Driver Pauses After Hitting Child, Then Drives On Over It

Driver Pauses After Hitting Child, Then Drives On Over It

By the looks of the video, this happened in China. By the conduct of the driver, this happened in China.

The CCTV footage shows a driver hitting a child, pausing for a brief moment to absorb the fact that something was hit, then resuming the drive forward, thus running the child over. Just in case hitting the kid was not enough.

Props to Best Gore member @BoscoTkc for the video:

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64 thoughts on “Driver Pauses After Hitting Child, Then Drives On Over It”

    1. I’m looking at the stupid steel fencing along the street, the steady stream of preoccupied pedestrians and bicyclists along that street, and the typically fucked up driving maneuvers.

      This is the perfect location for a CCTV camera!

    2. In Asia if you kill someone you just need to pay a certain amount of money for the victim’s family, but if that person is still alive and disabled, then you will have to feed that him or her till who knows, maybe your death.

  1. In China, you better kill someone in a road accident than hurt someone, why ?

    kill someone, you only need to pay for the funeral and some cash to their family.
    hurt someone, you need to pay not just damages but also support them for a lifetime and it will be costly.

    1. About a week ago there is this video of a big truck that hit a woman and smeared her all over the pavement and there’s two guys (presumably drivers of truck) cleaning up the mess one uses a garden back hoe to sort of scoop/drag the remains into a tarp while the other guy picks up one of her legs.
      The place seemed like Indonesia

      What cross my mind when I saw this video is that this type of shit is so common in Asian countries that it has to be a law that requires the drivers of whatever car/truck hits a pedestrian to clean up the mess they have created.

      Those two guys appeared to me as doing the clean up out of their own expense and really didn’t seemed to want to do it but like if they had to do it.

      So the moral of the story is… There is no moral there is only laws to follow if you create a mess on the road at the expense of a human life everything will be good so long as you clean up your mess, fuck the human life just clean up the mess.

  2. Motherfucker thought the guy in the bike hit his/her car lmao or I bet that’s what he/She swore to police if anyone gave a shit to call them. Prolly facebooking/tweeting the shit as they finished running the kid over too.

  3. Fucking piece of shit driver. Mother and father was waiting for the child to come home, he’d learned to cross the road and came home safely all other days. Driver needs executing.

  4. In a perverse sense, the driver is committing an act of kindness for the victim. Inside the mind of the Chinese driver.
    Driver: What did I just hit? OMG, could it be the kid I just saw by the side of the road?
    He stops. After a few seconds…
    Driver: Damn, I hit him pretty hard. He must be seriously injured and feeling lots of pain. I’ll just run over him again to put him out of his misery. That way, he won’t feel any pain.
    Driver drives over the kid. After yet another few seconds…
    Driver: I wonder if I really put him out of his misery. I know, I’ll back up and run over him again, and this time, I’ll sit right on top of him. That’ll really make sure.
    Driver starts to back up…

  5. Haha that driver is a total asshole. Most people would not want to damage their further and go out to check what they have run over. Not this one. Imagine the mortification s/he will feel as soon as they go out and find it’s a child they have just splattered.

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