DWF + DWA on Scooter + Cement Truck = Dead

DWF + DWA on Scooter + Cement Truck = Dead

No real info on this brutal accident other than it involving an Asian Female Driver (trifecta of doom) on a scooter who had a run in with a cement truck. Fucking Christ, the humanity! That woman is stretched out six ways from Sunday. Did the biggest split of her life and got smeared all the way down the road. I know, it’s cliche by now to compare stretched out, ripped human flesh to pizza…but, come on, that shit looks like fucking pizza cheese!

Props to MrsPink for serving up this slice of gore.

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        1. Lol the first one is along the lines of ” an ideal death ,sudden and or quick” sorry I’m a bit rusty and the second I think is along the lines of “definitely or certainly” please correct me if I’m wrong its been a few years since I last studied world languages.

          1. wow.., I’ve never needed anything butt English i heard that will be the global language one day.., i fckn hope so.., easier for me.

    1. The shoes look better on her corpse. They could use her legs in their weird commercials. Or they could cut a hole in her foot and make it into an onahole. Japan makes them out of silicone, but China can make it out of dead girls. Much better sell 😉

      1. I don’t think the video would be all that great…I usually skip the accident vids on this site just because of how shit the quality is, usually with no audio either. It would be a gem if someone caught it on an HD camera, with steady hands, right before it happened, followed by filming the aftermath.

  1. Speaking of female asian drivers, my mum had a run in with one a couple weeks ago. She was crossing a roundabout with the right of way then this asian woman enters the roundabout without looking and drives into the side of her car. No one was hurt just minor damage to the cars but still.. Fuckin crasians

  2. What I find amazing is all the dampness smeared about looks more like water? I know we’ve got a heck of a lot of it in us .

    Are we like sponges, If you get squished properly water spurts out?

    I am pissed btw.

      1. @Stomper.

        That they will! And probably more.

        Could this be suicide? It’s not the first cement lorry we’ve seen splattering some hapless twat but if you were going to throw yourself under a truck what better than a cement lorry?

        I take it all back about Asians and physics.

        1. @Bglurker I also ate a stretch Armstrong, under the rubber skin was a weird sweet gel, I always wondered why I did that, pretty fucked up of us dontcha think?, I am not alone now this is great! 🙂

  3. take heed feminists cos this screams of feminism ,she will have been on the phone to her lover whos shes been cheating on her husband with now for 3 or 4 years and will have been too carefree and feminist to see the danger ahead. this reeks of a woman who is not paying attention whilst driving but is instead up to dastardly and evil deeds and karma caught her. its also ironic her legs are spread so wide after the carnage. this will indicate the way she left the world is the way she acted during it.

  4. Damn, she or he (hey you jnever know with those asians) will be tough to identify.

    Maybe if they check its purse they can find the receipt for those shiny high heels, and backtrack to who they belong!

  5. I love riding my motorcycle, but when I see things like this, I wonder if it’s worth it. I ride all the time, and love it. With that being said, I deal with dumbasses on the road all the time. I hope I will never become a victim like this.

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