DWA Driver on a Steam Roller Runs Over a Man

DWA Driver on a Steamroller Runs Over a Man

I seriously don’t get how one can get run over by a steam roller. From the photos is looks like heavy machinery was there to pave a road. The accident didn’t happen within a tiny confined space – just how much must two people not pay attention at the same time for the one inside a steamroller to run over the one standing outside of it?

The DWA steamroller driver was clearly a worker, but the man he crushed wore some weird flip flops and casual outer wear – not your typical construction worker. I wonder what his problem was promenading himself around a steamroller in motion.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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    1. actually this story was on some news sites about a month or so ago, the man was standing in front of the steamroller because he did not want the goverment to take he?s land away for building something, at witch point the goverment official present on site gave order to the driver to go ahead and drive over him,witch he did,and this is the result.later when the villagers became unhappy with what had happend, police where called in and that was that..life is cheap in china

  1. What I’m wondering is how is it that a new road being built in the middle of nowhere has so many people on it? I’m also thinking that the guy may have fallen off the back of the scooter…how the hell else could this have happened?

  2. Lol, it seems that a lot of people who wear flip flops end up in BG. I myself had a traffic accident while wearing them , but it wasnt my fault , althought l had to pay for the crash. In Mexico, if you run over a person, or kill a motorcyclist , you will be charged and will have to pay a fine, even if it is not your fault, these traffic policemen are too fat and lazy that they will not develop a proper investigation. I guess thats why Mark says this is the world capital of the hit and run, a bus driver once told me that if they run over a person , their instructions were to run back and over just to make sure he dies, this mainly because if the victim survives you are sentenced to pay for surgeries , meds, treatments, and most times would have to do time in prison, all of which could be avoided by just paying only one sum that covered the funeral services and perhaps a small amount for the family. At least this guy died with his pants on. Bad news for you empty soul xD

  3. Just a wild guess here but I could imagine that the guy was standing next to the road while it was being paved. Wearing the appropriate foot gear for a construction site he may have tripped just the moment the steam roller passed by.

    If it all happened at the right moment, the driver did hit the brakes as soon as he saw the guy going down but the machine wouldn’t stop just like that. Those thing weigh several tons and it’s fair to say it takes a couple feet to bring it to a stop.

    Judging from the relatively small distance the roller was actually going over the guy it wasn’t something being considered negligence rather than a freak accident.

    There is still the possibility that the guy committed suicide. Just my 2 cents.

  4. As soon as I heard “steam roller runs over man” my immediate thought was “DWO!” Oh, sorry, nowadays it’s “DWA” because Oriental is a rug not a person or some bullshit. I don’t know in my day, which wasn’t all that long ago I thought, Oriental meant rugs, people, food, Monopoly properties, the whole gamut. Well, one thing hasn’t changed though. They can’t fucking drive safely to save themselves. I swear, it’s genetic. They got the brilliant math and science genes, but their ability to navigate safely or realize they share the road with others completely escapes them.

  5. Oh, and I just sharted while viewing these photos. I just thought I might share you. Luckily my pants have a mesh lining built into them so when I feel like cleaning up it will be easier than if the poop was right against my cheek. I hate that. Well, only 5 more hours at work before clean-up.

  6. Thats probably how the african government gets rid of some people they don’t want.. Oh shit family I’m sorry but our guy on the steam roller AND your husband were drunk and it just happened.. I know its weird we didn’t throw him under and laugh as he cried and we popped his head. Pinky promise! 😉

    1. If you really want to see the aftermath of someone completely crushed to death under a steamroller, seb, I’ll happily let you run over me with one. They’re not difficult to get your hands on. Just let me know. I’ll even be glad to let you film it and post it here.

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