Driver Impaled by Rebars After Following Too Close Behind Truck in Tunisia

Guy Is Double Impaled Through Face and Still Has Time to Do Pointers

In Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, a car driver rear ended a flat bed truck, and got impaled through the face with multiple rebars the truck was transporting. Apparently, the driver was tail-gating the truck closely and the predictable happened.

Unfortunately, I did not get any further information, and don’t know whether he survived or not. At first sight, it looks like the metal pierced non vital parts of his skull, but upon closer look one notices severe blood loss marked by the large stain on his shirt, and the fact that one rebar went through the neck exactly where you’d expect carotid artery to be. If the artery was severed, he bled out and died within a manner of a minute or two.


It would appear that this happened in Punjab, India, and not Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia as was originally reported. I apologize for this mishap.

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      1. His foundation seems to have been well laid . And now to add up to its solidarity some of the concrete need to sit in right through the girders with some of the cement if its around .

        He is some piece of work in the making for now .

  1. Yea I can’t stand assholes that follow right behind me or right in front of me in the trunk of someone else. I can understand if the motherfucker is doing the speedlimit or way less and you can’t pass and you’re in a hurry. That’s the only way I get it. But if the guy is going 70 in a 60mph lane and you’re tailgating, you’re just deserving of that railway spike through the eyeball.

      1. I know a better way:
        Just use your handbrake, then your brakelight wont light up, and the shock effect is even better ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Oh dont pull your handbrake too harsh, or you will spinn off the road, gehehe

  2. I live and drive in Thailand and I can not help but give a small victory cheer when I see tailgaters like this… makes my fucking day …. the scourge of the roads out here in their mini vans and pick ups….

  3. That’s brutal. Serves him right, honestly… Tailgaters. Also, this is really similar to another post on here from a bit back, I can’t recall which one, it was another guy impaled by rebars. I think. Share the link if you know which one. Thanks.

      1. @Gnat
        Wow. those are some kind words @gnat . Knowing the details of the “previous” life i led, to now be called a “good soul” is just about the best compliment i could ever hope to achieve. Thank you, my friend.
        im hoping its not the last time we speak.
        I suppose that the beginning of the “internet age” has created a new tragedy for such as us – That people such as ourselves… rayf, boozer, ewestomper, gorycory, dre, the judge, mickeygraves (to name just a few) are able to nurture such empatic and meaningful friendships – yet with the almost certain knowledge that we will never actually meet in person?

        What ever happens re: this site, the connections i have had the privilege to make here, will be remembered and treasured forever.

  4. The plates are algerian. so this dickhead was certainly not tunisian, not that one would miss him more if he was. Those countries need more trucks hauling rebars and slaming the breaks, full of morons in the traffic. At least one less fucktard on the roads. rest in pain asshole.

  5. Its India and Not Tunisia. India drives on left and not Tunisia. The car is Hyundai i10. Did you see the Turbaned people behind. Those were Sikhs , who live in Punjab State of India. Don’t confuse them with Muslim Turbaned people.

    Nice story but with wrong info.

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