Dominican Man Spurts Blood from Face Cracked in Motorcycle Accident

Dominican Man Spurts Blood from Face Cracked in Motorcycle Accident

A man sustained serious facial injuries when he crashed his motorcycle on the Malecón in Samaná, Dominican Republic. 47 year old Genry Miguel Malloon Jimenez of Calle Hernández in Municipio de Sánchez was taken to the emergency unit at Hospital Leopoldo Pou in Samaná but due to seriousness of his injuries, had to be promptly transferred to the better equipped Hospital Docente Universitario Dr. Dario Contreras in the country’s capital city of Santo Domingo.

The victim has top half of his head held together with bandages, but I can imagine there’s some severed trauma under them. Bottom half itself shows serious cracks the seriousness of which is only amplified by the victim occasionally spurting blood.

I’ve posted many gruesome accidents over the years on Best Gore, but because they happened in places I’ve never been to, they never felt too personal. But during my two trips to the Dominican Republic, I spent most of my time in Samana or the areas nearby so this one strikes close to home, knowing I was exactly where it happened. I like the night stands along the Malecon in Samana selling food and beer you can drink as you listen to the ocean’s waves beating against the concrete wall.

There is a nice beach north of Samana in Las Galeras up one of the shittiest roads you’ve ever seen in your entire life, or an even better beach called Playa Rincon, which also has a mountain river flowing into it so you can be in fresh and salt water all at the same time, but to get to that one you’d have to feel exceptionally adventurous due to uber shitty terrain that leads to it. The road is undriveable unless you have a powerful 4×4 with very high ground clearance. Or if you have lots of money, you can pay a boatman to take you to the beach by sea. Turns out, if you ever go there, watch out for an occasional motorcyclist about to split his face in half.

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61 thoughts on “Dominican Man Spurts Blood from Face Cracked in Motorcycle Accident”

  1. I’m no expert but that seemed like pretty shoddy care by the hospital staff ? Looked like he was choking on the blood at first laying on his back and there just didnt seem to be much urgency on the way back to the ambulance. I know they are laid back around the Caribbean but fuck me !!

    1. Totally agree with you @ Deadmanwalking. I to am no expert, but as you say it looks very poor care for pre-hospital phase of trauma management , the first 2 mins of the clip nobody seems to be doing anything. He seems to be on a spinal board, but no head immobiliser, ect. The majority of preventable deaths following trauma occur as a result of airway obstruction, and this guy has this problem. IMO…

  2. Someone there should have inject him with something to put him out of his misery. @mark I have to ask, how do you get to travel the world being the poorest man in the world? I can barely get off this island! You put a lot of effort and time just for us to enjoy. One of the best site for real life action.

    1. That’s exactly why. Staying in one place is expensive. I move wherever I can make it with the little funds available to me. I’ve never been able to make it with $600 a month while staying in one spot. But when moving around $600 is the max. Usually way less than that

      1. really? you will have to share your secret with me cos im failing badly at managing on little money…im going to build a fort somewhere and hide away but even that doesnt come cheap :/

          1. @H.Thompson
            yeah? i suppose where i am right now…canada…well mainly ontario…prolly prefer northern ont…might consider bc though…hell i would consider anywhere

          1. Lol, thanks for reminding me @kill. Lol. I was thinking he would really like my kids and he surely could teach them better than any Cali school could! Shh, i was planningto sneak them along. Lol

      2. That is actually true, moving around is cheaper. It does wear you down though, after some years i.m.o. And it’s damn hard to settle again.
        But I guess I haven’t found a suitably comfortable way of moving around yet.

    2. Whether Canada or the USA, if i were to live in the US, i would definitely live on the road, buy a decent camper van or convert some old van or bus, and live of my savings and any odd jobs i could find. Thats my dream, i don’t want to think about inheritance, but it will unfortunately come one day. I love my mother and am her full time carer.

      1. Full face crash helmets look cool, the only people here that wear those stupid little crash hemets are gits on mopeds. Nobody with an ounce of sense or credibility wears stupid little crash helmets.

          1. @thejew

            why thank you kind sir…i thought he seemed awful peaceful myself especially after creating such a ruckus – perhaps you are right..a siesta is in order…or perhaps it is a time of reflection…

          1. LOL, Yeah, I was like what the hell Juicy is cheating on me with kill?!
            Maybe…when you see my profile pic and my beautiful comments, it’s Kill who’s in your mind…
            I won’t blame you.

  3. I’m inclined to say ‘poor guy’ , but since i don’t know whether he was an asshole or a nice person, i won’t say it.

    The blood spurts look interesting , i don’t see that very often .
    And i wonder why they didn’t give him a sedative jab, and whether he went into shock.

  4. Dd anybody see him choking on the blood? That would be a good time to be intubated but it looked like he died. The blood stopped squirting so that means the heart stopped….nice one…faggot music annoying though.

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