Drunken Da Silva Struck and Killed on the BR 104 in Cupira, Brazil

Drunken Da Silva Struck and Killed on the BR 104 in Cupira, Brazil

A 40 year old man identified as Cicero Antonio Da Silva, was drunk when he decided to attempt to cross the BR 104 highway in Cupira, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, when he was struck by a vehicle and killed. It was also stated that he was known to suffer unspecified mental illness and let me tell you, in my experience, mental illness and alcohol do not fucking mix. No joke.

He seems relatively intact aside from a rip in his side. The pics are kinda crappy but we get a nice death stare, a pointer courtesy of a member of the Brazilian Death Cheer Team, and on top of that, it’s a Da Silva. So, all in all, not bad, and it’s what we’ve come to expect from Brazil. Cheers.

Also Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mothers of Gore from us here at Best Gore.

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  1. This could be a fun Frogger game… πŸ˜† Send drunk da Silvas to cross highways, the winner will recieve a bottle of rum and another atempt to cross the same highway… repeat the prize for everytime he/she manages to cross it. πŸ˜†

    Also… wasnt mother’s day last week? 😐

      1. Yeah… ‘muricah had to be different even on that… 😐
        Everybody uses the metric system…
        ‘muricah had to be different and use their “inch” crap…
        Everybody uses Celcius for temperatures…
        ‘muricah had to be different and use Farnheit…
        Everybody uses day/month/year and 24h clock…
        ‘muricah had to be different and use month/day/year and 12h clock…
        Everybody uses kilograms (except for that country that uses “stones”)…
        ‘muricah had to be different and uses pounds…
        Everybody’s mothers day was last week…
        ‘muricah’s mothers day is today…

        For fuck sakes… stop trying to stand out from the rest… If ‘muricah wants a united world, they better start by normalizing their illogical outdated systems.

          1. Yeah, but then they wonder why people dont like ‘muricah… Its like the world owes them anything. Its like when they try to clean something up they end up using a dirty towel and make things worse than before because its not theirs… that will never end well.

          2. @Der you want a tissue ?
            It’s been used by many 3rd world nations but your welcome to it. πŸ™‚
            Happy Mothers day to all Mothers…even to the ones who celebrated 2 weeks too early.
            At least we didn’t mess with days, weeks, months and years.

          3. It’s all done to piss off King George and the crown @Der, it’s history. You forgot about the part where we race our horsies counterclockwise instead of clockwise, although we usually use stock cars now while Europeans use F1, hey there’s another difference. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there not on the metric system!!!?

          4. @rayf – Yes please, so i can shove it down your throat. πŸ™‚

            @amnyc – But that guy’s been dead for centuries now… πŸ˜† its about time ‘muricah stop playing tough.

          5. His demon offspring still lingers though @Der, it can’t be over until they’re all dead. With William and Kate popping them out like they’re on welfare this could continue for centuries more.

          6. But Kate is a peasant, William shouldnt be allowed to be king for that… but what do i know about the royal family today… things arent like they used to be.

        1. Lmao that is quite the list you got there. I would just like to say that everyone I know has always used day/month/year and working in a hospital I do have to use the 24hr clock…but ya you got us on the rest haha!

          1. Hell. im not a fan of globalization but those things are kinda ridiculous… its like a spoiled kid trying to make other’s lifes worse by not cooperating with them… ahhg…
            Oh well, /Rant_over πŸ˜†

          1. Oh yeah… πŸ˜† Whats with them calling “football” to a sport where they use their fucking hands? We have the ownership of that name to what they call “soccer”… fuck logic…

          2. And calling carryball football. And their baseball finals the world series when they only teams that play in it are from the USA. And whenever they talk about them selves they say “we americans”

          3. Toronto isn’t in USA @elma, hence the term “world”. We found a loophole and exploited the fuck out of it, it’s sort of our thing.

          4. We just assumed that by the time this “world series” thing finally caught on we’d have the whole world conquered. We’re a little behind schedule.

          5. I think the only sport in canada and the USA that has a proper name is the Stanley Cup. Named after an English lad, lord Stanley . And it’s just a bunch of Europeans playing for that cup.

          6. Ugh, that damn mad Russian Ovechkin sent my team packing in the first round after 7 brutal games. I miss the old division names, Adams, Patrick…They still have the Lady Byng though.

          7. Unfortunately I’ve spoken to people that have done time in your jails for violent crimes and don’t give a shit if you’re a cowboy, a wetback or a nigger. So you think a few cowboys are gonna stop people that have no care for life? This isn’t gonna be a wild wild west fight when it comes to your rural borders. And even your cows will be pimped.

          1. I never understood why we get so defensive over here when people talk about our country. I guess it’s like that “I can make fun of my brother cause he’s MY brother but you can’t” type thing.
            Either way I’m just fine sitting here on Mothers’ Day, 05/10/15, drinking my vodka from an 8-inch mug weighing 6 ounces at 1:24 pm. πŸ˜€

          2. I’ll bet wherever you’re drinking that beer you drove on the wrong side of the road to get there @MikeyG. Good for you bro, fight the power.

          3. @Hey Der I’ll give you Elmas piss and shit stained hanky he got from crawling in the goodwill without borders box. I would love to see your punk ass try. πŸ™‚

          4. My shit stained rag looks like designer wear, compared to your wrangler jeans. But hey don’t get mad that we get to shot people and kill at will. And you cowboys can’t even use a water pistol because you’re scared.

          5. Come to the country @Elma.
            Life is a little bit different then some of the soft people you may have had contact with.
            Don’t be mad I offered your hanky to him after all you made the offer first.

          6. I just realized that we’re actually doing a My Country Can Beat Up Your Country type of thing…the fuck is wrong with us?? (And don’t get all pissy, I said “us” so I’m including myself).

          7. Unfortunately I?ve spoken to people that have done time in your jails for violent crimes and don?t give a shit if you?re a cowboy, a wetback or a nigger. So you think a few cowboys are gonna stop people that have no care for life? This isn?t gonna be a wild wild west fight when it comes to your rural borders. And even your cows will be pimped.

          8. For me @Mikey it isn’t about country.
            What pisses me off the most is my particular school year class they experimented with metrics and forgot to teach us whatever system it is we supposedly know that has pissed off the entire world at us. Oh and reading I had to learn with phonics…so yea I can read fucking great bhut cran’t nort shpell fer sheat. !!!
            The entitled American in me says I should be given a pass because I wasn’t brought up like everyone else…Sniff hey @ElmA can I burrow yore hanky ? πŸ™‚
            Apologies guys…@MikeyGraves half drunk in the bag posses more wisdom than I.
            Love you @MG no homo.

          1. Oh yeah, and Happy Mothers Day!
            Be EXTRA NICE to your moms BG folks. It’s been two years and not a day goes by where I wish I could just call my mom and say I love you!

          2. Americans lost the country after congress gave the real power and control to the private bankers that owns the federal reserve bank and most of the global central banks…

            It’s just to bad more Americans were not so damn naive and gullible…

          3. Pretty much… people havent learn the lesson from the Roman Empire example… America’s golden age is over, its all on decline now, and its just a matter of time untill all breaks appart.

  2. To all the BG moms out there…have a great Mother’s Day to all of you who celebrate it!! And again, thank you Obli, Ate, etc. for all the hard work you put into this site. It never goes unappreciated!

  3. Bappy mothers day from an immigrant to America who still gets confused with writing the date backwards. It makes more sense to put day/month/year as each is longer than the previous so easier to remember.

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