DWA Driver Jumps Median, Causes Violent Crash

DWA Driver Jumps Median, Causes Violent Crash

There are characters on the road in this video that look like Chinese, but cars drive on the left so it’s probably from Japan. Not sure…

Based on girly scream, I’m assuming there’s double violation in this video – one is DWA, the other one is DWF. A guaranteed disaster waiting to happen, although this time around it wasn’t the double offender who caused the crash. However we don’t have the visual of the driver who did the fuck up and considering the level of the fuck up, there’s a good chance there was more than a DWA violation there too.

A car with a dashcam gets an unexpected surprise when a black hatchback from the oncoming lane jumps median and swerves in its way. It results in a violent, first person view t-bone and a perma press on the horn. Not sure if there were any casualties. The driver in the black car I think took a pretty hard hit.

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32 thoughts on “DWA Driver Jumps Median, Causes Violent Crash”

    1. Sorry guys, i have to claim to be an exception to this rule, i happen to be an excellent driver, just ask the guys I outrun every weekend racing my mustang!! Its so funny that while they dont mind getting beat by another dude but they just cant stand to be outrun by a chick!

      1. I enjoy a good run along I95 in Pennsylvania and i consider myself to be one of the more skilled driver’s. Rarely is there a female driver in the mix though. I’m not saying they’re not good driver’s, perhaps not as aggressive as a male driver though. Also, women I’ve dated seem to prefer the thrill while seated to my right. I find female “driver’s” are more sexual by comparison, get my motor runnin see.. I would love to catch the lovely rebelK from behind! Very Sexy!

  1. Driving a car is not that fucking difficult. Keep you’re (gook) eye’s on the road and pay attention to what the fuck is going on around you, you might not kill somebody ass wipe. How do you lose control of a vehicle on open road like that? Them Asian eye’s aren’t worth a shit, staple those eye lids open if you have too

    1. How do you lose control of a vehicle on open road like that ?……….. well I dunno, but here are some suggestions which might help.

      Blow a tyre, mechanical failure, fall asleep or getting a gobby from your gal and ‘blowing’ it………. literally :mrgreen:

  2. Gnarly……… That is one serious high speed bingle.
    I’d be very surprised if there were no casualties as the g-forces would be massive.

    Here down-under insurance companys are considering policy discounts for people with dash cams.

  3. It looks like she caught the black car in the front-right quarter panel and not the driver’s door. Still without perfect airbag deployment (front and side) and a lot of physical toughness, the black car driver is very likely dead or seriously maimed.

  4. At 0:01 the only two Japanese characters that I recognise are ‘yama’ (mountain) on the bottom right
    and the Japanese character ‘moku’ (tree) on the top left
    This means that it is either Japan or China, and since they’re driving on the left that would mean it is definitely Japan.
    During my holiday in Japan back in January this year was that the Japanese are pretty reckless drivers, but they are all so well co-ordinated. Never saw any hint of a car crash, but I did see 3 bitches taking their merry time crossing the road in front of an ambulance.

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