2 thoughts on “Rear View of the Damage”

  1. That’s it. I’m buying a tank. I’ve been threatening to buy one for years because I’m really tired(painfully so) of being run into by assholes that got their driver’s licenses out of a Cracker Jack box. Or didn’t have one at all. None of those teeny weeny Smart cars, or Austin Mini type cars for me. Nope, nope, nope. You wanna hit my tank? Go for it asshole! Maybe I’ll just get my truck armor plated. On the other hand…there are 2 armed forces bases less than 200 miles from my home. Maybe I could just borrow one?
    Some of the boys @ one of the bases were really naughty one weekend and took a couple out the back gate & drove them into town (less than 3 miles then). Up & down the main street of the small town, population less than 3000 then, and then went to the bar. The owner’s 1st mistake was telling them they wouldn’t be served. The 2nd mistake was NOT serving them. They turned the bar into a drive through. Oh well. Boys will be boys! lol
    (This was about 30 years ago, and we had family friends who lived there)

  2. the car that rear ended him doesn’t look too bad and it looks like a smaller company economy car, so I think this wasn’t super high speed (maybe 45-50km/h) and I think that suzuki grand vitara was just not structurally strong at all and the gas tank probably gave away too spilling fuel on hot exhaust.

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