Drunk Chevy Blazer Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Azogues, Ecuador

Drunk Chevy Blazer Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Azogues, Ecuador

Drunk Chevy Blazer Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Azogues, Ecuador

CCTV cameras caught the fatal traffic accident that occurred in Charasol, Azogues, Ecuador. The videos show a speeding Chevrolet Blazer hit two cars. The driver of the Blazer was allegedly drunk.

20 year old Javier Sarmiento was reported to have died, although it has not been specified in which vehicle he was. The incident happened on the night of June 21, 2018.

Props to Best Gore member @ImpiaCopetona for the videos. I combined both angled into one video, although the second angle doesn’t show much due to high beam lights blinding the camera:

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63 thoughts on “Drunk Chevy Blazer Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Azogues, Ecuador”

      1. I am not trying to defend a drunk driver, but it looked to me like there was no stop sign on the straightaway so why did the car stop to let the pickup turn out when the car clearly had the right of way? The guy in the blazer definitely hit the car first, but the pickup just blatantly pulled out in front of him. As for the speed Blazer guy was going, when the video starts, there is a car that goes on the straightaway at a fairly good clip so one would assume the speed limit was fairly fast. Again, not trying to defend a drunk driver, just pointing out some clear observations. If this site has taught me anything, it is not to accept everything as truth just because it is printed in black and white.

        1. Just followed the link someone posted below with info about the accident. So blazer guy is actually Ford Expedition guy.
          Also, I just realized the car was slowing down so they could turn left. Now I realize the guy in the Expedition definitely should have slowed down; however, the pickup never should have turned out. The car turning left would have had the right of way.

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        1. It was like slow motion. He leaves his seat and goes through the windshield, headfirst straight into the tree, right? And then bounces back through the windshield. And by the time we got to him, he was just sitting there, trying to scream with his face ripped off.

    1. You’re not alone on this one. For fuck’s sake, it’s even in black and white (for the first angle) with no sound, not to mention the lack of closeups, or, at the very least, some aftermath pics. Get your shit together, Ecuador.

  1. Its not always drink drivers that cause all the accidents…some drivers fall asleep at the wheel, some drivers speed and frankly I can’t see any reason why this drink driver couldn’t have fallen asleep with his foot pressed down hard on the pedal ???

      1. @Gaboon Viper
        I agree theres tons of disinformation and lack of info on here because the OP’s are too lazy to do a google search and they care a flying f*** about the truth. Check all my posts on here … you’ll see my links.

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