Double Fatality Accident on Highway in Brazil

Double Fatality Accident on Highway in Brazil

I don’t have any background information about this video, but apparently it happened in Brazil. The video depicts a trashed vehicle that looks like Fiat Uno.

There is one fatality still half inside the vehicle, his his bloodied head hanging out. Another person, presumably a passenger, was ejected and landed in a nearby field. Not too sure if he’s dead too, but given the overall beating that the vehicle took, surviving that crash would be akin to a miracle.

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          1. BTW @LF…

            I’m not cheap… You’d have to treat me to a dinner and a movie before I let you take advantage of me like that… 😉 😛

        1. Der like i said under your post, kill it! Makes my skin crawl. Ate ty for the post! This is right up my street, used to investigate these accidents and transported the to bodies to the local mort for autopsies later.

  1. According to what the guys said in the video, a guy speeding in a motorcycle (?) crashed head on with that Fiat Uno, both Uno driver and motorcyclist (?) died. They didnt specified what it was that crashed against the Uno but i heard “motorcycle” and “speeding” in the beguining… couldnt understand much because the guy kept clearing his fucking throat… 😕

      1. Probably. Theres no other vehicles nearby but alot of debris… So theoricly that had to be a motorcycle that “desintegrated” against the Uno’s mass after colision.

        And yeah… i trully hate when people clear their throats like that… It makes me feel like cutting their fucking necks… Then they would have a better stupid excuse to clear their throats with…

        1. Yeah the truck you see is to far back and i dont see damage on it. MC must have flipped over the fiat after in pact. These little cars is made of plastic and yield no protection. I found the sound of a death rattle like cats that meow in heat or battle, to be honest i would prefer that to that murloc sound in this video so yeah go for it lols.

          1. True, those cars are basicly 4 wheeled caskets. They can only be compared with its slavic brother, the Lada Laika… Maybe thats the reason why they are popular after motorcycles in Brazil… 😆

        2. Your Kurt Cobain quote is one of my favourites DK. I think your pretty awesome. Rare to find someone that can be so honest. Who need small minded fake pretentious people anyway. In my view there is absolutely no point in living if you cant live a brutal honest life.

          1. I’d rather be hated for what i really am than loved for what im not. If you didnt know about his quote, then all i can say is: “Great minds think alike =)

    1. @der thank you, didn’t even realize there was a motorcycle involved ( well knowing Brazil is was a dirt bike crossed with a cock rocket) really wished they would have filmed what was left of the thing, my only guess its what left the ruts in the grass leaving the road so its probably a bit further than the guy in the field.

    1. Fuck no. It looks very painful, and uncomfortable, for sure! But that car, man,,, it has been awhile since i have seen one that demolished completely. That,s why i drive a full size car, and S.U.V. Small ones scare me, since being on here 🙁

      1. The car is really smashed up good. I don’t blame you for driving a bigger car. I drive a smaller one but I tried to make sure it was a sturdy, safe car. I don’t know how people drive those smart cars. Those scare the shit out of me! They look so fragile.

    2. believe it or not, but my little niece of 5yo always sleep like that lots of time


      sometime she sleep head on floor and foot on bed or some crazy position and look like comfy for her.. she sleep well and wake up with full energy

        1. Haha, it ain’t that bad fella. I swear my father used to go out of his way to make sure he drove the worst shite heap in the area. It was like a badge of honour. It’s funny ‘cos I love those old motors now, like the Allegro and Renault 4.
          The Rams on a roll eh ?, looking good man.

          1. Ewe. I can beat that my granddad had a fuckin Robin reliant and use to pick me up from school, he knew I hated it, needless to say I got the shit taken out of me at school ha happy days! ! The allegro was a shite car to mate what about the capri that was a car to own, if you look on ebay now those sort of cars are going for loads fiesta xr2,xr3i or rs turbo! ! And yes my good man rams are rolling and it’s always nice to gest the Welsh! What team do you follow ewe I always forget sorry

          2. @gezza.
            I’ve felt the same embarrassment, 5 packed in a Robin trying to climb one of the steepest hills in the country, looking like a right bunch of twats as the frigging thing almost rolled backwards !. Still, I have fond feelings of nostalgia for those motors.
            I saw a mk2 escort the other week up for sale for ?8000, unreal.

            I just like football mate, no particular team, although I followed Leeds all over the country in my youth. The Terriers .. Huddersfield Town are my whole family’s team. I got plenty of stick back in the day. 😉

  2. thats a real wtf accident.. an simple road in middle of nowhere, no trees or anything around.
    this car look like be crushed by an monster truck or something….cars parts are no very scattered on the road or else..

    look like the big truck we can see in the video are responsible of this.. but still… look like monster truck shit

  3. car accidents happen every minute of every day in every country. Fate, God or The Grim Reaper – who ever is responsible, has already selected tomorrow’s interstellar travellers. God bless them whomever they be. No one should have to fight twisted metal, smashed glass and that brutal ashphalt and begin their journey to their next assignment., that way. trdsxx/xxd,Thats just wrong. Why csnt we all die in bed, in our sleep st at …?hugccccc- 0

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