Driver Tries to Outmaneuver Oncoming Semi and Fails

Driver Tries to Outmaneuver Oncoming Semi and Fails

Driver Tries to Outmaneuver Oncoming Semi and Fails

Apparently this happened in Russia. It’s a dashcam footage of a car that tries to unsafely pass the cammer, but in the tight squeeze, clips the cammer and the oncoming car.

In the ensuing attempt to outmaneuver an oncoming semi, the driver fails and runs head on into the larger vehicle. That was quite an impact for the idiot. Possibly fatal.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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    1. Could be wankdust but i reckon this was boy racer. Speeding, unable to control the care at speed, no experience beyond his last lesson. But as you know, i could be wrong. How’s the sleep going?

      1. Sleep is at its uncomfortable Summer best – around four hours per night average this week. I need to get a few big walks in to settle out my lower spine. Nothing arduous… just long and ambulant. I’ll be off to the Hebrides come the weekend so I should get plenty of long strides in there and get rested too. Cheers man!

          1. @nikke I’ve been watching the german vintage ones recently, kind of takes me back . I think there’s much i can learn from the serbs, they’re a good bunch. I’ll check them out

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          3. That movie lost me at the baby raping scene. I can stand a lot but I felt like I could smell that movie – rotten and decaying. Is A Serbian Film supposed to be arthouse? It’s just shock and filth and not in a way I find enjoyable. Sorry, I know nobody asked me.

          4. Haha, @itsplaster, ya they say it’s arthouse but I think that was just an excuse for them to make a FUCKED UP movie, lol. Honestly, it’s the sickest shit I have ever seen, movie wise. The (silicone) baby raping scene is just the tip of the iceburg. Don’t know if you made it to the end, but the final scene had my jaw to the floor… watch this movie at your own peril, lol.

          1. haha you mean me SS? Yes i know, i was just going to leave them uncorrected but when Bit reads as But it could get embarrassing

          2. Yes i know it doesn’t worry you SS, i never take anything you say the wrong way cos i get you and casual.
            Typos are evolving into a new language , a new english, i’m thinking of experimenting with them, even when i aplly for jobs. David bowie used to write lines then cut them up and move them around and that’s how he got his lyrics, simple but effective


    1. Thank god It was not a snuff movie, tbh that would have made me speechless then. I Can watch any movie knowing its fiction, so all good. The baby part surprised me tho… Otherwise it was hilarious lol. First time I saw it was with my classmates in vocational college, one guy knew that movie and wanted to show it at lunch break. Everyone fade out after 1st part but watched it at home then lmao

  1. Nothing makes me happier than a sight of an idiot who endangers the lives of other, but ends up taking only his own life with him. Beautiful! Good riddance! I would say that even if he were my son.

        1. @horqueta they can be clumsy and with the advent of smartphones they do seem to lose themselves in the gadget causing more accidents. Women actually walk into me on the road even when i go out of my way to avoid colliding. Having said that i recently saw an african man walk into a tree while looking at his phone but then that’s an IQ thing.

  2. And that is why there are white lines on the road to separate the two lanes. When the lines become disconnected then you may pass an ongoing vehicle. To the new motorist that just got their license don’t be a hasty pastry and buckle up for safety.

    Brought to you by a proud advocate of the DMV.

    Tune in next week to a new episode of The Twilight Zone.

    Signing off the grid.

    1. Hehe

      I noticed in 3rd turd cuntries there must be no DMV in place for these people.

      Ever see the videos where’s there’s a big slab of concrete (like a upgrade from dirt) and there’s street-walkers, bikers, cars, motorcyclers, truckers and there’s no lane markers WHAT-SO-EVER!!

      People over there need a prophet to show these fuckers the WAY!!

      Whitenize (Westernize/European) them so they can quit dying?! Am I Right….?

      1. I don’t know about now days SS but we never used to have motorway lessons here in england. I believe that people should take advanced driving lessons, ones that teach people to drive at speed and in control. But then i suppose that would be seen as condoning speeding.

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          2. Hey @xsookiex, go to the dashboard, after that, click your profile picture in the top right corner and pick ‘Edit My Profile’ you will see a bunch of options like changing your border colors and such. Click on ‘Extended Profile’ at the top and it will show you the exact date you registered. After you have your date, send it to Mark through ‘Contact’ at the bottom of the main site… hope that works for ya, sooks.

          3. @xsookiex sometime a bit of pressure is good. but having said that in this case there’s no need, just chat with people as usual and the ideas will come.

  3. anyone noticed the spaced passing lane marks before the curve and after the curve… kinda misguiding ya think? Trying to speed up because vehicle front of you slows down on a curve turn lane then you have no patience therefore you overtake them on a before the curve what not speeding on a curve would lose your control into coming opposite lane car swerves to the right on the curve road, recorrecting turns wheel straight it on it’s course and realizing too late!

  4. I think that that car driver must have been smashed twice. First on vodka. Second by the semi.

    Talk about a stupid manoeuvre. Was it even worth it on a dangerous narrow road with cars going both ways? Also the driver had some seriously slow reflexes. Must have been drunk. After completing the dangerous overtaking, heart in his mouth, adrenaline pumping (or it would have been if he wasn’t drunk), he doesn’t swerve back onto the right lane, but carries on head-on towards the semi.

    1. I don’t think the driver of that car had any choice where he went after side-swiping the camera car, that hit was plenty enough to break the steering or suspension on the right, and when your two front wheels are pointing in different directions you tend to go wherever the car wants to…
      There’s no dount this was fatal for the car driver, the left front tyre and wheel of the truck penetrated the car right up to where the driver’s seat was. That driver is pate…

  5. Nothing NEW here folks. If there’s one fuckin’ thing a communist Russian will never LEARN to fuckin’ do. It’s drive a fucking vehicle of ANY sort. How did these star&sickle flag assholes beat us in the Space Race again? Don’t tell me their fuckin’ space shuttle from 1967 made a head on collision with a UFO, and they fuckin’ blamed America for it. I’m shocked that the chinks and their half-ass blind sight haven’t become more notorious for their shitty vehicle control than you commie fuckers.

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