Drunk Motorcyclist Killed on the PE 90 in Toritama, Brazil

Drunk Motorcyclist Killed on the PE 90 in Toritama, Brazil

Speaking of assholes dying under the influence, a drunk motorcyclist was killed on the PE 90 in rural Toritama when he came to a sudden stop and was plowed into by the truck following behind him. The victim, identified as Patrick Antonio “Fulรด” da Silva, was pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver of the truck, accompanied by his family, remained at the scene and were the ones to call the authorities.

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    Thanks for the post brother. It warms my heart seeing dead, drunk drivers. Selfish cunts.

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    1. @boozer

      a simple question bruder ! do you stay off booze
      as sometimes I just can’t ……… even when I’m biking but not much paddle on the gas … as I don’t wanna be a history like the one who’s in blood smear

      1. @blucon I sure do bro! I’ve never touched my bike or car while being stoned & never will! lost alot of friends bc some drunk MF couldn’t keep from driving drunk. No mercy in my books for drunk drivers.

  4. This can happen to sober riders too! A truck driver (or car driver) plows in to the back of them if they have to stop suddenly. There are many reasons a vehicle on the road has to stop suddenly, (simply conks out), if you leave enough room from the vehicle in front of you, you SHOULD have time to stop, instead of smashing into the poor bastard in front of you, pissed or not

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