Dominican Man with Face Ripped Apart Due to Crash Landing Speeding Motorcycle

Dominican Man with Face Ripped Apart Due to Crash Landing Speeding Motorcycle

A Dominican man had his face literally ripped off his head after crashing a speeding motorcycle. It would appear that he was participating in some form of racing. Given the speed, once he crashed, his face served as a brake grinding against the pavement.

In the aftermath video, a slab of blood-soaked facial skin dangles off his head. Thanks to the adrenaline overload, he did not feel pain, and tried to tear the dangling slab off.

Props to Best Gore member @iLurk for the video:

Here’s also a video of what he did to earn himself the ripped apart face:

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  2. What a fuckin GUMBY!!! He,s trying to rip that shit off. Come one man, someone grab a t-shirt, lift, and position that nasty-ass flap. Then use that t-shirt to wrap it around his head tightly until paramedics arrive, instead of staying back yelling NO, NO, NO. Damn, those FV,s , as Stench would say! 😉

      1. Let it cool a bit, then try it. About three to five minutes should work. The cheese will set and not slide off. The same thing happens with lasagna if you don’t allow it to cool. You wind up eating it a layer at a time and I hate that as well. As an added bonus, you won’t have scalding cheese burn your lips, chin or the roof of your mouth and tongue, which for me is even more depressing as I will be unable to taste anything for about a week after that happens. Such injuries from food are unacceptable to me and I always try to avoid them!

        Of course you could try using a knife and fork, or just a fork. *ducks out of room quickly, avoiding hurled empty pizza crust and further food injury* >>>

    1. Somewhere out there, there’s a woman who digs guys with road rash face. Even the melted Kenyan is probably going to have groupies now that his story is out there. Chicks are weird like that.

  3. His face looks like..,..

    A vaginabloodfartstain. (Pronounced as one word)


    I actually saw an accident just like this in Dallas, I was riding bitch, and this guy came flying down an on ramp, hit an expansion joint and lost control rigjt next
    to us. I did not ride for awhile after that, and had nightmares about for weeks

  4. Some sympathy for the poor chap from me, being young, dumb and full of cum as they say makes you reckless. That ‘oh shit’ moment of regret is a rite of passage for blokes.
    Many moons past I’ve felt his pain skateboarding downhill, luckily not the face but major skin scraped off by gravel on hands and both my shins.

  5. Im just wondering of what physics rule is applied here ? only the skin is ripped off. h?s eyeballs still there. shouldn’t his skull got cracked. or just is the perfect landing for a skin ripping.
    Anyway im just thinking outloud, this is freaking awsome. next time wear a helmet.

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