Drunk Driver Blacks Out, Pins Mother and Daughter Against a Wall

Drunk Driver Blacks Out, Pins Mother and Daughter Against a Wall

CCTV camera filmed a tragic accident in which a mother and her daughter were pinned against a wall by a driver who jumped a curb and rammed at the building of the Congonhas airport, near São Paulo, Brazil. 56 year old Clarice da Costa died on the spot. Her daughter – 27 year old Camila Ariele Turolla had to be hospitalized but survived.

23 year old Wagner Alves Alvarenga – the driver who cause the accident told the media that “he did not leave home with an intention to kill anyone”. He maintained that it was an accident, that he was drunk and blacked out.

If I’m not mistaken, Brazilian DUI laws are pretty lax (not sure – perhaps someone from Brazil can fill us in). From the statements the driver made it’s almost sickening how he’s using the fact that he was drunk as an excuse: “Well, pardon me. It’s not my fault. I was drunk and blacked out. What was I supposed to do?” WTF?

The mother and daughter who live in Piracicaba, São Paulo were at the airport because they were going on vacation to Florianopolis in Santa Catarina (the safe and developed part of Brazil with majority of people being Germans and Italians).

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Blacks Out, Pins Mother and Daughter Against a Wall”

  1. Brazil… is it better for Germans to live here or for Germans to live in Muslim Germany EU, Zog dominated Europe…. Probably Brazil. Sure the Wild Animals are a problems but I think eventually if the Germans have a Hard headed Masculine approach to things… they will dominate the resource rich and temperate region as a new home land in no time.

        1. @scream4life you should see Mexico the military is patrolling the streets -.- try getting stuck in the road behind a convoy of 10 humvees and 4 military trucks full of soldiers ciudad Juarez was named the worlds most dangerous city in the world ^_^ Afghanistan was number 1

    1. Remove his kidneys while you’re at it, if you really want to teach him a lesson. Given his demeanor in confessing to driving while intoxicated, I wonder that his attitude would be any different had they arrested him sober.

  2. According to the national highway and traffic safety commission, 72 percent of all traffic fatalities are caused by sober drivers. Someone should do something about all those sober driving mother fuckers because they are causing most of the accidents.

  3. Brazilian laws, in general, are pretty lax.
    This guy will be free while he waits for his trail, and the brazilian judicial system is so slow that his trail can take many years to happen. And even after he is proven guilty, his sentence won’t be more than a couple of years under “house arrest”(which is stupid, they don’t have anyone to supervise if you are leaving your house or not).

  4. Yes and no. In Brazil, when you drink and drive, law actually understands it as taking the risk of causing an accident, so you are charged for attempt to murder and murder (in this case). Although the current law can put you on parole with 1/3 of the time. As the max penalty in Brazil is 30y, you can ask for parole after ten, and so on. There are initiatives to make crimes that attempts life (deliberately or taking risks) less or not subject to temporary release.

    1. Don’t lie to defend “your” country. Do like me and admit Brazil is a shit hole.
      Under the pathetic brazilian laws, he can’t be forced to blow the breathalyzer, so there is no way to prove he was drunk.
      And he we both know the courts may take decades to trial him, and even after his trial, it is very unlikely that he will go to jail, probably just some community services and a couple of years of “house arrest”.

      1. Excuse me, LIE??? Watch out what you say. You’re misleading administrative measures with a criminal law, an infraction with crime. A crime can be proved by visual proofs and eye witnesses. So we won’t get off so easily just because he won’t blow the breathalyzer…

        The LAW is there, it’s the judicial system that is overloaded, which actually delays justice. I’m not lying, but if you’re implying that we will most probably get community service by not blowing the equip in a case of murder… that’s untrue

        1. The justice system isn’t “overloaded”. The brazilian judges are lazy and corrupt, that’s why our judicial system is so slow. This guy is already free while he waits for his trail, which can take years and years to happen.
          The “LAW” says there is an endless amount of appeals, so he will die of natural causes before he spends a single day in jail.

          1. Son, delay of justice and getting off easily by lack of evidences are two different things and you mixed it all up. A classic “justice delays, but it does not fail” makes all sense here.

            It just might take years with appeals, but far from a decade in this case. Evidences are clear and what he said on TV will definitely be used against him. Judicial speed is not so different than from several other countries. And after being found guilty in first instance he’ll appeal in jail… not free.

            No one gets house arrest or community service after being found guilty of murder, as you implicitly implied, since those are minor cases which are not applicable.

            You’re the one mixing, distorting and omitting things for worse, not deliberately lying, but quite mistaken.

            I’m not doing it to defend my country, just answering objectively…

        2. And if you suffer from pathological Brazilian self-hatred, to the point of making up clich? arguments based on biased opinions and a twisted vision of reality, to foreigners that actually knows much less than you do and propagate all this trash…
          Kudos to you!!

          1. Stick that “patriotism” of yours up your ass. Just look at this website and you will get an idea of how disgusting Brazil really is. 90 % of the brutal violence you see here comes from our “beloved” country. And yet, you insist in closing your eyes and pretending there is no problem. I hope your father gets robbed and shot by an underage brazilian criminal, and then I hope you go to the courts and watch him getting his maximum sentence of three years in a “re-socialization sentence”. Maybe then you will see if my hatred for this disgusting country is just a “self-hatred complex”.

          2. “Justice delays, but don’t fail”.


            92 % of the murders in Brazil are unsolved by the police. In the rare cases where they find the murderer, it may take years and years to put him in jail. And he probably won’t spend much time behind bars anyway.

          3. Now you’re just generalizing when I specifically said “this case” justice will be done, the one you said he would get away with community service!! … And, are you even trying to repel my arguments? Let me ask you something, Is more likely justice not to be achieved because judges are corrupt and lazy or because the police is ineffective in collecting enough reliable evidence?? Your argument does not completely prove your point… a common fallacy in narrow-minded people.

            Once again, not patriotism. And really, do you really hope all that to me? When exactly you started disliking me personally and attack me? Merry Christmas for you too!

            BTW, my father is a retired police officer after 30 years in service and we live in Rio, actually in the periphery (Sepetiba, Zona Oeste). Plus I’m definitely white.

            I could be dead by clich?, since you might think I couldn’t be in more risk that I am right now, so be my guest…

          4. “I hope your father gets killed!! I hope you go to courts!! I hope you see how it is…”

            Happy Holidays!!! (dude, so scared right now, hope I don’t get paranoid…)

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