Drunk Russian Truck Driver Rear Ends Another Truck, Falls Out of Cabin

Drunk Russian Truck Driver Rear Ends Another Truck, Falls Out of Cabin

Drunk Russian truck driver had a funny accident and it was all caught on dashcam. The driver rear ended a truck stopped on the lights and fell out of the cabin.

The impact must have surprised him so much, for a moment he didn’t know where he was and it prompted him to self eject via the driver’s side door.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video. Oldie but a goodie.

58 thoughts on “Drunk Russian Truck Driver Rear Ends Another Truck, Falls Out of Cabin”

  1. I can’t tell whether or not he flung himself out of the driver’s side on purpose or accident. I totally expected him to be squished by another vehicle while on the ground. Lucky mother fucker! Russians are professional drunks so it seems

  2. Ouch! That was a pretty good drop to the road, must have knocked the wind out of him as well as stunned him. I love the ( non ) reactions by the drivers with the dash cams! lol Leads me to believe they see so much crazy stuff that nothing surprises them.

    Thanks, NuvosOrdo.

  3. Hahaha…omg i can’t stop laughing man…i totally did that the other day..out the passenger side of course…i was stuck for a min..the girl in the pic with me got out and hadda help me up…fml… =/

    This could have ended alot worse for the truck driver..kinda wish it did..I’m all for karma..drunk drivings lame……unless you riding bitch or in the back…Hmmm..speaking of drinking…

      1. Naw hun..I’m totally against drunk driving..watched my best friend brains splatter kuz a drunk fuck hit her while she grabbed a paper she dropped while running to me to catch the school bus..fucked up huh…fuck this i don’t wanna talk bout sad shit right now..we can drunk anytime hun…and lmao it was funny as fuck we didn’t crash but i flew out the truck just like he did…ugh…a friend recorded it…..the proofs gone now tho…fuck evidence…

  4. That took coordination right there. Probably seeing double before, and quadruple after his head head the pavement. I feel bad for the innocent truck. It can’t help its driver is a fucktard.

          1. I’m down to put my foot and numerous other objects up this bitches ass with y’all..but medics right..i have a tendency to hang out windows..scream obscenities and throw the middle finger to dumb fucks here in Cali who can’t drive…and when I’m off vodka and cokes i fly/fall outta vehicles…but……i do punch bitches….great… =)

          1. After the beauty treatment of the facial peel – a box could be arranged to sit on her shoulders with her head inside the box. Then we introduce into the box a few dozen scorpions and black widow spiders for a little party.

  5. This one just supports my post from the bus bombing: Tons of vodka + being Russian = Flesh, blood and bone that is somehow much stronger than other people, thus making Russians some bad ass tough motherfuckers!

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