Dumb Bitch Faceplants Ground in Argentina

Dumb Bitch Faceplants Ground

In Argentina, a dumb bitch is rumored to suffer a brain injury after failing to ride bike safely from platform. You’d think her expertise in “riding” would have helped her in this situation.

Alas, she ends up on the ground lying like a dead fish, which she is also an expert at, when being ridden.

No blood and guts, just female dumbfuckery. Maybe you can put it up for laughs.


Props to Silent Partner @hopingfornemesis for the video:

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      1. I didn’t put it up….or did i? Anyway i particularly like the comedy ones. I like the way she just stayed flat on her silly face. I’m guessing it is due to her either being out cold or too embarrassed to show her face again.
        I doubt she has brain damage. You have to have a brain to damage it in the first place.

        1. “When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants to be real nice and sweet, and the other part wonders what her head would look like on a stick” — Ed Gein. …
          “She isn’t missing. She’s at the farm right now.” …

      1. She was trying to recreate the flying scene from E.T. unfortunately, for her, she couldn’t find an actual extraterrestrial alien. She had to settle for an illegal Mexican alien midget with an extra testicle. It doesn’t work like that.

    1. That’s definitely Argentina, by the way they speak. The girl is asking ‘over there?’ and a boy replies ‘yes, for here you’re gonna break your cunt’ like warning her there’s not enough room to jump where he is standing filming. Then she goes off but I couldn’t tell what they’re yelling, except for the last ‘oooops’ that clearly comes from her, surprised the bike does not fly like she thought.

          1. Who doesn’t want to ride the town bike? Is there a feeling better than being in the saddle? Are we not geared towards that by biological imperarive? Are we not all horny before our cycle as flesh on earrh is over?
            Make no mistake , one can’t put the brakes on it.
            Do we not know, that when riding a bike with the fairer sex ,the best position to be in is the rear?


            Gotta admit,it was one of that pervert’s better movies! Lol

  1. The slo-mo reverse was the cherry on top of this one.

    Since the ramp is the same color as the ground, I’m wondering if it’s even obvious from that angle that there’s a big drop there. Possible translation: “Go on, it’s a nice gentle slope on the other side, trust me!” *splat* “HA!”

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