Driver Hits Another Car on Bridge, Causes It to Plunge Into Sea

Impact Pancaked Victim's Face

Driver Hits Another Car on Bridge, Causes It to Plunge Into Sea

A fatal accident whereby a vehicle plunged into sea after being struck by an idiot driver was caught on a dashcam on Sunday January 20, 2019 on the Penang Bridge in Georgetown, Malaysia.

A private college student, identified as 20 year old Moey Yun Peng, lost control of his vehicle after another car hit him before plunging off the bridge at 2.54am.

Props to Best Gore member @ela8 for the pics and the video:

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134 thoughts on “Driver Hits Another Car on Bridge, Causes It to Plunge Into Sea”

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    1. The two people that got hurt the most were the two that were racing. The white SUV went over the side was one of the ones racing. Live by the sword you die by the sword. Thank God that black and white car got as far up as they did before those other two came racing by. I think one of them got clipped yeah, I think the white car on the right, but the only person that really got it in the end I guess was one of the guys racing.

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  2. Poor sod. He was driving along on the inside lane when the lunatic driver smashed into his car and pushed him off the bridge. He was the innocent party. I guess when you’re time is up, your time is up.

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    1. I was wondering the same thing. It’s looks like he was down there for days but the time stamp on the video shows differently. I guess they just assumed he was dead and waited for the crane instead of sending divers in right away. I studied the natural decomposition process in Biology but I guess it’s a whole different ballgame underwater.

      1. .. Upon witnessing the recovery crew open the chassis of the car with the JAWS of life and viewing the grotesque nature of the victim, Police chief Martin Brody, crewmember of the “ORCA” was prompted to declare…

        … “We’re gonna need a bigger bloat…!”

      1. Mr. Dildo
        Funny Handel by the way! I just wanted to thank you for posting that info because now it makes more since.
        The incompetent police department kept fucking up for three days before they actually recovered the poor guys body which is why he was already a bloater trying to floater!! Lol
        And the fact that it was his fucking friend that hit him and sent his SUV in the water in the first place was also very shocking!!
        Who knows maybe now he will not be able to live with himself after what he has done and we can enjoy another suicide video coming soon.

          1. I don’t get it Nems, but I think he was driving towards eternity (and made it).
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  3. Ok, I know this is Best Gore, but shit like this enrages me! A young guy is fucking dead because of some fucking asshole, fuck head, dick headed total piece of fucking careless fucking shit!

    I hope street justice or a violent end befalls the fucking asshole driver who caused this! Somebody’s son is dead in a heinous way because of this joy riding fuck hole!

    1. Scroll back about 8 messages and find the video dildoe shared and you will learn it was actually the guys best friend that was in that black car that actually hit him and stole his life! This world is a very dangerous place and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. I’m sure even the person who sent the message you were offended by cares on some level what happen to this kid! So no need to think everyone on this website are heartless bastards because most are just comfortable enough to joke and make rude comments regarding death because it is inevitable and we will all meet the very same fate so there is no need to be so serious about it.

      1. Oh I wasn’t offended by any message. I’m just sick of assholes who do reckless shit and someone else paying the price. Trust me, I live in a world of gallows humor. I can joke about anything including gore and death and I love other peoples’ comments on here! I’m only commenting on the fact that some people are assholes for putting everyone else at grave risk.

  4. … He didn’t actually die from the impact or drowning.. He died because he tried to use the airbag for a source of O2, but the rapid or rather explosive inflation of his lungs caused them to burst, letting air infiltrate the rest of the body cavity… Thus the ballooning affect we see..

  5. Looks like they were both racing. The driver of the white S.U.V. Was Himself Flying Big-Time in the slow lane, when the other one seemed to be going after him, (Road-Rage) perhaps is what started this fatal encounter??

    It’s funny at how flipping the bird to someone can make a Man go Totally Ape-Shit Asian Slant-Eyed Style. They Can Barely Even See During The Day Looking Through those little Slants. Now add the factor of it being nighttime, and Rage-Racing, Or Rage-Ramming, and Bingo,,, Moey’s Now Bloaty 😉

  6. Now is the time for telling you, that it is indees rude and not very nice to show the corpses of those people involved in an accident!

    think of their families!!

    If that were my corpse, which is posted on this site, I would sue you all!

  7. wow that sucks! The bloater didnt deserve to become a bloater. He was just driving along the correct way and some maniac comes out of nowhere and pushes him off the bridge while the maniac survives. He should have tried opening the window and escaping the car.

  8. Excellent example of complete fuckwittery by the speeding driver there. Shame a perfectly innocent kid had to die rather than the fuckwit. The standard of driving in Malaysia is absolute shit, which means it’s relatively safe compared with elsewhere in Asia. When I lived in Singapore the sight of squidged Malay motorcyclists was quite a common one.

  9. You can clearly see that there were two cars racing. And one of the cars that was racing was the SUV on the left that went over the bridge, the one that the guy died in. Thank God the white sedan and black car got further up when they did. I didn’t pay attention to what happened to the other car that was racing but I think that white sedan on the right might have gotten clipped towards the end. But you live by the sword you die by the sword. This guy wasn’t Innocent by no means. Driving like an idiot. You take the chance, put everybody else in danger, face the consequences.

    1. You know your observations seem to make since! The kid in the black car that hit him was his own best friend and as I thought about that I was looking for a connection to why this happen and you making the comment about racing seems to be the correct answer. Two young friends being stupid and trying to race each other and one of them didn’t make it!

    2. I think you are right that he’s not innocent in this. When I first watched the film, it’s clear to me that they were both driving at a high rate of speed. I don’t know if he was racing. It could have been where the guy who died tried to block the car from merging into his lane. The driver got angry and tried to speed up and come into his lane. Plus the time of the accident 2:45 am tells me that they were probably out partying all night before this “accident.”

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