Driver T-Bones Excursion Train in North Carolina

Driver T-Bones Excursion Train in North Carolina

For a very brief moment, I had this doubt in my mind that there’s no way someone could possibly t-bone a train… I mean, how do you not see and/or hear a train passing right in front of you, but then I quickly recalled all the videos published at Best Gore and realized there truly are no limits to human uselessness.

On the first Sunday of each month from May to December, the small town of Bonsal in North Carolina hosts a show of old trains. In June of 2009, visitors who bought a ticket to ride a 9 mile track on one of the excursions trains got more than they bargained for.

As a New Hope Valley Railway train was slowly passing through the Railroad Museum, the train was t-boned by a Mercury Colony station wagon driven by a 50 year old man of Apex, NC. He was only traveling at approximately 10 miles per hour, so nobody was seriously hurt, but he caused about $1,000 damage to the historic train, and rendered his 21 year old car undrivable.

How do you travel at 10 mph and manage to crash into a train?

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    1. Ok, let me see if I understand this correctly. In 2009 a man drives a seemingly blemish-free mid-80’s model POS station wagon in to the side of a train. In 2009 the car would’ve been about 20 years old. How on earth the car managed to last that long and be in that relatively good a shape with that ass clown at the wheel is mind boggling.

      My guess is the asswipe at the wheel totals about one car a year because he’s such a blind fool and can’t afford the insurance on anything other than a 20 year old dinosaur of a car.

  1. Haha i love the hickery scene , perfect for a good laugh, plus the idiotic voice of a crack corn accent saying please Remain seated haha its a free country we can stand up if we want , you old fart of a lazy fuck train attendant bitch hahaha.

    1. Ha, do you get those sepcsavers ads too? They’re pretty funny…….well most of them. I like the one where the boy is trying to get his remote control car to work and pushes the buttons on the remote frantically. The remote control car doesn’t move, but he remote controlled garge door over to the other side of the house is going crazy, up and down, up and down, on tops of dads new car !

      1. @ Dutchy…… Yeah, fuck’n funny.

        Have you seen the one where the beach life saver does the rescue and as he’s coming out of the water asks ‘where’s the parents’…….. Problem is, he’s carrying a seal.

    1. Absolutely true! I’ve been in two accidents caused by them. One rear ended me while I was stopped at a red light. The other one tried to make a left turn without looking. She darted out right in front of me, too close for me to avoid her by slamming on the brakes, and cutting the wheel hard right. Those illegals are horrible drivers!

  2. My aunt was on the tracks and a big ass train hit and didn’t stop like a mile fucking down later. Fucked her up…and she fucking lived yo. The ride, man, the sound was probably like a tornado. -951-

          1. Doesn’t matter to me where people are born as long as they stand by their team win or lose. I’m a 49ers / A’s / Warriors / Sharks fan. Good luck against the Pats is all I can say. Hoping for a good Super Bowl this year.

  3. He’s gonna have a hard time living that down in a small town.
    Hate to see it anytime when a piece of history be it land air or sea travelling gets fucked up. People put blood sweat and tears into something and when they go to share it so others can appreciate it some moron not paying attention wrecks it.

      1. Dakota Dancer
        No it’s my 14 yr olds she rides him at barrel events .
        Because I’m in the picture I caught hell from my old lady.
        Seems she don’t want anyone who may recognize me to see what a complete ass I am.
        Sometimes that woman seems to just like bossing me around. ;-(
        I try not to make eye contact when she gets like that.
        And I just take it !!! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m thinking maybe it was a problem with the vehicle or possibly a medical emergency, like the guy was having a stroke or something. Definitely one of the most bizarre, slow motion wrecks I’ve ever seen.

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