Dump Truck Catches Fire in Thailand, Man Badly Burnt

Dump Truck Catches Fire in Thailand, Man Badly Burnt

Video captures a dump truck that has caught fire on the road. Then the driver of the truck gets out and runs, while on fire himself. He falls into the grass and is quickly extinguished by the surrounding Thais. But, despite the quickness with which they took action in putting him out, he managed to still suffer extreme burns to most of his body. His flesh burned down to the white meat as well as his pants being burned off. Severe shock will set in and that’s what could prove to be fatal now.

Mad props to MrsPink for the hookup.

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    1. That wasn’t the, oh my god, it was! That was the toilet bucket they just threw on that guy!
      Never throw dirt on a burning man or the turd bucket for christs sakes! Jeebus that’s just nasty

    1. I don’t think that’s Thailand. I only heard one Thai word. Chuey. (which means help) every other word I didn’t understand I think they are indonesian. Still most of those dump truck drivers are meth head punk bitches on the road that deserve worse.

        1. I don’t understand why people exist such as yourselves who have to be so vile and laugh at people in suffering and pain. I wish your families the same experience for you to witness as a punishment for your unhumanly behavior, the lot of you who get pleasure from this.

          1. You made an account on a Gore site …. did you expect a group of nuns citing prayers ?? This is called real life and even the most horrible things in this life can be funny if you want them to be. As the joker once said “why so serious?”

          2. It seems you have the same type of thoughts yourself only yours you should get checked out my a medical shrink type. Here you are wishing pain upon and the visual of the pain on by a relative of a bunch of people joking around about some shumck who is on fire. Lighten up. The man in the video did.

      1. I want justice where it counts, I don’t expect nuns here nor should any of you justify your behavior because it is a gore site. I wish a similar experience to you all so you learn what is humor and what isn’t. CattooDaddy, I know a lot of people such as these folk exist who in reality are cowards, especially behind a monitor they show how bold they can be with their comedy. I know anyone that makes a joke on the internet about these scenarios is 100% a bitch in real life, and would succumb much worse than this dude on fire. My integrity doesn’t shift away from the keyboard or on it, the people who do are possibly the worst. Bunch of hidden cowards. I would wish the same thing to any person immediately if they had the audacity to joke during a life situation, the thing its impossible for them too. So fuck the disgusting people which conceived these nasty ass humans.

        1. Prove me wrong. One of you go ahead and joke or laugh during a tragic live scenario. See if your body and mind has that potential during that moment, I’m going to be 100% sure all of you here are comedians strictly behind a keyboard. Fuck your mothers for raising cowards, I wish to see the day, person to person, someone behave the way you dumb bitches do.

          1. Wow, lighten up Francis. Nice you took the time to read every single post before you decided to judge us all. Feel better now? Have you boosted your already ski high ego. Atleast we’re making jokes, you on the other hand are wishing death on people you don’t even know. Now go blow your nose and wipe those tears, and save the death wishes for the true evil in the world.

          2. I joke and laugh all the time while picking up dead people. Why? Because it helps the situation. If we don’t do it, then we can’t do our fucking jobs. And yes, we DO respect the deceased and their families. And I had to explain to a few families as to why we were joking and laughing. And you know what? They completely understood as to why we done it.

      1. He’s right, there really isn’t. Hell I could literally give you 100 reasons why I KNOW there is no god but I’m not gonna do that cause knowing how you muslim fanatics are no amount of reasoning would ever get through to you animals

  1. Stop, drop and roll anyone?? Now I’m jot medically trained in any depth, but wouldn’t the water on the burns cause instant blisters?? With the sand included, I imagine that he had a rough night if he made it that long.

      1. @stomper

        I was thinking about that last statement for a minute. She would fuck a horse provided the opportunity,but yet again,most women would, I think. They have to up it somehow if it’s going to be that torn. The bucket would probably be the last resort.

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        1. I take it african cocks have a soft spot in your heart as well. Must of struck a cord. For the record I don’t have a Facebook. Nice try tho. As for the pretty boy comment, well forgive me, my parents don’t look like gremlins. Nobody is going to “check” me, so keep it moving you twatwaffle.

          1. Thank you little foot, eye
            enjoy looking at yours as well. My guess is @gaydolf must look like a troll. Otherwise why even bother making such a comment.

          2. Damn straight @LF

            Maybe @adolfvaginabloodfartstain would be interested in writing BG play book, you know, what your avi shrould or shouldn’t be. You know, @obli had his pic on a few months ago, try working your magic on him. I dare you.

  2. The locals would have been more merciful if they had put a bullet in his head.

    Terrible thing, being burned… I took a soldering iron and burnt off a small wart… pretty painful… Think of millions of pain receptors all over that guys body frigg’n screaming in unison…

  3. Everyone is making fun of his tiny dick, but I believe I caught sight of it at about :50 (just after the guy in the blue shirt steps in front of the camera), and it looked like he had a fair sized dingus to me.

    Of course, it may have been due to the Ballpark Frank effect; they plump when you cook ’em.

  4. Let me translate:

    “OH SHIT..HE’s ON FIRE!!”
    “Quick!!! Slap his skin with these germ infested linens to put the fire out!!”
    “Here…I will throw germ infested dirt on him…to put out the fire!!”
    “Wait y’all!!! I have this bucket of parasite infested water!!…it will work better!!!”

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