Drunk on a Bike Equates to Bloodied and Bewildered

Drunk on a Bike Equates to Bloodied and Bewildered

Uh-oh. Four on a scooter, what could possibly go wrong? Normally, this many people on a proven unsafe method of transportation would be bad enough, but add the fact that the driver of the scooter was drunk, and you got a whole heap of trouble.

The inevitable crash took place in Paranaque Manila, Philippines, on the morning of December 20th, 2015 and involved two women, a two year old girl, and the drunk male driver and presumably the father of the child. Despite appearances, I hear that all have survived with the child being the luckiest, only sustaining minor injuries. Looks like the driver got it the worst. Good for him. Also featured, some nice Asian ass, albeit a little bloody. But hey – no harm, no foul!

Props to Best Gore member, riga morticia, for the hookup.

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  1. Id say the man caught the most damage (which is good). Notice the change in the arm position of the women as opposed to the mans, he doesn’t move from pic to pic. Serves him right. Leaves you wondering if all the adults were drunk. Surely the sober one should of drove. Better yet rent a tuk tuk or whatever. Dense twats.

    1. I’m pretty sure they are. Aside from watching soap opera on primetime television, drinking is a national pastime. Walk the streets at any time of the day and you’ll see some drunk trio on a bike, especially on the holidays or holiday eves.

      1. Sadly your right. These selfish cunts are doing this all over the world. Im fairly certain they are laxed on drunk drivers in most country’s. Were in live you are punished severely for doing so with fines, jail time, classes, and they are even impounding vehicles for good if it’s a second offense. It helps but people still drive drunk daily. Now if you hurt someone while DD in the states, you headed to jail for a long time. Unless of course you have a huge bankroll. Then in essence your untouchable, sad but true.

    1. I like oranges better than drunk people because it’s socially acceptable to eat oranges… Wait what? XD

      For some reason this reminds me of a person on dumblr who wanted someone to tag pictures of pomegranates because at first glance “it could look like gore”

      1. Eheh, πŸ˜† not to mention that its easier to peel oranges than human skin… At least oranges dont fight back… πŸ˜•

        Ahhh i hate pomegranates… they are such a pain in the ass to peel and give so little fruit… They do make my hands feel smooth though… but in what way do they “look like gore”? The fact that if you stain your clothes with their juice, its hard to clean it off, just like blood? 😐

        1. Blood oranges are very sweet and yummy.
          Maybe if you take the pomegranate put it on the floor, and stomp on it really hard then it would kinda look like some gore, like a head ran over by a car or a truck, I will have to try that when I get some fruit off my pomegranate tree.

          1. I never tried blood oranges before… 😐 but from my experience with pomegranates, the only thing “gorish” about them is the holywoodish sounds they make when we open them…

  2. This tragedy could have been avoided if they were wearing their group helmet along with their group flip flops. I’m sure, next time, they’ll think twice before they let that little kid drive them home again.

    So I heard that both girls names are Mary. I’ll take the bloody Mary on the floor. She’s got a nice tush.

    1. Well, yes. That’s kinda true. I would have to agree with that because shit like this seems like an everyday occurrence. It happens so much, the media doesn’t even bother to report it anymore. But hey, people still keep buying motorcycles despite the danger.

    1. I don’t think so. Major companies both local and international make huge sums of money from sales on these motorcycles plus with the growing, devastating and frustrating traffic conditions in the country, a bike can let you pass through places where cars cannot. I personally would like them to get moderated but seeing how sort of ‘practical\ they can be on places where I live in (in India and China too, btw), I won’t see them going away anytime soon.

  3. Fuck, @ Obli, i saw, and took a photo of 4 on a small motorbike, in Dominican Republic, a couple of years ago. The retarded father, was weaving in, and out of traffic, around tour buses, and big trucks! I was shocked. How stupid, and irresponsible can a father be to endanger the life of his whole family?

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