Dying Man Spews Waterfall of Blood From Mouth and Nose

Dying Man Spews Waterfall of Blood From Mouth and Nose

According to the info I got, this happened in Indonesia. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident involving a motorcycle. There appears to be one man with fat lips after an apparent blow to the face, and one dying on the road also from an apparent blow to the face, except instead of a fat lip, this one scored a crashed forehead.

The dying man spews blood out of his mouth and nostrils in a waterfall like fashion. The blood loos is significant, meaning internal trauma that’s causing the bleeding is also quite significant.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Dying Man Spews Waterfall of Blood From Mouth and Nose”

  1. Pretty disturbing. Would the human blood fountain be conscious and in agony or would he have no idea of what’s going on? I read a lot that tries to reassure on death saying the brain releases DMT, that we’re unconscious when dying etc but as we’ve seen here death can be anything but merciful.

          1. Yeah internal is awful I lost all feeling to right side of my temple and can’t feel nothing there nerves are dead but I didn’t have internal like him mine was serious head injury with glass in my head and temple and my skull was showing

        1. Yes I passed out felt nothing at first passed out and woke up to blood coming out my head I didn’t feel any pain till I was in ambulance then it was like deep agony throbbing brutal pain had morphine in me through IV and still hurt badly like water fall and everyone trying to stop it with towels and kitchen roll luckily the paramedics was quick and god was watching over me cause I could have died

        1. It was a door it smacked me back in the face as I was walking through it instead of closing slowly behind me as I was opened in and went to walk the glass door closed right through me I nearly died so douche bag

          1. @nattie73, no, I haven’t. My appendix blew up and I almost died from that.
            Don’t take everything so serious, people are usually just trying to be funny. Sarcasm, very popular here! When you get defensive about comments, it truly makes you a target. 🙂

    1. he actually looked more comfortable than I did while viewing this, his head even looks somewhat cushioned. as I prop another pillow behind me I will say I think he is well dead and body is just finishing up.
      we are cozy now

  2. God that was sad to see happened to me when I went through glass window came out like a fountain like his but I was saved my injuries were severe where the fuck is the ambulance ??poor guy brings back memories this was really sad to watch so young

          1. Both they called a plastic surgeon to help in the surgery my head injuries were severe you could see my skull I just R.E.M. Blood coming out like a fountain and no one could stop it no many how many towels were used my boobs were done by a well known surgeon called mr Singh expensive but worth it

  3. Looks to be goner anyway but positioned like that drowning in his own blood aint gonna help.
    I been thinking of fountain/waterfall ideas for the garden and this is just wow, decided to have a decapitated head at the top then water flowing from the mouth down some nicely placed rockery down to a pond. Beautiful Art I’d say

  4. Damn are those people ugly. Inbred much? They look even worse before a crash. Anyway, great video with agonal breathing, lots of blood and the vomity choke sound at the end plus a nice idea for a garden fountain!

  5. Yoyoyo my nigga….!!!!
    Now what????….. you became a raspberry fountain……
    No shit……good recovery bro…..
    Hey btw…..next time can you make it with some white chocolate and mint chips…….
    You may as well stick a bunch of peacock feathers up
    Your ass……!!!!!

  6. Ahhh yes, the death rattle. Or death gurgle in this case. What I found interesting was the air bubbles coming from the forehead, indicating severe trauma to the facial bone structure and sinus cavities. Obviously took a header, like to know what it bounced off of. Also notice the guy with the helmet is going to live. Take note motorcycle riders…

  7. Bright red blood like that is oxygenated. This poor gook has major chest trauma, his lungs are punctured and filling up with blood and it’s being expelled out his airway. His corpse was agonal for a long time.

    Now, just what the fuck kind of go cart Road Warrior contraption did he hit that that fat lipped gook was driving?? God I love Third World tragedies such a spectacle!

  8. Why he is losing so much blood from is mouth ?

    Did he get a hemorrhage or a bleeding inside of this body i mean uh.. you know internal bleeding no external , and all the blood is just go where he can ?

    They can’t save him by stop the bleeding or.. finish him?

  9. The guy bleeding out has major internal trauma most likely a crushed chest with possibility of survival zero!! I doubt he felt any pain he was completely knocked out and had no clue he was taking his last breaths as the remainder of his blood volume being poured onto the grass. The person who was filming kept it together all the way to the end until they probably got hit with an overwhelming smell of blood and started to loose it and gag!

  10. This is the reality of not wearing appropriate gear on a bike. I’m sure their country doesn’t give a fuck what you wear when riding, but at least you can save yourself from becoming a bloody spectacle.

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