that look like a chromed up motorbike….sweeet ride. He’ll be the envy of all the other disabled scousers. Now then now then (ows about that then). Is that scousers or Jimmy saville ? Same thing really.

      1. No, that’s not a Mickey Mouse, that is Jimmy Savile’s old punchline. You know, when he used to sit in his big red chair handing out badges to all the young kids. Dirty old fucking rotter. A young scouse kid would have had one of his Jim’ll fix it badges away while his filthy head was turned.

        1. Tell me about it, I’ve actually seen jimmys ‘magic’ chair. I was picked for the show back in the early eighties, Jim fixed it for me to milk a cow, blindfolded.
          I’ve still got the limited edition golden handcuffs too.

  5. ‘When the chips are down, the people of Liverpool come together in times of crisis’ so once said someone whilst simultaneously attacking the Tories about cuts or some shit. Well, I’m from Liverpool and this idiot probably had it coming. I love it when these dumb retarded pricks lose limbs and such when irritating the shit out of everyone else on their relevant estates, on their uninsured and probably stolen motorcycles.

    24 years ago, I was a witness at a crash scene in Huyton where three young Liverpudlian lads who had stolen a Ford Fiesta had crashed through (and into) a roundabout at extremely high speed on a main, busy road while being chased by the police. When we ran to the car immediately after the crash, all three – none of who had been wearing seat belts – were seriously injured. The rear passenger had exited the car through the rear passenger door window and managed to lose his shoes AND half his clothes, the front seat passenger had gone halfway through the front windscreen and the poor driver had his head literally JAMMED through the forks of the steering wheel, right to the neck – all three were screaming at us for help due to broken bones, head injuries, lost skin etc etc… it was absolutely the FUNNIEST thing I have ever witnessed. Everyone, including members of the public and other motorists were laughing at them, and a shame that digital cameras and the internet were not as popular in those days at it would have been BG gold!

    I was in the police car, BTW.

  6. Hey a early pink floyd fan wooo! Yeah life changing injuries, like he was getting state hand outs for being work shy dole pay to invalid hand outs which is more i guess. Ive been to Huyton, what a strange low life breed of animal life lives there amongst nice people, it was a shock to see them!

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