Driver Rear Ended by Inattentive Speeder Burns to Death in Puerto Rico

Driver Rear Ended by Inattentive Speeder Burns to Death in Puerto Rico

Driver of a Suzuki Vitara was stopped on the lights, when he was rear ended by an inattentive and speeding driver in a Scion. The Vitara caught fire, trapping and burning the victim inside. Per usual, whereas the innocent driver is dead, the culprit who caused the accident survived.

The incident occurred two weeks ago on Route 3 between Rio Grande and Luquillo, not in Brazil, but in Puerto Rico.

Props to Best Gore member @shadow_boy for the pics:

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            “What the fuck??? What kinda website did I just stumble across?” lol

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  1. Geeesh… he sure was destined to die that day… Even if the impact didnt killed him, the fire did… Even if he had survived that, some random car would appear out of nowhere and run him over… even if he had survived that too, some runnaway zoo lion would eat him alive… πŸ˜†

  2. i feel very very few fleshy virus are granted an ez and painless death. like dying in your sleep or dying after blowing a huge load which is the way i want to go. severe injury, illness, violence, or just old age after a lifetime of shit. no sir no sir. most all of us will DIE HARD one way or another. this fellow DIED HARD.

    1. It would be awesome to die right after blowing a huge load. But it would be extra credit if I could die right after that all too familiar roll of the eyes that I’m used to seeing after blowing that load. Disappointment is something I transmit but don’t feel…

      Fire is…fire is bad, m’kay?

  3. Poor lil Rico, out there in in Puerto Rico,
    One of those who chose to follow limitations to the speed code,
    Hit the brake to wait his turn to cross the pavement when some Chico
    With no genius in his genomes gassed his vehicle down the Rio,
    This is where we know the scene goes as he watches in the rear view,
    Death is seldom ever seen close riding shotgun when it’s near you,

    It’s simplicity, we’re a shitty breed, indifferent and pity free,
    So who’s hungry, I heard Hispanics make some pretty mean fricassee

  4. Can someone please tell me that they believe in God to? I feel all alone here, I don’t want it to be eternal darkness when we die (I can’t do anything about it if it is though) I just want to believe that our spirits still live and walk this earth when we die, I mean I guess it would be like before we were even born tho, just nothing

    1. There is no God but death. But if you worship someone else, they can be your God. I don’t wish to have a religious discussion. I just want you to be as unstable with your faith as possible. Faith kills men. Fear reminds them they are alive. I have faith in you. But I fear you don’t remember your own life before you worry about the next


    2. Death is kind of like sleeping, but without the dreams. Lot’s of stuff happens after you die, you just aren’t a part of it anymore. Just think of all the shit that happened before you were born, well being dead will be like that, but don’t worry you won’t care.

  5. Poor bastard. I detest other humans with an unbridled passion. just the mere act of walking in front of me in a supermarket/on the street/ or on the road, and inconveniencing me for a few seconds, makes my blood boil to epic proportions. so god knows how raging mad this guy was before he passed.

  6. i hope the impact killed him on impact if not he sufferd way to much and was full of all emotions, anger, pain and fear. ive seen a guy who put gas on him self wanting to die but quickly he cried for help, many ran to his aid but his burning flesh was falling from his fading life when i got there i could barely make out that stinking burning stuff was a man. the stinch was ungodly. i hope he died when hit, before fire.

  7. Why do cars only seem to explode into flame when hit in 2nd and 3rd world countries? I NEVER see that happen in North America (well except for Paul Walker from The Fast And The Furious).
    Don’t mind the question if it’s stupid, I’m a chick and my only ‘under the hood skill’ is adding oil and coolant. I can’t even boost a car battery with cables LOL!

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