Drunk Man Startled by Police Runs Across Road, Gets Fatally Hit by Car

Drunk Man Startled by Police Runs Across Road, Gets Fatally Hit by Car

Drunk Man Startled by Police Runs Across Road, Gets Fatally Hit by Car

Dashcam video from South Korea shows a man getting hit by the car while running across the road. The man was reportedly drunk and ran after being startled by the police. Best Gore member @mr-orm has further backinfo:

The man was sleeping on the other side of the road. When police and ambulance arrived they wake him up. He started to run across the road.

When dashcam car tried to overtake the silver SUV, the man suddenly appeared and got hit. He died after crash. Driver didn’t make any sound while song played in car. Driver was not drunk.

Thanks a lot for the video and backinfo, @mr-orm:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  3. It’s no mean feat sprinting across the road outrunning vehicles in the night especially when you are dead drunk . This guy did just that but it wasn’t well timed .
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