DWA Driver Pins Teenage Girl Against Tree

DWA Driver Pins Teenage Girl Against Tree

One 18 year old girl died and two more had to be hospitalized with serious, though non life threatening injuries after a driver operating a motor vehicle in violation of DWA pinned them against a tree. The accident happened on Sha Tai Road in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.

The girl who was killed was only identified by her last name of Nie. She was a third grade student at Guangzhou High School. Witnesses said the DWA driver suddenly and unexplainably swerved to the side, plowed through pedestrians and slammed into the tree.

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          1. My boss had import 16-valve GTI models all blacked-up, his and hers. I used to do impressions like a kid at a sweet (candy) shop. No need to mention which one got damaged first.

          2. I hate blacked out windows, having had many Asian friends at uni and seeing the idiots that drove around in cars with them. I just think boy racer/chav these days

  1. when I was a little kid vacationing in Mexico, a bus reversed and smashed a little boy on a concrete light post. My uncle took me away so I couldn’t see but I’ll never forget the loud cracking sound

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