Dutch Tourist Gets Run Over by a Train in Thailand

Dutch Tourist Gets Run Over by a Train in Thailand

I’m having trouble picturing how this went down. A 52 year old Dutch tourist by the name of Heironymous Maria Cornelis was apparently (according to the official report) playing with a ball when he slipped, fell and landed on train tracks just as a train was rolling past, crushing and ripping apart his mid section. That, is some shitty luck right there. Or at least would be, if this had not happened in shady-ass Thailand. We at Best Gore have been exposing the truth about South East Asia to Westerners for over six years and I can’t help but be confident that if this man had been a member, he would be alive today.

Thailand experienced a tourism boom in the sixties due to Westerners discovering this exotic local and at first, the economic boost was welcomed. However, the native Thais gradually began to resent Westerners and their mistreatment of their culture and, knowing Americans the way that I do, the Thais probably have every right to feel disrespected by Westerners. Not only that, but White Westerners are a huge component in the mass child prostitution and human trafficking rings of South East Asia. Thailand has become a very xenophobic nation as a result, to the point where even the authorities are in on scams and murders. It’s possible you went to Thailand and had a wonderful time, but one day…

Reduced PC!!!!! Young Dutch tease playing with balls. Fall horror level over the wheel-train Sai Yok National Park.

At approximately 15.30 p.m. Dec. 24 57 T Sub Lt.. kasan para Yok police station to investigate the employees be informed why expats are railway Nong PLA duk-waterfall. 486 procession through death. At the output sub station Pong 5 m. T. tha Sao Sai Yok district, Kanchanaburi province, so let Pol. Maj. Gen. Komlasanti Klanbut Pol. Col. Muangsukham phabok hire āļ . Banthit Kanchanaburi sop Inotkonudom Chaorit Yok Pol. Lt. Col. a. raise a thicket of SAB Councillors, Pol.
Lt. Col. Watchai survive? Raise child g sot., Lieutenant Colonel projection brightness: Twilight of honor. sot., Police officers escort the travelers Foundation, Kan The doctor on call at the hospital in a hurry to the Sai Yok National Park incident.

Discovered by CORNELIS MARIA Mr.HIERONYMUS for her age or natural land BOUMANS 52 years old wears blue breeze cocktails in red shorts but is train to Nong PLA duk – waterfall tub along the trunk died at the incident at railway Foundation officers escort Kan. He was sent to hospital Sai Yok National Park.

The investigation indicates that the deceased were visiting with us tour by the jungle rafts. Resort when 2 nights ago while the disaster has train go caving flow. When it comes to output, the station area is a thicket of Sai Yok Kanchanaburi 323 road intersection. Deceased was playing with a ball on the stairs, and then slipping out. trains into railway. Trains over the death.

Now officials have investigated those involved. To wait for relatives to get bodies to continue.The edge quality by: officers on duty in the accident

My advice: Don’t be a Dutch tease playing with balls. Mad props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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75 thoughts on “Dutch Tourist Gets Run Over by a Train in Thailand”

    1. who knows??, being thailand anything is possible ,but westerners are constantly fucking up in thailand, probally there own stupidity has something to do with it , . when in thailand do as the thais do .catch the bus

      1. Absolutely true. Thailand is really a playground for some drug marked, there is that drug, I dont have the exact name but it makes people awake for weeks. Its side effects is after using it for years and get little sleep the suicidal tendencies will be so great people will eventually take theyre life. I mean its one of thousands of things that will make people suicidal in Thailand. I am fully against suicide and I promote people to never take they’re own precious life.

    1. I know a guy who lived in Pattaya for over ten years, and never ran into any trouble. Still, you wouldn’t catch me going there. Yeah it’s cheap as fuck and anything goes, but nah thanks.

      This guy was playing with a ball on his own was he !?!. Yeah right.

        1. I’m sure they are @cheeky, and if I was that way inclined, lots of fun could be had. I’m not inclined to do that though, I’m OK here with my one and only. Promiscuity isn’t my thing, but that’s not to say if a bloke likes that type of thing, it’s a bad thing.
          The guy I mentioned married a Thai woman, had a child, came home and is now in a divorce battle over custody of the kid.
          Seriously makes me wonder what her game was. But there you go, that’s what can happen when a fella has his brains in his bollocks. 😉

          1. Anyone else think some hooker or some local drugged him, stoled his money and laid him on tracks for kicks….I am with you…cheap women can cost you your life in Thai death land for tourists..

          2. Oh.. damn.. why do British men seems so sweet.. 🙂 just enjoy the beaches then with your one and only, your daughters can go too.. its not as dangerous as you thought.. 😉

  1. Playing with a ball? What is he two? Sounds like an accident a Toddler would get into. I say freak accidents happen all the time. I think befor his accident he was thinking of a buying a under aged Thailand girl on the market and lost his balance. Serves him right if that’s true. In this story there’s too much room for error and speculation.

  2. Been picturing images on my mind about what could have happened to him..
    Playing with a ball near a railway? Of all places ofcourse.. or maybe they are pertaining to his “other ball”.. he might be an exhibitionist.. LOL..
    Sorry im still tipsy after drinking lots of tequila last night.. hangover.. 🙁

  3. I don’t agree with blaming Westerners for Thailand’s problems. The Thai government allows the sex trade to flourish and for poverty to exist in much of the country. Impoverished women with no skills other than those of a sexual nature have no choice but to migrate to where the money is – brothels and bars. At the end of the day, it is the Thais who do not respect their own culture or their people.

  4. Well now a white fag gets mauled by a train in Thailand for a change, where so use to seeing Thai citizens get killed or mauled by trains in this god forsaken country, that seeing a foreigner gets chewed by train, it kinda makes it worth while, and yes it looks like he’s wearing flip flops.

  5. You say Westerners, then say Americans, as if we’re the only ones doing shit over there. If you pay attention to your own shit on here you will notice that by and large, those Westerners killed over there aren’t typically American.

    You can also lump you Canucks as well as Brits, Frenchies and most other Europeans in the pot also. Russians too even though they are Westerners. Besides, look at who the sex traffickers almost always are…Eastern Eurotrash, Asians and Spics. America is hardly the major problem in this world.

  6. I recently saw an ad for a 7day get away in thailand and to stay in 3 four star hotels for the low price of like $600USD airfaire and meals included. Thanks to best gore i instantly recognized the scam and thought to myself even if this was a legit offer, i reeeeeeeeeally dont wanna be pushed off one of those 4star hotels’ 23rd floor balcony

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