Ecuadorian Motorcyclist Loses Brain and Arm in Accident

Ecuadorian Motorcyclist Loses Brain and Arm in Accident

Ecuadorian Motorcyclist Loses Brain and Arm in Accident

According to the backinfo I got, the incident happened in the city of Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

The video shows the aftermath of an apparently fatal motorcycle accident, although some people in the video seem to think the victim will somehow walk it off. The arm ripped off is one thing, but the skull cracked and the brain matter spilled out – I’d like to see him walk that off.

Best Gore member @jer8 translates:

In the video the man filming said that the victim is taking his last breaths. Some of the people around there however have a little hope that this man can survive.

Many thanks for the video, @jer8:

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70 thoughts on “Ecuadorian Motorcyclist Loses Brain and Arm in Accident”

    1. The road is wet from a recent rain, and there is a curve in the road near the accident site (you can see the orange curve warning arrows near the guardrail). I suspect the driver lost control going around the bend at high speed, slid and cracked his noggin.

    1. Brain dead, vegetative state, although that doesn’t directly apply here your body still does basic functional survival movements after the brain isn’t working (in this case literally ejected out the skull) People have some delusion of hope when they see it in person that they can still be saved.

    2. Early this year I killed a 300 lb boar with a heart/lung shot. It took me a few minutes to get to it. It was still thrashing around in the mud. I put a round in it’s head. Still kept going. Put one in it’s brain stem and kicked around for another 30 seconds.
      Nothing I’ve killed has taken that long to shut off.

  1. There’s no way he can be taking his last breaths. His brain is completely damaged – it’s spilt out on the tarmac. He’s gone. RIP.

    I was thinking of buying a motorcycle. Now I don’t want to. I’ll stick to 4 wheels.

      1. Nems.
        Here’s my opinion and it is worth its weight in shyte.
        What you say is correct. The lower brain ex: also know as the reptilian brain controls the basic instinct(s). Breathing apparently is one..?

        As you have witnessed here before in videos, agonal breathing while the actual brain has gone on holidays.

        Mr Spock pointed out muscle spasms are not breathing actions. So therefore we may conclude.
        He is well and truly Dieded..!

      2. Yes the medulla, which is directly above the spinal cord is the primary breathing center. With nerve fibers running from the spinal cord it’s attachment is relatively strong, whereas the attachment of the lower brain to the cerebral cortex is not. I think the medulla would remain intact.
        As for spasms those are simple spinal cord reflexes. Like the chicken with its head cut off. BTW: A couple of weeks ago I read about a chicken that survived for over a year with it’s head chopped off. No shit, it still had a brain stem and the owner fed it right down its trachea with an eye dropper. He took it on the road with a carnival and made a sizable amount of money. If I remember where I saw it I’ll send you the link.

        1. So without a thinking brain ,the man has no consciousness ,no feelings of pain or voluntary movement ; and is thus dead as @mrspock and @jxk777 said. Even if he remained breathing agonally. Thanks guys

          Thank you @fred1212. I will read the article on the chook(Aus slang for chicken) soon. My ‘old man’ would kill chooks in our backyard during my childhood as he was an early advocate of organic and I remember the buggers running around everywhere . It scared the fuck out of me!

      3. Nems, you’re the doctor, you know better than me, so I guess you’re right lol. I , er, had to Google this…brain stem does all the stuff like breathing, heart-rate, blood pressure, swallowing, etc. So I guess his stem might be working.

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    1. I have tried to catch the virus. I’ve been all over without the mask. I haven’t been to a mosk though and i’m told that’s the best place to catch it. I don’t think it’s caught through breathing other people’s breaths, i think it’s caught through smelling asses which is why it’s more prevalent in the mosks.
      I wonder why they choose to worship on all fours up each other’s asses?

    1. Reminds me of the time I wrecked on a dirtbike, my jacket saved my life. Riding without a helmet and proper gear will get you killed. I’m not ashamed to admit i totally shit my pants when i wrecked, thank goodness my skinny pants were stretchy!

      1. what kind of jacket do you wear for protection on dirt bikes? how did it save you?
        i’m asking because i really don’t know much about bike gear aside from helmets.

        before bg i never realized how dangerous bikes on roads are. bg saves lives! 🙂

        1. I usually try to wear a leather jacket with a high stand collar to protect my body and neck. I got clotheslined and if it weren’t for my jacket i would’ve had my throat sliced open and my body skinned. I’m actually looking at getting a leather moto suit or downhill skate suit for extra protection because regular dirtbike clothing looks cool but doesn’t actually provide much protection. Also form fitting clothing means there isn’t loose fabric to catch on anything which is why i was wearing a pair of tough skinny jeans which surprisingly held up just fine. I noticed in most moto fatalities the person wasn’t wearing proper protective gear. Id rather survive and walk away with a turd in my pants than be a blood smear on the road.

          1. a regular leather jacket saved your head? jesus. that would scare me right out of ever riding again! i’m glad you’re around today to share the story. you’d think someone would invent some sort of super armor type of situation by now. be careful!

        2. Modern leather moto gear is very protecive. Moto leathers and good helmets have saved many lives. My friends moto leather suit saved his life, he was so scared he stood there pissing himself and shit his pants but he lived. Unfortunately i see too many people especially women wear thin tight clothes for a sexual thrill on a bike and get torn apart when they wreck.

          1. i’d probably piss myself, too! way too close of a call. i watched this movie and they had a bunch of bikers get beheaded after running into a wire. you’re much braver than i would be to brave the roads again. and thin, tight clothes wearing people probably just trying to look all sexy while on the bike, not thinking about what ifs. well, at least we can watch the videos here on BG when they wreck, missing a limb and their guts all over the place, but hey, at least their tits look good amirite?!

        3. I’ve known a few women who wore thin tight pants for riding because they got off on the vibration of the bike and thats probably why so many wreck. I don’t judge my friend at all, he was so scared he didn’t even notice he pissed himself. He walked away fine but the large lump in the rear of his tight leathers gave away the fact that he shit himself. His athletic leggings he wore under the suit were probably ruined. Like i said Its better to walk away with a turd in my pants than end up as a corpse in a video here.

    1. I think he was already on a “log ride”, it looks like he already shit his pants before he wrecked! A couple of crazy motorcyclists i know sometimes shit their pants for a extra thrill while riding and doing crazy shit, it’s a kink for some people. A female friend of mine shit her leather pants because she got curious and she freaking loved it and ever since she’s been into it.

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