Dutch Queen Beatrix Attacked in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands – 5 Dead

Dutch Queen Beatrix Attacked in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands - 5 Dead

Dutch Queen Beatrix Attacked in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands - 5 Dead

Dutch Queen Beatrix was in Apeldoorn in celebration of Koninginnedag, which is a national holiday in The Netherlands, often referred to as Queen’s Day, since Koninginnedag doesn’t make much sense for us who are not Dutch. Many people gathered since Queen herself was present when all of a sudden a car drove through the crowd at high speed, missing the open deck bus Queen Beatrix with the rest of Dutch Royal Family were on and crushed into a Queen Wilhelmina monument. This whole incident happened so quickly, nobody had a chance to react, not even the police who were present in large numbers. Queen Beatrix was not injured, however speeding car killed 5 people and injured 11.

What’s really odd about this whole incident is that the attacker drove through the crowd on Suzuki Swift. What kind of choice of deadly weapon is that? If you’re gonna make headlines by trying to kill Dutch Queen with a car, pick a mightier car. Perhaps a mid size SUV – at least something like that. Not Suzuki Swift, one of the smallest cars on the market. The killer was a freak. Or a newb. Embarrassing!

There are conflicting reports coming from the Netherlands as to whether this was an assassination attempt on Dutch Queen Beatrix or just plain random recklessness. Some media mention potential terrorist attack but nothing solid yet. Reports from people who were there when the car attacked differ just as much. Some suggest that the driver had the look on his face as though he was determined to run into the couch carrying Dutch Queen, while other say the driver appeared incapacitated or hurt, hence unable to control the vehicle.

Dutch De Telegraaf maintains that the act was deliberate. Their reasoning is that the attack was precisely timed and driver plowed through two sets of barricades making it to the intersection when Queen’s entourage was at that given time. Since Queen was 20 minutes late, De Telegraaf believes this was not a random act, but rather a deliberate attack.

Apeldoorn authorities later confirmed that the act was deliberate, but it was not a terrorist attack. They also confirmed the identity of the attacker – his name is Karst Tates of Huissen. He’s a 38 year old Caucasian male, he’s Dutch who used to work for private security company but was recently laid off. He’s got no criminal record and no history of mental instability. After he struck the statue of Queen Wilhelmina with his black Suzuki Swift, Karst Tates suffered life threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital in Apeldoorn where he died at 02.58, Holland time. According to surgeons, he confessed to an attempt to attack Queen Beatrix and the Royal Family during a short while of regaining consciousness.

Needless to say, this incident irked many Dutch people as the celebration of Koninginnedag – Queen’s Day in the Netherlands may never be the same again. There will likely be increased security to a point that it’ll become troublesome to participate. Volunteers who worked hard at preparing and rehearsing everything for one of the biggest holidays in The Netherlands saw their efforts ruined by one culprit. Queen Beatrix immediately called the rest of her promenade off. Which is a no surprise. Just look at the pictures of the Royal Family members after the attack. Dutch crown Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Princess Maxima look like they’d just witnessed the birth of Belzebub.

The video containing footage of the attack on Dutch Queen Beatrix and a lot of aftermath is below:

Gallery of photos from the attack on Dutch Queen Beatrix in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands that left 5 innocent people dead, 1 culprit dead and 11 people injured is below:

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