Drifter vs the Police in Malaysia

Drifter vs the Police in Malaysia

Drifter vs the Police in Malaysia

Does this video make any sense to anyone? It’s from the Allahu Snackbar land of Malaysia but that’s about this only thing that’s straightforward about it. I really have no idea what is going on there otherwise. Is the drifter teasing the police? Cause he had many opportunities to dash but did not take them. Also – the oncoming traffic is backed up but there are barely any cars driving the opposite direction? You’d almost suspect this was a movie scene?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Drifter vs the Police in Malaysia”

  1. lol what’s with all those people jumping out in to the middle road at the end? Probably snacky snackbaring their hearts out, as always. Of course, I suppose that running directly in to harm’s way whilst shouting that annoying chant is all part of the standard protocol for bystanders to follow after chaos ensues in the land of snackbars. I’m just glad that I could not hear those dumb sheep bleating away this time. In fact, its almost like a belated Christmas gift to my ears.

  2. Why not real?
    1. It appears that he has positrac, however when he goes from forward to reverse, one wheel stops
    2. When going from forward to reverse, the shifting is seamless, never met an asian that could drive in a straight line yet I am supposed to believe this guy somehow overcame the lockout mechanism in under 1 sec?
    3. Because cops pull hand brake turn all the time, right?
    4. As much as I tried in my years of practice, I could never make a front wheel drive car peel out in reverse, at least not with the 1.6 or v6’s those cars are fitted with
    5. The tire marks are inconsitent (forgive the spelling)
    Conclusion? Its gotta be a stunt, good show though mate!

  3. After I read the post’s title, my mind immediately went to a homeless guy fighting with the police. Then, my eyes caught up with my thoughts, and I saw a picture of cars. Funny video. I guess if you’re being chased by the cops, and you know there’s no escape, you might as well make it entertaining.

  4. What’s with the people on the median who start running into the highway at the end? And it looks like the pigmobile blocking the road moved out of the way so he could take the offramp too. WTF?

    Said pigmobile is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, a high-performance sports sedan known to be used by the Malaysian Police (Malaysia’s Proton auto company builds Lancers under license)..

    The blue drift car looks like a Nissan 180SX, almost certainly with a high-power SR20DET engine swap. In case anyone was curious…

  5. Its the new Grand Theft Auto: Malay!

    …in all seriousness tho the new “Grand Theft Auto 5” that’s coming out in spring 2013 is going to kick so much fucking ass, I hear the map is going to be bigger than all of Red Dead Redemption, GTA4, and GTA3 maps combined…and theirs Jets!!!

      1. It’s worth the wait tho my man, but it was scheduled for release this month (December 2012) except some piece of shit rockstar employee that got fired went and leaked a bunch of info including one of the main characters name, the characters last name would’ve been DaSilva lol I’m not even fucking with you haha, that’s why its taking rockstar so long now cause they had to change alot of things thanx to that cocksucking employee leaking a lot of the stuff in including the story line and of course one of three playable characters name whos last name was going to be DaSilva…it wouldve been such a fitting last name for a main character in GTA 5

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