Drunk Female Driver Crashes Into the Same Car Twice

Drunk Female Driver Crashes Into the Same Car Twice

A drunk Long Island female driver crashed her SUV into the same car twice, and almost hit a driver who stopped to help.

Look at the look on her face when she rams the dashcam car for the first time. It says – everybody put up with me, or get out of my way or I’ll scream rape. Fucking female privilege.

Linda Spina was charged with DUI. That’s all she was charged with. BTW what the hell was that lady thinking, standing in front of a vehicle with a deranged, reckless and privileged female driver at the wheel?

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          1. As Boozer said. As much as life suck don’t. Your beautiful and unique. No one like you can walk this earth again. Many of us in the same boat with thoughts. But you are strong. Stronger then you think.

        1. Yes, Mr Nightmare, it’s me…
          Go watch my Facebook, full name: Catherine Vaz, city: Le Mans.
          It’s me…
          And yes, I’m considering suicide. More and more. I wrote a note last night to my family.
          It says that I want the pictures of my dead body here, on BG. BUT THANKS GUYS, you’re all very nice for the support. If you only knew how fucking lonely and depressed I am, in real life…
          I LOVE YOU ALL, members of Best Gore.
          You’re the real world. Not this hypocrite media-ruled world that we live in…
          Lots of love from France, guys.

          1. @chat
            Hart breaking to see such a stunning lady getting so depressed. And I don’t just say that to anybody my dear…
            There are moments that life has no real meaning anymore, believe me I have been there a few times (and prob many others on this site! That I can guarantee you) but the last thing you want to do is to stop fighting to live another day. Happiness can lie behind every door, but would you find the courage to open those doors or would you turn around and walk away?
            Anyhow, stay strong and don’t forget: Your never allone.

          2. Suicide was my retirement plan. My life had an unexpected turn and that is no longer my retirement plan. Life doesn’t always follow our plans. Few people plan to be shown on BG. I would take zero delight seeing you as a suicide victim. I don’t take delight in anything I see here except maybe in things like the guy getting hit and landing like a boss on top of the car. I see things here as cautionary tales and medical curiosities.

            I have had anxiety so bad that if I had not gotten relief I would have done anything to stop it. I understand the enticement of suicide. I am glad I was able to lighten my pains and learn to find meaning and cope with all the issues I have. That may change and someday it may become the best solution.

            I hope you will find connection, meaning and relief for your anguish.

            Best to you

          3. hardly. even the most mediocre hacker can help themselves to any Facebook page. the thing that fascinates me the most is that Facebook is a government spy engine, through and through, and no one even realizes it. hundreds of millions of people voluntarily sharing every aspect of their lives with their respective governments. talk about hiding in plain site.

          4. Thank you so much @Obli @Jayymi, @Mr Nightmare πŸ˜‰
            @mike11111, @boozer, a special thought for you honey, @Kniqui, @trainwreck, I know, but I have nothing left to lose, so……..thank you from the bottom of my heart.
            Love y’all πŸ™‚
            And @TheTransciever, I said I would lol
            Be patient!!! Just kidding, I have to admit, you guys supportions me has really moved me. You’re the real people. Not the hypocrite fucktards that we see on TV all the time, complimenting each-other. Here, when something’s said, I know it’s for real, and that’s what touches me the most. You are so sweet.
            But just like me, you’re crazy and fascinated by gore :p
            It’s good to find people that you can feel confortable with. And it’s so rare. How I wish we could all meet πŸ˜€
            What a crazy thing it would be, lol
            You’re the most sincere, and I know some of you have been there before. That’s also why it’s such a strong symbol for me. Because I know it’s not just “words in the wind”. You guys know what you’re talking about. But if you don’t, then it’s a very good thing. But I find it much meaningful coming from you, guys, than from anyone else. And you know why…
            Love πŸ™‚

          5. Just noticed how you were saying you’re really you (LOL)… Right after telling some drooling guy you’re probably a dude, so sorry about that! If it is legit then I concur, you are hot

    1. Tu es fran?aise FrenchCat? Or the choice of your name is just because you like France? Si oui moi je suis de Nantes. Cool en tout cas que quelques fran?aises aiment BestGore. Moi je suis accro. Quand ?a fait une semaine que je n’ai pas vu les news de bestgore je me dis tiens alors quoi de neuf sur BestGore. Y en a qui attendent leurs s?ries patiemment moi c’est les videos gores. J’aime le r?el en fait rien de plus je ne me sent pas malade mental. Mais j’avoue ?tre addict un peu a l’ultra violence en vid?o…

      1. Pareil @FrenchDog. Moi, j’suis du Mans.
        On n’est pas loin, dis donc…
        Va sur mon Fb, Lis mon commentaire plus haut, tu as mon nom, pr?nom et tout pour me trouver.
        Translation: same here @FrenchDog, I’m from Le Mans. We’re not very far away…
        Go to my Fb, read my comment above, you got my name, location and everything to find me.

    2. I mean honestly, Is this type of behaviour really out of the ordinary for drunks? I think not. I mean, after all, they are the scum of the earth who ought to be exterminated since obviously Hitler was too lenient on them (look up black triangle concentration camp badge). And that’s not even taking into account why it is still legal to drive these metal coffins when there are self driving cars that are nearly perfect.

    3. Lol @ all the fake concern troll posts!

      Please upload your suicide video to keep consistent with BG values, or at least the values of the regular posters who clearly don’t give a flying fuck about human life.

      Their is a sickness in amongst several of those who now feign concern for your life. Don’t believe it. Once you read their comments in article after article you will understand how fake and insincere it all is.

      We live in a world of provable female privilege and societal misandry and because you upload a likely fake selfie of some also fake tits all of a sudden some are concerned.


      1. No sympathy for an attention craving slut in the female privilege world.

        This slut is only proving her privilege by coming on here to troll fake concern from otherwise apathetic and callous “humans”.

        Please upload your suicide video French Cat.

      1. I found it, she’s the real deal. And yes, she’s absolutely beautiful. Not to sound like a stalker, but I looked at a few of her photos out of curiosity, seems to me like her life on paper is better than most. Saw a few pics of her at a beach, enjoying desserts/drinks etc. Her depression must stem from something really personal. I really hope she doesn’t commit suicide, she has an aura about her when she smiles that makes me want to smile also. Not to say that some ugly woman is less important, lol. Catherine Vaz, please do not take your life. You are so young, you have no idea what is ahead of you.

        1. The “deep thing”, if you wanna know, is a 4 year old daughter. Disabled because her dad found nothing better than to shake her when she was two months old. And to top it off, I lost custody of her, because of this motherfucker. Because they associated me with him, although we had broken up…They said I couldn’t provide my baby a secure environment, which was false. Then I got her back, by proving social services that I was a good mom. But less than a year ago, they took her from me again, because I had confessed that it was too tiring for a single mother, like me, to take care of a handicapped baby, 24/7…They (as usual…), exaggerated the situation, and the case went to the authorities. Then, the Judge gave custody to my parents…And my dad is sick. So, they can’t take it any longer. I’m doing EVERYTHING I can, but they won’t trust me, and give me back my baby. Because she is just a bag of money for these dogs…The State makes money, out of kids like her. If she was home, then the State would make no more money…That’s why. And I’m 100% disgusted with this world, now, because I feel that I didn’t deserve what I had. It was (and still is…) too much…That’s why I’m so depressed…Voil?…

          1. Damn this hit home… hopefully not too late to provide support if any…

            Long time lurker, first time I’m making a post and feel obligated because of your situation… I have been a party in one of these ordeals before, not as the parent but friend of one of them who decided that it was too much and took their own life. As much as everything is bad at the moment, you always have to look forward, if not for yourself then for your child. Remember once you do something like this there is no turning back, you are not only hurting yourself but your child as well who will be without a person to turn to.

            Remember this when next think about doing something irreversible, we ourselves set our own boundaries, there is nothing stopping you from taking your child, and completely moving out of that country for a fresh start. I’m sure if you open up with your situation to enough people, there are bound to be people who care and will be willing to lend a helping hand. Don’t give up, don’t give in!

    4. Hey Hun you aren’t the only one in this here world. It’s too bad you are not liking yourself. One has to do that before they can like others. The answers you seek are within you. Calm the self and what you seek shall find you and you’ll know when it does. Talking to someone,even a complete stranger can help. Sometimes just vocalizing what is on your mind makes it better because it isn’t just the voice in your head but it’s a shared thought and no longer just yours.

    5. Please quit the attention craving signalling and off yourself immediately.

      You live in a female privileged world and still come to BG to beg for attention.

      BG “fans” all show how much they “care” yet daily show how they actually don’t.

      Please upload a high quality video of your suicide to BG you can just have your friend or mom or pay a stranger to film it.

      Thank you.

      1. Privileged?
        Seeking attention?
        Obviously, you’re not very clever…
        I have no friends, except on line, especially here, on BG…
        You know nothing about me, and if you did, you’d probably cry. But that’s too personal, and after all, i don’t care about your judgements.
        You got it all wrong…..

        1. I’m in trouble on many, many levels that you cannot even imagine. So, before talking like that, try to inform yourself about the person in question…
          I hate this politically correct world we live in.
          BG has a community, some I could even say are “friends”…Which I don’t have in real life…It would be way too long to explain, and i don’t wanna make it too public, but I know in my situation, you would search desperately for some comfort, as I do (and being male or female, here, makes no diff?rence…).Is that a crime?
          I’m still considering it. Just don’t know how…
          Don’t worry, you’ll have your video, and if you’re lucky enough, maybe even some pics…

    6. The really hilarious thing I find with this video is this: Over here in the US, many states, if not all of them, have passed laws where, if you’ve been convicted of drunk driving, you are required to obtain a license plate identifying yourself as such. It is usually an orange-ish color, and can’t be personalized. It differs from the plates that are indicative of the state in which you live. This woman, to my quick eye, has a drunk driver license plate on her car.

      1. I think its just the reactive attitude of “following the dot” when a brain dead person, insect, or animal is presented with a laser pointer and the eyes follow… Now combining that to the ability to access their own memories in order to be able to remember how to manipulate the objects arround the brain dead subject to “follow the dot” effeciently and achieving their own goal, and this is the result. The woman on the road was making herself a perfect target for the brain dead subject to follow… πŸ˜†

    1. At least add running a red light, hit & run and attempted homicide (as it looked like she was trying to run over that woman who told her to stop). The daytime drunkard was probably the wife of a cop, judge, DA, mayor, etc. LOL

      1. Yep some of the most “respectable” people in the world are potential murderers when they choose to drink and drive.
        Preventable 100 % of the time by giving just the slightest shit for others.
        Hope all has been well @Ilovemygramps.

          1. I dont know about help. Once I switched to prescription drugs and saw a herd of fucking dinosaurs running trough my room, at the latest then I decided to better cling to my coke. πŸ™‚

          2. @Coochie

            Prescription drugs all be it ‘legal’ ones are some of the most high potency, dangerous substances there are. The effects of coming off benzo’s for example is like being dragged through hell. Some say it’s the worst type of withdrawal, far superior to heroin for instance. Seizures and death are not uncommon. That’s why I keep it strictly ‘illegal’ for my recreational activities!

          3. Tell me about seizures! I had one at work while under the influence of a prescribed “medicine”, I?ve bitten off half of my tongue and forgot my name for a while. 6 days “recreation” in a hospital…

    1. It seems every second mum on the school run has a 4WD, you can tell who they are. They tail-gate, pull out in front of you and when they get out, yep, dyed blonde hair and a fat bottom. Makes my blood boil too.

    2. @judge, lets just clarify 1 thing. Kicking heroin is by far thee most excruciating experience a human could ever go thru. Kickin’ benzos is a fuckin walk in the park & dont think for 1 second that people do not have seizure kickin heroin because they def do & I did. After 26 yrs of shooting dope & drinking 135 miligrams of methadone I had several seizures while kickin so unless you’ve actually experienced it I’m here to educate you. Nothing & I do mean nothing is more agonizing. Rant finished….

      1. @mamason01

        Thanks for ‘educating’ me and yes I have tried heroin in the past but never had the unfortunate position of going through a withdrawal from it. Still, it is widely known and agreed that the withdrawal from long term use of benzo’s is far worse.

        If you still don’t believe me, research it. I never make claim’s without researching them first, normally with obsessive detail. Everyone’s story is different depending on the person, usage etc but for the most part, benzo’s are considered to be a much worse experience.

      2. Wow, @mamason01…
        I tried everything, but I’m still fighting my old addiction to anti-depressors and benzos…
        I mean, I have BPD, and drugs do work, for a while, but then you need more and more, not to get “high”, just to get “normal”. Which is sad, and most of all, expensive. So…..
        Sleeping pills are my soft spot, though.
        I love them. I’m too nervous to get a natural sleep, I’ll turn around in bed, unable to find a good position, with open eyes. It can last for HOURS.
        Any good man to knock me out, at night? lol
        No, for real, it’s 5:20am, here, and I’m still not sleeping. Fuck…
        Thanks Best Gore, for providing entertainment to psychos like me πŸ˜€
        Just kiddin’

    3. @mamason01, I Agree 100?, omg, are u saying after 25+ yrs you are clean..?, How and why would you put yourself through that, What made you do that, like why not just stay on the prescribed methadone.

  1. The second time that bitch hit the car, it looked like she was actually trying to kill those people on purpose. Fuck drunk drivers, they should all have to look through the road accidents section of BG so they can see the damage they cause. My old driver’s ed teacher was actually charged with a DUI a couple years ago.

  2. Kids in the car?!?! That’s when I get out with the tire iron and make her put the car in park. Or she gets glass in the face and a coma. No no no with kids in the car. You endanger my children there are lesson to learn. Happy to teach if needed.

  3. It?s easier for Americans to drive whilst drunk because they don?t have manual gearboxes and so once you put it in drive mode, off you go.

    It?s much easier to deal with drunk drivers when they keep stalling due to being too drunk to operate the clutch and gears properly.

  4. What a stupid, blank look that crazy bitch had on her face… I’d say this particular soccer mom from Jersey was downing some wine on top of a handful of Xanax.

    If my wife was with me and my son was in the car when some shit like this happened, I’d have had to bail her out of jail for attempted homicide. Her tolerance for bullshit is pretty much non-existent, especially when compared to mine.

    1. I am gonna disagree with this ‘female privilege’ what a load. History shows us females have always been second to males, men have always been in charge in every race and religion. It’s about time us women were considered equal, but sorry fella’s we’ll NEVER be equal to you guys when it comes to drink driving, many more men get caught (and kill people while drink driving) It just shocks people when a woman does it, because it’s a disgraceful thing to do. Mind you I think this particular woman needs a good kick in the twat.

      1. If I may @tas…

        If women are supposed to be equal to men then what’s the hold up?… Y’all had a couple of hundred thousand years to get it right…

        For the record… I’m a traditionalist… A woman has her place… So does a man…

        That being said… We’re not equal… Women pee sitting down… Men pee standing up…

        And that’s just for starters…

        Just sayin’…

        1. What do you mean “a woman has her place”? Surely you don’t mean ‘in the kitchen’? In the traditional role – stay at home mum or ‘women as nurses but never the Dr.? Yes lets just leave the running of the planet to men – it’s not fucked up at all, lol. Also women can pee standing up just as men can pee sitting down (and do, when taking a dump, yep I know, I live with 3 males) its all a matter of comfort (and culture).

          1. @tas

            Don’t think we have spoke much before. I’ve been a bit scarce the last few months on BG. So, Hello.

            Anyway, although I agree that women should be allowed to do certain things that a male can do also, to suggest that we are equals is evidently not true. There are certain things in life that women cannot do as efficiently as men. And the same with the roles reversed.

            I don’t know why you campaign for equality so much when accepting that you may be different isn’t such a bad thing. The reason why Ate touched on this matter is that today’s society has grown into one where the man is now actually being repressed by feminist ideas.

            Women have slowly been given the upper hand by these views and now it seems a lot of men are suffering because of it. If you want to be equal then you can start off by coining the phrase ‘never hit a woman’ and don’t tell that to your children (if you have any) because that would contradict your beliefs. Thus making you a hypocrite. But I’m betting you believe in that statement and uphold its importance.

            But men are typically stronger than women. You could say that’s my first example to back up my claim that we are not in fact equal.

            I didn’t write this to offend you because I like all the girls here in the BG community, they say it how it is and that’s great. I just thought I’d add my piece because we have had many articles on here if you research them, that actually explain why comments like Ate’s are a legitimate way of explaining certain females and their actions.


          2. Hello @The Judge, Yes I agree that women are not equal to men when it comes to physical strength, but what else? Mental strength? Also “men are being repressed by feminist ideas” ? @Judge, woman have been repressed by men and their ‘ideas’ forever! The bible – written by men, it’s full of rubbish (like the quran) blaming women for all of a man’s downfalls. Sorry but I do not believe woman “have the upper hand” when it comes to much at all. I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say with the “never hit a woman” bit? Me start off by coining it? “don’t tell that to my kids”?

          3. @tas

            OK, so women want to be treated as equals but yet you should never hit a woman. Even if she attacks you first. You want to be equal then I’m afraid you get treated as equal. You can’t pick and choose what situations to be equal in. It’s every aspect.

            I very nearly ended up in prison because of one of my ex girlfriends attacking me one night. I used what I thought was enough force to defend myself at the time and get out of the flat but she called the police after I left and told them that I attacked her. She faked an injury whilst I was dragged to the cells at 4am and made to sit there all night. Meanwhile she concocted a story with her neighbour, whom I’d never met to be a witness for her. I spent the next couple of months to and from court hearings where I was finally convicted of assault and given a fine (some of which she would receive as compensation LOL!), community service and a conviction on my record. She put on the tears in court and with a female magistrate listening to her, I didn’t stand a chance. There are many men sat in prison right now who have not been as lucky as me but have done nothing but defend themselves against violent women who know they can get away with it. Thankfully I’ve met a great women since and I’m happy just so you know. πŸ™‚

            Secondly, we have seen lynchings on BG which were carried out by crowds who listened to skanky bitches who have cried out rape. Men beaten to death because of a lie. Even if they are not lynched, crying out rape can ruin a man’s life.This goes on all over the world all the time. Women are automatically believed over men. That’s a fact.

            Domestic abuse against men and also the rape of men goes on and there is practically no resources to help the victims because it all focuses on protecting the women.

            What about the thousands of fathers who love their children but have them taken away because women are chosen over men to look after them if their relationship fails. Their rights are stripped away simply for being male.

            Can you tell me how this is NOT oppression?

          4. @tas let me see if I can help you understand what @Judge is trying to say, bear with me if I ramble a bit I’ve collectively had about 13 hours of sleep for the entire week and its starting to catch up to me. @Judge is trying to explain why the feminists ideas are such a bad thing in our society and made several good examples. I’ll throw myself under the bus a little here and be the example. By now you should know me well enough not , as @gnat stated, to be “traditional” but Im far from holding “feminist” views either. If I got mad and attack @boozer why should he be the one going to jail and not me simply because I have no cock between my legs and know that if I cried a bit and lied I would get away with the crime and he would be the one punished for what I did. There are many stupid twits out there who use this to there advantage in a sickening manner, same goes with false rape accusations, an innocent mans life gets destroyed all because a bitch knows she can get away with it simply by being a female. No one is trying to take away from the unfortunate women who actually do get raped @Ate is simply referring to the lying, spoiled, spinless cunts we have described. Back under the bus again, I don’t believe my place is in the house and only good for cooking, cleaning, bearing children, and men are superior. But that does not give me the right to think I’m any better than men either and should be treated better than them, which is the agenda many are trying to push today. To @Judge’s statement one the phrase ” never hit a women ” if your singing the ” we are equal “song, A man and a woman can be equal in many aspects of life, such as work, home care, raising children, and hobbies to name a few. Let’s pretend I’m one of the feminist for a second ( made me sick just to write that) and I’m going around running my mouth about being equal blah blah, I end up hitting a man for no good reason, and he hits me back, I deserved it right?? I then go home and preach to my son to never hit a female even when they act like man and attack one, what gives me that right. What I’m getting at is @Judge and @Ate are right to down the feminists and every dumb bitch that plays into it they are not saying that about all women in general.

            @Judge I’m sorry you had to go through that bullshit with your ex personally I believe a man has a right to defend himself and I don’t believe for a second you would just attacked her, but I am super happy you found a good one that makes you happy you deserve it sweetie πŸ™‚

          5. @Judge, when men argue about women wanting equality, the old ‘if a woman hits a man she should be hit back’ storyline always comes up first. Fine, but many men hit women who have not attacked first. Men use their physical power over women all the time.Always have, always will. Testosterone is a factor in agression, us ladies don’t have much of that. Men rule the world I don’t think that is going to change, but why do men feel so threatened by the loss of a little bit of power – like us females making our own decisions? I’m not really talking about a couple of articles of BG here. Woman in 3rd world countries can be especially oppressed, what about the sexual oppression of Sudanese girls in the form of female circumcision. But I don’t think we are talking about the whole picture here, mainly Western men and their own personal experience with woman wanting to be equal by fighting them.

          6. @Am0ur

            Hey lovely, how you doing today? You sound like me with that much sleep haha!
            Don’t over do it though, you will enter the realm of daytime hallucinations. Although they are fun and I enjoy them, you can’t really focus on much when you are seeing self portraits of old English looking Victorians paintings when just glimpsing at the clouds lol.

            Anyway, Thanks for clearing that up for me, it’s hard to get your point across to a feminist, being that I’m a man and all that…..LOL, I’m just kidding @tas don’t ring the police, I’d probably get done again….. πŸ™‚ JOKING FFS!!

            No, seriously I appreciate your input. It could be very quickly misinterpreted as having a vendetta against women.

            I’m just sick of hearing the same old ‘equal rights’ thing. I mean the last time I looked there’s not a lot that women these days are stopped from doing anyway.

            The abuse of power by some women though is totally fucked up and my own experiences prove so. There are many great women in the world (you included) and I would never let the actions of a few dictate my opinion of them.

          7. @Am0ur, a ‘feminist’ is a person who advocates for equal rights for women. Don’t you agree with that? We most certainly haven’t always had them. We still don’t, look at parliment, the churches etc. I’m talking about the things that men take for granted. It pains me that it is considered a dirty word. If it wasn’t for the ‘feminists’ in the 50’s or whenever us women still wouldn’t be allowed to drive, let alone ride a motorbike!. Women took to the streets in protest because they wanted to be able to drive the family car. I’m not talking about women being allowed to hit men, no-one should hit anyone, why does the equality argument always have to be about ‘women hitting men’ or faking cries of rape on BG? @Am0ur you sound like a woman who makes her own decisions, be thankful you have a man who allows you to, hmm.

          8. @Judge – “JOKING FFS” well thanks for clearing that bit up for me, just imagine a woman like me having a sense of humour. You mustn’t read any of my comments before, I’m a very cheerful person and I like to think I portray that. I’d like to point out that I’m not some man-hater at all, in fact I get on with most blokes on here.

          9. Women need feminism, like a fish needs a bicycle. Feminism has achieved nothing for women. Science, medicine, technology and men have liberated women.

          10. @tas

            Why can’t you accept that men are the dominant ones? It’s just the way of the beast.

            It’s really not that hard to explain why either. If you took away today’s society and looked at the roles we have as men and women. Men hunt for food and provide security. Women carry the children and clean up once in a while. Haha πŸ˜‰

          11. @Judge, I have accepted that men are the dominant ones, I said “men rule the world” I wasn’t joking. I may not agree with all their decisions but. Can I just add here that I have had a few vicious fights with 2 different men, of course a woman cannot win, but I never called the cops even from the hospital. A neighbour called the cops once, but I just said “I’m fine” through the door. This is because I gave it my best, alcohol was usually involved and some I started. I have only stated this because such importance seems to be placed on the equality of men being able to hit back if a woman hits a man first.

          12. @tas I do like to have my choices and I could not ask for a better man than @boozer. What I was pointing out is that while I’ll toe the line with or against any man when it comes to something I can do or one that tries to throw me back a few centuries πŸ˜‰ I realize and accept there are circumstances that only a man can do. The feminist movement has taken on radical changes since it bagan and its agenda is no longer the same. This new age agenda is where I get my disagreement with. When it comes to men hitting some there is a difference between abuse and defense I know both very well myself. The reason it gets brought up all the time is because that is where we most often see those types of women abusing the twat so to speak. πŸ˜‰

            @Judge I’m doing as well as I can at work sweetie πŸ™‚ Yeah I kind of can’t help it when it comes to my inability to sleep its been a long term built in defense from what I hinted at above, all well it is what is. When I read your post I saw where it could be easily misinterpreted and I know you enough to know what you were trying to say so I tried to bridge the gap a bit lol

          1. @Tas Women who ride big bikes kick ass,, not saying the ones that dont are shit, my heart just beats faster for women on bikes, they can even cook lol.. πŸ˜‰

          2. Wow this has gotten blown out of proportion…
            So do you disagree that there are things a woman can do that a man can’t and vice versa?…
            And yes… Men and women think differently… Do you disagree?…

            Please tell me your not that nieve…

            And I’ll reiterate…
            If females are SUPPOSED to be equal… Than why has it took 250,000 years for them to realize this?…

            BTW… Of course I can piss when I sit down when I’m taking a shit… But do you go out of your way to piss standing up?… I don’t think so…

          3. “What do you think of a woman who rides a big powerful motorcycle? Be honest, because it?s not exactly traditional?.”

            I have no problem at all with it…

            How many women do you know that WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY and got a man that they don’t know(babysitter) to look after their children?…

          4. @boozer, I hope you realise that I think it’s a good thing, that @Am0ur has the choice, to ride if she wants? That’s what I like, women being able to make choices for themselves.

          5. Ask any German what a bang up job Angela Merkel is doing for Germany…

            Yeah… We need more of that… (??_??)

            Ask these same Germans how much they wished that Hitler won…

          6. @Gnat, do you mean personally? none, but I see and hear of the results on the news. It disgusts me of course, those ‘mothers’ should have asked the father to babysit (or their own mum or something) or do what I did when I had my kids – give up the heavy partying. It’s worse when the beating goes on for a while, and NO-ONE intervenes.

          7. “@Gnat, do you mean personally? none, but I see and hear of the results on the news.”

            So you agree that men and women are different mentally?…

            “It disgusts me of course, those ?mothers? should have asked the father to babysit (or their own mum or something)”

            Fathers don’t “babysit” their children…
            Mothers don’t “babysit” their children…
            It’s called parenting… Just sayin’…

          8. Ok then, either parent should be parenting the children if one or the other parent wants to go out, see we agree on that. I admit I did word that wrong. Also I asked you that motorbike question hours ago, check the time on it. I’m sick of arguing here, I know we are very different (men and women) men are the dominant ones, it’s just nature (males are dominant in most species) I don’t always like it but I put up with it, I’m raising my 3 boys the best I can, (doing a good job I hope) can we please just go back to being friends, I’m scared we are going past the point of no return. See I’m the weaker sex, lol.

          9. Then let me swing in on my vine and save you Jane…

            *thumps chest*

            That’s my poor imitation at being Tarzan… πŸ˜‰

            I’m not even close to being enemies with you @tas… There’s nothing wrong with being a strong woman… Especially if you’re surrounded by a bunch of beta-males…

            I hope you do know that I’d die and kill for you… Even if you didn’t want me to sweetheart… Just sayin’…

            I also think that debating one’s friends isn’t a form of disrespect… I hope that you have a new respect for me AS I do for you…

            BTW… I still wanna rest my head on your “pillows”… I’ll never forget you’re beautiful avi sweetheart…

          10. @Gnat, I was so worried you wasn’t gonna talk to me anymore, I’m actually crying, at your answer. The truth is I’m really lonely in real life and I love you guys so much, your comment means a lot Gnat, I am going now, cos I can hardly see, I’ll talk to ya’s tomorrow.

          11. I didn’t mean to make you cry @tas… That was definitely not my intention…

            BTW… You’re not lonely as long as your SOBs are here… I mean that…

            I couldn’t imagine raising my kids without my wife by my side…

            Whenever you wanna talk… We’ll be here… Sweet dreams @tas…


      2. I have to say this was a good debate and everyone has made valid points. Personally, I love having equal rights and I am grateful to have them and grateful to the people (both men and women) who made it possible. The problem is the selfish assholes who take advantage of it. That’s THE problem in my opinion. Whether it’s race, LGBT or gender equality there are always going to be people who take advantage of the system to get what they want. These ideas of equality are great but the ones pulling shit like this are fucking it up for everyone else. Now every time a woman says she was raped it’s questioned because bitches will say that for revenge or to save their reputation. The real victims lose credibility because of it which infuriates me. Same with black people who pull the race card for being fired when they wouldn’t do their job (just happened recently at my work). Bottom line not every woman is a gold digger or someone who will cry rape or make up lies to get custody of the kids but there are some like that and I hate those bitches.

        @tas there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a strong woman…I was raised by one and if not for her who knows where the hell I would’ve ended up. I have no doubts you’re raising your kids right as you’ve already shared some examples of how great they are πŸ™‚

        Oh and @Judge I’m sorry that happened to you. That bitch should be in jail and forced to share a cell with ‘Butch Betty’.

        And sorry if my rambling made no sense I’m sleepy πŸ˜€

          1. @tas is one of my favorites also @booz… I just hope she’s not upset with me…

            I can come off as an asshole sometimes… I’m sure there are plenty of SOBs that can agree with me on this…

    1. Hey, hey, hey Debbie Downer, rest assured she’ll get a stiff sentence.

      She’ll get 30 minutes probation – suspended along with mandatory anger management counseling for some unsuspecting male in each county of the state.

      Oh that an the police will shoot a black thug. Eh? six on one hand, half dozen in the other.

  5. Reminded me of one of the creations of Laurie Lipton as she sat fully sozzled on the wheels staring straight out the windshield like a spook .Ugly blank stare with a total disregard to the Road safety rules . The bitch needed a solid thrashing from the bystanders to sober her down which no one dared do.
    Another fool on the scene was the lady in white top and jeans .What was she surmising that a little of dressing down given to the bitch on the wheels will sober her down .She nearly would have gotten run over and been a statistic.
    Where were the cops then and how in the blazes can it be allowed . For four of the those who nearly had an ugly brush with death they all winked back at “The Death”
    Death was she that hour that day but went licking no blood no gore but her dry lips.
    Watch out ! people ……….She may be out another day another place …… !!

        1. Laurie Lipton’s art is fuckin amazing to see in person. Computers don’t do justice to her artwork. The incredible detailing is mindblowing. If any of you ever have a chance to see her work I highly recommend it.

          1. its that stark, bare essence of the colorless that is pretty haunting in all her art work You must be a real true art enthusiast to have seen her art work in person .I am not gonna miss it for the world if ever I get to be there to see one of her upcoming exhibits .
            Oh God !She is immensely gifted .

  6. What’s more funny is half the comments in here. Vast majority will still just sit in their cars and start fumbling for phones to find something half-decent for posting to get their reach for fame with a viral video, being noticed by Obli, etc.

          1. @Judy
            It either could be that the one I called a “newbie ‘ must have been a seasoned lurker wanting to comment but hasn’t got all that impressive gist to pour out which ultimately leaves me thinking if its not the “newbie’ then ” someone” for whom the ‘grapes are too sour ” and seems lost in labyrinth or a maze and doesn’t know which is the way out when it comes to decent commenting but on the other hand leave a trail of trash which mostly the stray trolls do . Now I am calling him a “noob “

          1. @The Judge

            Oh boy..for a moment ! as your sentencing came about .. I thought the salvo was aimed at me and not at the ?newbie? and I thought what the heck you know “twat ” is either a vulgar slang “pussy” or someone stupid or obnoxious
            But that’s that and thanks for clearing up the hazy mist.
            and now Let the gore times roll .

  7. My Mum was in a collision with a drunk driver in 1988. She has walked with a heavy limp ever since and she has next to no use of her left arm. When a person gets behind the wheel and they’re drunk, they are displaying a lack of maturity or empathy. I think that first and second offenders should be required to assist paramedics who attend those horrific smash ups, maybe if they see the carnage close up, while sober, something will click in their tiny minds. In saying that, I know you can’t help those who don’t want it.

  8. I’ve come across a stunning scientific anomaly.
    You’re fucking retarded. You’ve managed weapons grade douchbag status.
    **throws @turd breath a gold star**

    Round of applause for @turd, my BG family for his

    **slow clap**

    1. @Turd WTF are you talking about!? your avi name says it all, nothing but shit comes out, think twice before you run your fat lips! if you attack @Am0ur you’er attacking me! BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!!

  9. awwww how cute!!! I’ve got a new friend. Hun reading the comments here far from make you any dumber as that’s apparently not possible. If you think this site and the people are so bad how dumb can you really be to come here at all much less take the time to read the comments you stupid fuck, oh and FYI if you wanted me attention so bad all you had to do was say hello.

  10. Awww… Looks like @Turd_Burglar… Has been rejected one too many times by the girls on the playground…

    Here have a treat pet monkey…

    *@Turd_Burglar eats deep fried raccoon shit voraciously*

    BTW… When’s the last time you had a dish of split tail beaver?… Never?… That’s what I thought…


  11. Maybe she felt depressed about being brainwashed into believing that being a stay at home mother , a homemaker, is a bad thing, when nothing could be further from the truth.
    The traditional woman’s / mother’s, role, deserves respect, a point which your average head up their arse feminists just can not seem to be able to fathom.

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