Driver Kills Pedestrian Crossing a Highway at Night

Driver Kills Pedestrian Crossing a Highway at Night

Caught on dashcam in Russia – a motorist moving along the route Tyumen – Khanty – Mansiysk got his path crossed by an oblivious pedestrian. The pedestrian appeared in front of his vehicle out of nowhere, making it virtually impossible to avoid a collision with. What was the pedestrian doing there, crossing the highway in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night is anyone’s guess. The hit was fatal, so they won’t be revealing their secrets anytime soon.

I don’t have any further info, and I couldn’t even make out whether the victim was a woman or a man. It looks like a woman, but you got all kinds of feminine looking weirdoes out there these days so who knows. The video reminded me of this dashcam footage from Moldova.

Two videos available. First video is the dashcam footage showing the moment of impact:

Second video shows damage to the car. Props to Best Gore member kac for these:

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67 thoughts on “Driver Kills Pedestrian Crossing a Highway at Night”

    1. Looks like the person had a car stopped on the shoulder of the road. Why they took their time crossing the road when car headlights were coming towards them at night is beyond me! I would’ve ran across. It’s a shame!

      1. @andrew, did you offer to tow her home and wash her nice and clean? Also did ya’ see the nice chunk of human flesh in the bottom corner of the windscreen. Ya, buddee, someones head donated to our cause. Wish it were more tho.

    1. I was thinking that. This is not something someone in their right mind would do, after all they had a whole clear highway and they chose to cross the road when a car was coming. Very suspicious as the headlights could have been seen from quite a distance.

      1. @Pumpkinshit
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          1. More like there’s no reply button after X amount of comments dipshit. But I don’t blame a retard like you for jumping to whatever conclusion suited your intent. Now cheerfully go kill yourself and film it for the rest of us you fucking twat.

          2. Calm down @ram.,everything will be okay but,you better watch out for the guys in white coats with the butterfly nets! Lol

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  1. The second video really shows how serious people are about their insurance over there.
    The driver is less concerned about the guy they just killed, and more about documenting the vehicle damage for insurance purposes.
    Apparently over there if you don’t have it on tape, you did the damage yourself. That’s why they all have the dashcams.

    1. in second video he says that he killed a person, first time in his life, than he talks about brain pieces on the windshield. i think, they checked the body without lifisigns, and waiting for rescueteam in the car, in that case he take some shots. what you gona do when meatball without lifesigns lying on the road.

  2. I nearly hit some idiot who was walking down the highway facing on-coming traffic a few years ago. It was night time and the guy was dressed all in black. For sure I thought he was on a suicide mission.

    I pulled over and called the highway patrol. They got him before he became vulture breakfast. He was gorked on some kinda drug.

  3. Headline shouldn’t read “Driver Kills Pedestrian”. Should read “Pedestrian gets his own dumb ass killed by walking into the middle of a highway at night and not looking to see if there were fucking headlights coming”. Wasn’t really anything the driver could do.

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