Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident

Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident

An accident in Dominican Republic on a dark night transformed a man undeniably into a woman forever. The involuntary sex-reassignment was instantaneous with penis and testes torn out. A nearby wrecked bike frame suggests the dudette encountered an adversary and was no match. The ominous one shoe phenomenon steps out of the shadows and makes a special appearance. A quinceañera is in order to celebrate this man’s transition into womanhood.

104 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident”

    1. You know…there is an advantage to his current predicament.
      Now that he doesn’t have a cock and balls anymore, he could always claim that when he did, it was bigger than everyone else’s. Who can argue with him?

  1. Doh….ray…me….fah…so….lah….tee…doooooooooooooooooh!!!!

    (When he says that last ‘doooooh’ at the end, I bet it is now VERY high pitched?
    No? Give it 2 weeks. It will be).

    A new Soprano addition to the Church Choir.

  2. So do we know where the penis and his balls were since clearly they weren’t with him? Reattachment perhaps? Get the search party out people…..we have a penis and his sidekicks on the loose somewhere.

    Meanwhile, he’s just laying there like he doesn’t have a care in the world….lol.

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