Drunk Driver Plows Into Traffic Accident Scene

Drunk Driver Plows Into Traffic Accident Scene

Police were at a scene of a traffic accident filing up reports for insurance companies when out of nowhere, a drunk driver plowed into the scene with his vehicle. You can see the driver brought in front of the camera at around the 1:09 minute mark. He can barely stand on his two feet and gets arrested.

Stupid idiot. Previous crash didn’t appear to be too major. He made it major by mowing down several people who likely had to spend several weeks recovering from injuries. Hopefully the offender ended up banned from driving for the rest of his life. Idiots who have no problem driving while this wasted can’t be ever trusted with vehicles again.


This happened on Ashley Phosphate Rd. in North Charleston, South Carolina. The drunk driver was identified as 26 year old Felix Garcia-Romero. He was charged with three counts of felony driving under the influence. A firefighter, a Charleston County paramedic and four bystanders were injured and needed hospitalization. Props to Best Gore member @sloth12 for the update:

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20 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Plows Into Traffic Accident Scene”

  1. It appears that this accident scene has been poorly secured by the cops on site.

    Sure you cannot protect it from all sides but this guy appeared to have driven straight into it with flowing traffic.

    A patrol cruiser should have been parked before the accident so any idiot would run into that instead of the people on site.

    Really sad to see this shit.

  2. The worst shit is when it a minor fender bender yet people insist on stopping in the middle of the highway and not move their asses over. Granted the driver was drunk but still, why put yourself in danger, dmv is handing out licences out to any one with cash; at least that’s what it seems like in the 213.

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