Drunk Man Puts On Show for Commuters by Hanging Out of Moving Train Until Barrier Puts End to It

Drunk Man Puts On Show for Commuters by Hanging Out of Moving Train Until Barrier Puts End to It

Not much backinfo, but it sure feels like India. The video shows a man, allegedly drunk, putting on a show for commuters by hanging out of a moving train. His daring stunt goes pretty well until the train begins to pass through a station where there are some kind of barriers set up close to the tracks used by the train.

The man takes a high velocity blow from one of the pillars and apparently dies instantly. I guess his finale delivered more than the spectators bargained for.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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110 thoughts on “Drunk Man Puts On Show for Commuters by Hanging Out of Moving Train Until Barrier Puts End to It”

    1. That was wonderful, another waste of living flesh died on camera so the rest of us can have a laugh This reminds me of that Russian whore with the fake tan and tits getting wiped out by a traffic sign, hanging out the window of a rented Kia. This guy in no way evokes any erection possibility. Even though that Russian whore had fake tits, I still would have fucked her up the ass at least.

    1. Actually I was thinking the same thing. It’s not like the train was turning left (which would mean he has less visibility). It looks like suicide to me and the cameraperson knew what was going to happen in advance because what he was doing beforehand was not spectacular enough to video (holding onto a handrail while leaning out of an open door… that happens all the time there… so why videotape something that is the norm?)

      Definitely suicide

    1. A registered pedophile in my town got killed by two cars in my town two days ago, first car travelling east bound hit him, threw him into the west bound lane and got creamed by ANOTHER car, Idve paid to see that…

  1. Sometimes it’s like livin’ in a dream
    Past the rolling hills and winding streams
    Upon this train

    I’ve got a ticket to ride upon this train
    I’ve got a ticket to ride upon this train
    I’ve got a ticket to SMACK!

    Invalid ticket.

  2. This man was committing suicide. He was using his muscles in way a man fidgets before he makes a big decision. The man was even yelling at the death to come. This was not “Natural Selection” this was a man giving up and having fun before he did it. (I’m sure it was not his first train ride. He knew what was coming on his train route.) Anyways, I made a account just to tell you guys this after at least 8 years of viewing of Bestgore.

  3. slowed this right down on vlc media player his arm gets caught first then the momentum from that spins his torso into the way of the other 3 or 4 posts and it looks like the last post ripped him out of the carriage. maybe we will get an aftermath video later on ?

    1. Good spot Haydolf,
      Yes I saw that too, but couldn’t appreciate it as much when seeing it at normal speed.
      Imagine – this poor bastard could have had the remaining half of his life to look forward to, i.e. watch the kids grow and marry, become a granddad, retire, chill by the bitch all day, etc.

      But he threw it all away in that stupid stunt. I feel sorry for him.
      You gotta be careful. We’ve all done stupid shit in our lives, but at least there were limits, so no Darwinian selection for us.

  4. Poor Hindu died while “training”. All he ever wanted to be was a post-wall Russian attention whore with fake tits. Halloween was just around the corner, too. Man, this was his year to shine.

  5. Spin Dry. Steel-Iron-Concrete-Steel-Iron-Concrete-Steel-Iron-Concrete. Repeat until all bones are broken and meat is shredded. Just think, that was only around 45mph. Seemed much faster to him.
    Nothing like grabbing a Baht Bus in Pattaya going full speed around a corner and doing the windsock for 20 feet in the air. Scares the shit out of the passengers and pisses off the driver.

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