Driver Notifies Mother That Her Child in Stroller Rolled onto Road

Driver Notifies Mother That Her Child in Stroller Rolled onto Road

At the 0:04 minute mark you can hear the car drive over a rock that rebounded and hit the car’s floorboard. The driver said “Blyat” and looked for the first opportunity to pull over to the side to check for damage.

He stopped near a bus stop where mother of the year with a child in a stroller was waiting. At one point, mother let go off the stroller and without looking if it was OK, used her hands to go through stuff inside her purse. The stroller rolled onto the road which could have lead to an unspeakable tragedy if the driver did not notify the mother by honking his horn and doing pointers.

They have single mothers in Russia too? The video reminded me of this mother of the year.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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    1. Its reallt stupid that people see a woman. And child vy themselves and assume she is a low life single mother I go out to the market and shopping with my daughter while my fiance is at work only ignorant people would just jump and say I’m a single mother ans snart people would think oh her man is probably at work.

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  1. Hey Mark, sorry for the irrelevant post but I’m waiting for that “other ” news, it’s been circulating around the web for a while now. I don’t wanna spoil it here first, but I think that cabron from mexico deserves a news article here since he and his “group” contributed a great deal of gore for us to watch …

  2. I wonder what would be worse. Being the child of one of these mothers? or being the child of a preying mantis, who would eventually view you as food. I will go with the human mothers i guess.

  3. I hardly ever used a push chair/stroller when my son was little, I hated them. But one day I took him out in one and didn’t do up the safety harness properly. As I went to cross a road the front wheels get stuck on something and the back wheels went up and he catapulted on to the road. Even though it was a really busy road I had waited till the cars stopped at a traffic light further down and I was going to the central island to wait so there were no cars. I shat myself though at what a moments carelessness on my part could result in.

  4. In Russia, on wheelies.

    You know what’s funny? Well, generally people do keep their beloved dogs on a lead to keep them from harm, but their chillun? Nah. Not important enough. A furry barking animal on all fours is much more important than your own flesh and blood, apparently. I must be overlooking something.

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      1. Love it! Huge fan of the “in Soviet Russia, (insert) does YOU! My fave saying, although it is old,and much played out, still funny as all hell. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks it is still remotely funny! Thanks for the giggle!

  6. There’s NOTHING wrong with single mothers. Fathers leave! Fathers abuse their families! Fathers cheat! My dad abused my sister and I! Along as he did to my mother! It should say single fathers are bad.
    Because of my mother:
    -I went to high school and graduated.
    -I went to college and graduated.
    -I opened my first businesses.
    -I became a wealthy 21yo. Now an even wealthier 26yo.
    -If my dad had raised me, I wouldn’t be here. I am certain.

    1. Just because you think single mothers aren’t that bad you shouldn’t just go and say “Fathers do this! Fathers do that! It should say single fathers are bad!”. It’s all the same, you know there are bad fathers and bad mothers alike.

      Also, in the future you should be more reluctant to tell the internet you were abused and such.

      1. And do not lump all fathers with your dad. Though you were unfortunate to have a pos dad not all are like yours. When I got divorced I had custody of my children. Your dad was one of the exceptions I think and not the rule.

        1. Unfortunatly, some people have biased opinions regarding certain topics because they’re too close minded to realize that everyone is different and one/multiple experience(s) they had with one person/gender/race/sexual orientation/parent/sibling/whatever does not set the standard for every other of the same general characteristics. Seriously, JDamien, my father is crap, my mother is great, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing fathers out there and awful mothers. I’ve met gays that were liars and cheaters and whores, and I’ve met gays that were honest and loyal and trustworthy. Same with straight people. I could go on, but I already feel as if I’m rambling.

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  8. I remember when i was just a baby and my grandmother forgot to put the safety on my stroller at the top of the driveway… needless to say, i fell down with my cart all the way into the street… so the moral today is, just please keep an eye on your kids, they cant scream bloody murder, when their that young to get you to look.

  9. This Had Great Potential – Part XVII HaHa Been checking this site out for the past year and glad to be part of the BG members. So what’s going on with Mark and this site? No All About The Gore additions since July 7 but newer ones are scattered in the topics. Good luck if you find them or just chill the fuck out until he get’s it back together?

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