Driver Trapped Inside Burning Crashed Car Gets Sprayed with Fire Extinguishers

Driver Trapped Inside Burning Crashed Car Gets Sprayed with Fire Extinguishers

Driver Trapped Inside Burning Crashed Car Gets Sprayed with Fire Extinguishers

According to Best Gore member @sanches80, this incident seems have taken place in South Russia. The videos show the aftermath of a traffic accident, in which a driver ended up trapped inside his car while it caught fire.

The witnesses are trying their best to stop the fire from consuming the vehicle and with it the driver, but that involved spraying the driver with extinguishers till he looked like the Iceman Cometh.

Props to Best Gore members @sanches80 and @13lunt420media for the video:

One more video filmed when the flames seem to be more under control. Props to @sanches80 for this one:

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89 thoughts on “Driver Trapped Inside Burning Crashed Car Gets Sprayed with Fire Extinguishers”

      1. I cant for the life of me find a similar video from russia, a man stuck in a burning car, screaming in terror for a very long period of time as people try and put out the flames. In the end his cries would just fade out as death creeped in, truly terrifying.

        1. Oh shoot.. That worst than just flat out burn alive. I myself have been in a similar situation (but not really lol) where I had to be pulled out of my friends car because the front was in flames and I freeze when I panic, I can tell you that, fire + car = lost of hope real quick lol

          1. It actually kinda turns me on. Would love his raspy burnt little hands wrapped around my throbbing cock. Guarantee nut in 15 seconds

        1. Let’s hope you never gonna need that help to start with. Well done my brother, but personally… I prefer to save lives with good advice, and this site probably saved many!

    1. That’s a funny image. Opportunistic Russian packing the back seat full of yard rubbish and maybe a spare tire while he’s at it.
      The police show up: “Goddamnit Igor! Didn’t we go over this the last time?”

      1. I would disagree with you. Chechens were historically Indo-European in race ,part of the European peoples. Actually,caucasian of which the europeans are a subset.
        traditionally they were fantastic warriors and defenders of Christendom but were converted by the Muslims and then threw their lot in with the Turks as you say.

        Nowadays they are infinitelly worse than Turks .
        As the saying goes”with the fervour of the newly converted”. It breaks my heart seeing blonde or redheaded ragheads chopping christian heads off in Syria. What a crying shame. So the only solution is to kill such on sight as does Putin. He does not take shit. Chechen raghead going against Christians ? You die! Simple. Chechen raghead following the law and not trying to conquer , you live. You know the Boston Bombers were from here right? And that Putin warned the US about them right? And the US thought it knew better.

  1. oh, that poor man. i can’t even imagine that kind of pain. i hope he was in shock and didn’t suffer too much.

    it’s nice to see on BG when people actually try to help. we see so many videos on here with people who don’t. it’s a nice change.

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