Dude Gets Tangled Under Truck and Loses Brain

Dude Gets Tangled Under Truck and Loses Brain

Unfortunately I do not have any backstory, but by the look of it, the dude got run over by a truck, but instead of getting crushed by the wheels, his head got tangled in a frame of truck’s underbelly. The impact with the frame smashed his skull and kicked out his brain, but he also looks broken in a few places. It was an instant death for sure, though very unpleasant one.

I don’t know where the accident happened, but it looks to me like it was somewhere in Asia. Lack of pointers tells me it’s probably not Thailand, but I could be wrong. China, perhaps?

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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    1. He was working on it. It was jacked up, he had his head in between the tie rod and oil pan and the truck came down. That closed up the space and crushed his head, popping out his eye and brain. Bad day at work for him. Must reset “Days since last accident” back to zero.

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