Doctor Sustains Fatal Injures after Colliding with Truck in São Paulo, Brazil

Dying Man in Wreckage

Dying Man in Wreckage

On March 5, 2019 in Sumaré, São Paulo, Brazil, a 71-year-old doctor dies in collision with truck in the Sumare stretch of the Anhanguera Highway (SP-330).

José Agostinho Martins Peixoto, is a general practitioner at Unimed Santa Barbara and Americana, São Paulo. He is a divorced man and father of two. He is driving a Renegade jeep, when he collides in the rear of the truck.

José Agostinho Martins Peixoto does not survive his life threatening injuries.

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Here are a few pictures:

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87 thoughts on “Doctor Sustains Fatal Injures after Colliding with Truck in São Paulo, Brazil”

      1. I was thinking….in an alternate Universe, he didn’t crash into the truck and is still alive, taking his life for granted just like we all do.
        Makes me think…is there an alternate Universe in which I’m dead from an accident? Of course I prefer this one where I’m alive.

    1. The guy tells the woman that “the Jeep overtook his car and then crashed, and should be at least 200 km/h (125 mph)”. That’s pretty fast considering brazilian highways are terrible. So it probably was his own fault.

  1. he died like if he got a nice blowjob while driving….and started to cum.

    look like the car have been cut open already by emergency service (no idea why they let the dude in.. but .. brazil.), overwise, that dude would have been beheaded.

      1. its possible too that the “thing” that hit the car hit the top part of the car (windshield-roof) and bent the roof on front hitting the guy on the head in the process. like smashing the roof of the car inside the car. that happen alots on car accident.
        doesnt look like the car rolls or twist based on the debris on the road. but its funny to see that the door have slided against something. soo its possible that the guy hit another car (maybe the peoples who film car) then goes straigth intoa pole of something like a corner soo fast that the car lift a bit and crush partially the roof before falling back on wheel. that also fit with the body position of someone who get push in front of the car at the crash then fall back when the car land down on wheels again.

        but meh.. just my imagination. 😛

      2. @Farherless sex deviant dude. If they cut the Jeep open with those jaws of life machine then why the hell didn’t they take out their prize ( that Brazilian Jeff Bezos ) Guy? What they cut the Jeep apart and said fuck it where it’s here? Just wondering aloud brother-dude.

  2. His License plate reflects what he now looks like for being a dumb-ass driver. Due!!!
    His Left Headlight is flashing side to side, maybe A Cop Vehicle?? Or Just A Pissed-off Jeap, cause at least it put it’s flasher on to indicate it was pulling over.

  3. Actually, he was looking up to the clouds wondering if his Already “Sky-High” insurance would go UP? … He gave 1 last “sigh” thinking about it while waiting on his last ride to South Hell where Lucifer is patiently waiting on him.

      1. Objectively..based on a new car with price, after sales service care, reliability and build quality…the three best cars to buy would be Kia ~ Hyundai ~ Mazda : with~ Subaru and Toyota….being honorable mentions…..forget the rest.

        Unless you spend the big bucks..the cheaper models of the German car makers are shitboxes riding on the coat tails of the brand name..none of them are made in Germany any more either.

        As you say…Jeep has been bought by Fiat….if they still make them in the wont be long before they have an Argentina or South African plate. Many of the global brands are made in 3rd world places with 3rd world build quality.

          1. Yeah, seen him before, but take him with a grain of salt.
            On to a more interesting subject, I understand you’re a physician, as am I, physiatrist by trade (ret), and you?
            Where are you located? Are you Australian? I’m from Texas and had known some Aussie, and Kiwi docs, and in our younger days would try to keep up with them as we burned the candle at both ends, a difficult task.
            Peace Brother

  4. I wish I could get full sized color poster of this to put on my bedroom ceiling while I lay on bed and brood in the late afternoon half-light, listening to Mozart.

  5. Basic physics + not wearing a seatbelt = broken/heavy injured neck guaranteed when performing facial landing against oncoming airbag. What happens right after this doesn’t really matter because in 99% that’s the main cause of death if being lucky enough. Otherwise it is fucked up start of a new vegetable life.

      1. I’ve seen it and honestly seatbelt on like this one is like none at all. Maybe the upper part of it got ripped off during the crash or he did actually wear it this way.
        Fuck it.
        At least he did good and entertain us for a quick moment.

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