Drowned Corpse Falls Out of Crashed Vehicle After It’s Pulled Out with Crane

Drowned Corpse Falls Out of Crashed Vehicle After Its Pulled Out with Crane

Somewhere in China, a vehicle crashed and ended up in a pond. The video shows the recovery of the vehicle from the pond with the use of a crane. As the vehicle is hoisted above the surface of the water and moved above the ground, a drowned corpse falls out through the smashed windshield.

Quite a crowd of death cheerleaders gathered round for the spectacle, but only a few managed to also make the spectacle out of themselves.

Props to Best Gore member @BoscoTkc for the video:

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119 thoughts on “Drowned Corpse Falls Out of Crashed Vehicle After It’s Pulled Out with Crane”

      1. Man, in China, this is probably their only child. And in China, it’s very important for the child to be able to take care of their elderly parents.
        This is why boys were always preferred, and also why bride price in China can go above and well over $150.000.
        If the daughter has to go, then the groom better be able to pay so her parents can have support.

  1. Despite accidentally driving into the canal, Mao Ling successfully held his breath until the search and rescue team arrived.

    Sadly, he died of injuries sustained when, in his excitement at being rescued, he released his seat belt and fell several metres to the ground.

  2. Usually, procedure is to take out corpse/s first, vehicle later. Obviously, to avoid this type of bad scene but, it’s a China so, forget about it.
    This people are with stone hart. Empathy? Hahah, good joke πŸ˜› That thing is dead.

  3. Poor bastard.
    I wonder. When most people drive, they don’t lock themselves in the car. So if the car is in a canal,
    is it not possible just to open the door and swim for it? Granted, it would require much more strength then usual to open the door against water.
    My guess is that the driver’s door buckled and couldn’t open, and he probably couldn’t open the co-driver’s door either. Or else it’s just a suicide. Or maybe he was drink driving.

    1. I think if your window wasn’t fully open or you don’t find a way to smash your windows in a matter of seconds you’re fucked. There’s no way you’ll be able to push the door out with all the weight and pressure of the water pressing against it. But most importantly you shouldn’t drive like a fucking idiot and land in a canal.

  4. One of the finest clips I have ever seen on this site. Magnificent timing, a cast of hundreds, heavy machinery, surprise corpse… for one glorious moment I thought the crane driver was gonna top this clip off by dropping the car onto the crowd and kill a few dozen… but he didn’t.
    This has made my night.

  5. Well, you sure can tell who the relatives and loved ones of the drowned corpse are. I wonder why they ventured so close to the rescue scene. I guess it is concern for their loved ones, no doubt, but after a few days in the gooey water, what did they expect? A miracle? I think it may be a better idea for the relatives and loved ones to stay back and not witness this happening to their beloved drowned corpse. Like most said, might scar them for life. Better to stay back and let all the arrangements be done, and then tearfully pay your respects, not getting hysterical like this seeing something so horrible.

  6. The fucking horror of that shit couldn’t have been timed more perfect for this family, lol. God Damn the nightmares they’re going to have from that one. I KNOW that guy could have swam out of that if I’m not mistaken. It has to be suicide to me.

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