Drunk Guy Falls Under Rear Wheels of Slow Moving Truck

Drunk Guy Falls Under Rear Wheels of Slow Moving Truck

This is one very sad video. In many third world countries, including India where this video is from (state of Kerala), drivers compensate for their insecurities by oppressing pedestrians, yet in this case the driver stopped to let the drunken guy cross the road. Then when the drunken guy seemed to have been safely across, the truck driver drove off when in the last moment the drunken guy stumbled and fell with his head right before the set of the truck’s rear wheels. The crunching sound his popping head made left little to the imagination as to the outcome.

The victim left this world quickly and without pain. In his mind, he was probably in some parallel galaxy as he was crossing the road anyway. The accident granted him the permission to continue his out of this earth experience uninterrupted. Person with a camera probably thought he was gonna have some funny video filming a drunk and then the crunch…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. This is not from INDONESIA… where the fuck are you getting these info from..

    The people in the video are talking my native language , MALAYALAM..
    and that is spoken in Kerala , India. Kerala is a state on the southern tip of india..
    things might seem bad in the video.. but it is one of the best states in India/

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