2 thoughts on “Side View of Grand Vitara After Fire Was Put Out”

  1. Wow! The side view looks bad, but not nearly bad enough to equate to the carnage on the INSIDE of the car. Wonder if their manufcturing standards are lower/non-existent compared to U.S.& Canada? As in they’re perhaps not using durable alloys, and flame retardant interior panels and fabrics, etc. What an absolutely horrendous way to go. Saw one worse than this with my own eyes, on the highway one night. I’ve never been the same, and rarely ever wear a seatbelt, despite it being mandatory, by law, in Alberta.

    1. i don’t get your logic of not wearing a belt…even a small fender bender and you can easily crack your skull wide open if you don’t have a belt. Suzuki is japanese, I think japan has pretty high standards for automobiles, not like it’s some soviet car or a pinto. Suzuki is one of the shittier brands for cars out of japans though. I don’t think any vehicle has flame retardant interior to withstand a gasoline fire lol. could be a shitty gas tank that cracked when it got rear ended spilling all over the hot exhaust.

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