Drunk Driver Hits Bicyclist, Drives 6 km with Corpse Stuck in Windscreen

Drunk Driver Hits Bicyclist, Drives 6 km with Corpse Stuck in Windscreen

Brazilian car driver struck and killed a bicyclist whose corpse got stuck in his windscreen. Unfazed, the driver continued on his merry way for 6 kilometers with dead body blocking his view. Eventually, a motorcyclist noticed the vehicle driving with a corpse on the hood, crossed his path and forced the driver to pull over and stop.

Quickly, a group of onlookers gathered round with their cell phone cameras for the spectacle, not believing their own eyes – an odd moment even for Brazil. Police officer showed up a short while later and arrested the driver who was apparently wasted drunk. The driver was handcuffed and stuffed in the trunk of a police car.

BTW, it’s not just Brazil where weirdness like this happens. On October 26, 2001 a woman named Chante Jawan Mallard from Fort Worth, Texas struck a homeless pedestrian Gregory Glen Biggs while also driving intoxicated. This case is even worse since the victim was not immediately killed by the impact. Instead, the woman drove with the man stuck in the windscreen all the way home, parked her vehicle in her garage and left badly injured Biggs to die a slow and agonizing death.

Colored bitch then employed her fucking friends who disposed of the body in a park, but she eventually self-incriminated herself by bragging to an acquaintance that she “hit this white man” and laughed her ass off about it. The skank was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison for this brutal murder. So yeah, it’s not just Brazil.

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  1. Something like this just happened in wisconsin u.s.
    A guy hit someone on a bicycle, the guy went thru the windshield,the guy thru the windshield turns looks at the driver and said hello, I’m the guy you hit. The driver did not respond drove thru a red light drives to his driveway looks at the guy in the windshield and says, who are you, what are you doing in the car then starts to freak out and keeps repeating, I’m going to jail leaves the car and goes in the house. The guy pushes himself thru the w/shield the rest of the way gets out f the car and walked away!!
    You could get the full story on the tampa tribune.
    Damn, I just felt like some kinda reporter, hahaha

        1. You think that’s weird? In Haiti a few years ago, a man was buried alive. A few days later, his uncle unburied him and turned him into a zombie-like state (basically doesn’t talk or respond to any sort of stimulation) with some kind of medicine he gave him. He kept him living in shackles for years until the rest of the family found out.

          This is actually true, I saw footage of the man.

          1. Fuck that would be creepy being burried alive for two days. It would seem like an eternity as you would not have any sense of time whatsoever. His Zombie like state was probably brought-on by sheer terror & the lack of breathable air underground. Poor dude 🙁

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      1. the film “Stuck” is based exactly on the 2001 crime and unfortunately makes it into more of a dark comedy that glosses the despicable character and behaviour of the people involved in the murder of 37 year old Gregory Glen Biggs. i take issue with referring to the Mallard cunt as a “colored bitch” though it might be noted how they chose to cast a pretty blue eyed caucasian or “white” in her role, actress Mena Suvari

  2. He could of easily disposed of the dead body just by turning his windshield wipers on. And the washer fluid would of gotten rid of any lingering DNA evidence such as blood or hair. Some people just can’t handle their liquor.

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  3. How did this roadkill end up on my hood?!?..ummm..I fucking hate drunk drivers they always gotta fuck things up for the tipsy ones who know they can make it home…all these damn dui checks in the us now..then I see fuckers like this guy and I think to myself he’s the reason why I can’t drive drunk..and this nigger bitch Chante Jawan Mallardand the Wisconsin dude..assholes…I want to be able to drink a beer and drive…fuckers!!

          1. Me too obli…when I was a drunk..but I was bad..I’d black out and drive to my best friend house and wake up in his bed with him holding my sack of bud I took him to go get when id get there waiting for me to get up to smoke with him…when a suv full of my friends got killed in a auto accident caused by a drunk driver while my friend was drunk..I stopped my all day drinking at that point…now I give my keys away..well when I drove..now I can’t even do that..sigh..

    1. make some traps front of your house,
      some sharp nails or something,
      so if they drive through your freshly lawnmowered grass there will be suprise waiting for them
      Neighberhood protection for ALL who lives in that street

  4. Lets make sure we put the drunk guy into the police vehicle gently…
    Make him comfy for the ride to the police station.
    I’d knuckle that fuckin drunk bastard the whole way to the the precinct for that stunt…
    Toss his ass into the vehicle and fuck him if he gets a little banged up..piece of shit just killed a dude

  5. Quoting:

    “Colored bitch then employed her fucking friends who disposed of the body in a park, but she eventually self-incriminated herself by bragging to an acquaintance that she ?hit this white man?

    Reverse ‘Colored’ and ‘White’…. This would turn into a major racial bias case. But when it happens to white people… Hey… NO problem…..

    These shit-stained monkeys need to rounded up and carted off to some sub-Saharan cesspool where their monkeyshines will fuck with no one or nothing but themselves.

    Enough! Black America is barbarous and out of control

    1. take a wild guess!!
      man! how old are you? gotta be young if you are questioning that…

      fyi ..people from other countries visit here and not everyone has the same vocab for shit…urrgghh!

      sorry im really annoyed tonite….but that was a stupid question

  6. I remember about the black cunt that ran over the “White May” Ebonics for white man and bragged about it to her friends. Other primates. Fortunately, her black ass is doing some time. She’ll probably get out of jail ahead of time. That’s what is happening all over the country.

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