Drunk Driver Causes Fiery Crash in Mexico, Pair on Backseat Dies

Drunk Driver Causes Fiery Crash in Mexico, Pair on Backseat Dies

Drunk Driver Causes Fiery Crash in Mexico, Pair on Backseat Dies

In Mexico, a drunk driver caused a crash which resulted in two deaths, and two vehicles burning. The fatalities – a 23 year old man and a 26 year old women, were both passengers in the Mercedes operated by the drunk and both were on the backseats. The driver and the female passenger on the front seat survived.

The Benz crashed into a truck parked in a tire shop parking lot. The surviving driver ran away and remains a fugitive from justice. The girl from the passenger seat is in hospital. The pair on the backseats burned to death. Witnesses said you could hear the girl screaming as she was being consumed by the flames.

Props to Best Gore member @beaner69 for the videos. First one contains CCTV footage of the speeding vehicle and the crash. There is a bit of the car burning and the girl who survived in it as well:

Here’s the aftermath video in which people say in Spanish: “Yeah the girl inside the car was screaming but she stopped now. Wait, but you can still hear her.

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41 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Causes Fiery Crash in Mexico, Pair on Backseat Dies”

  1. Holy shit he came in flying. The drunken cabron is going to wake up in an alley with no recollection of the night.
    “Why does my body hurt so much? Did I get mugged? Wheres my car!?!”

        1. I’m not so sure about that… I watch many of those “survivor”
          shows, and people who managed to live after being stabbed and/or their throats cut, they say they didn’t feel the knife… My guess is bc of the adrenaline.

    1. That’s not fiction. One of the most foul incidents was the illegal that killed Kate Steinel in San Francisco and the brain dead jurrors let him walk out.
      Deported 5x. Felon, etc. Fuck I hate my state.

    1. The benz collided with a gas pipe, this happened where I live. A friend told me that people who were nearby tried to put out the fire with extinguishers, but it was impossible

  2. Well this is my first time commenting in like 5+ years, mostly because I didn’t remember my password. This happened in my home town, Durango. Never thought I’d see it posted here, and after being around for 7+ years I do think this is a first.

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