Driver and Passenger Die in Headon Collision with Truck in Guatemala City

Driver and Passenger Die in Headon Collision with Truck in Guatemala City

Driver and Passenger Die in Headon Collision with Truck in Guatemala City

On January 13, 2020, a pickup truck collided head-on with a larger truck on a road somewhere in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Both driver and passenger in the pickup died. Neither reportedly wore a seatbelt.

Judging by the damage to their vehicle, the force of the impact was severe. I doubt their survival rate would be much higher if they wore seatbelts. Human organs are not built to withstand the force of going from so much speed to violent stop on a dime.

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  1. This is why you run air bag diagnostics. Even if it has the faintest chance of saving your life, it’s a worthy investment. This guy obviously didn’t see it that way, and now his brain case is fucked to hell!

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  2. In my years as a paramedic, I’ve seen a lot of those types of injuries. One of the weirder scenes was when an older lady (in her late 70’s) didn’t have a seat belt on, and someone ran a stop sign in front of their car. She was thrown forward and hit her head on the dashboard. As I checked her out, I first saw that her forehead had been pushed back behind her ears. Her skull had split out on the backside, leaving her brain bulging out the back of her head. To my utter amazement, she was still alive and somewhat alert. That state didn’t last long, and she died within three or four minutes of our arrival.

    Her husband also was without a seat-belt. He smashed into the steering wheel and developed what they call flail chest. This is where four or more consecutive ribs on both sides of the chest are broken. This makes it very difficult for the person to breathe, frequently resulting in death. This man’s feet were hopelessly entangled in the clutch and brake (this happened in a 1975 Ford Maverick), and even after he kicked it, it took us ten minutes to get him freed.

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