Ejected Driver Takes Long Spin Through the Air After Loss of Control and Crash

Ejected Driver Takes Long Spin Through the Air After Loss of Control and Crash

This has got to be one of the longest trajectories a driver ejected from a vehicle after a crash covered, that had been caught on dashcam.

I don’t have any background information about the video, but it appears as though the driver lost control of the vehicle, rapidly swerved into oncoming lane where the vehicle was hit, and span into the ditch. The driver was violently propelled out of the spinning vehicle and took an insanely long weeeeeeeeeeee splat!

The only information I got about the video, is that the ejected driver was a woman. The video however doesn’t provide reliable enough visual confirmation of the fact.

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    1. The thought sometimes enters my mind – as I click my seatbelt. But I was in a car wreck a year ago and it’s still fresh in my mind. I rebel against doing what the ‘authorities’ tell me, but first hand experience is the seat belt thing is a good idea.

      1. @Judge.

        Not too bad mate thanks, how are you, have you recovered from your marathon stay awake buddy ?

        Haha, maybe it’s an age thing bro, she was around in the 70s after all. I have vague memories of seeing her strut her stuff when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

        1. Lol, yeah I’m ok thanks! It’s a reoccurring thing with me so I guess I’m used to it. The upside to staying awake for long periods of time is the “natural” hallucinogenic state it produces. Ive seen some unreal stuff just from looking at the clouds after 4 days. The downside is the fear of sleep when I have to give in. It’s like it’s not normal thing and a weird nervousness sets in. Haha, only live once I suppose 😉

      1. I can remember a video ware this guy was driving a sports car in a police chase and he hit the back end of the semi The car had disintegrated the driver slid a 100 yards on his ass Lucky Bastard got up and ran away.

          1. I did :-). She looked part of that billboard for a second and you could just about make out her face. Wonder what she was thinking when she was taking a very brief flying lesson?

    1. Maybe that’s why her shirt flew up, she was trying to turn it into a makeshift parachute! When we were kids, my sister and I used to jump off the high end of our porch holding bags or pillow cases in an attempt to turn them into parachutes. It never worked, not even once hahahaha 😀

      1. Good point! 😆 You didnt actually jumped yourself from the porch like that, did you? I only used to do that using my action figures and a cut off plastic bag attached with strings, and it decelerated its fall by only 15% or so… but i was amused nevertheless… 😆

          1. The further i tried with it was within 3 large steps, i never jumped off a roof with an umbrela, i suppose i knew better that i would never beat the desired slowing rate… thats what i use my action figure toys for. 😆 FOR SCIENCE!

  1. One time someone asked me how do I sleep in bed; on my side, on my stomach, or facing up, I replied “well have you ever seen those videos on the net where people get hit by a car and they go flying like a rag doll and when they land on the ground their in an awkward position, that’s how I sleep in bed”

  2. Triple gainer and she stuck the landing..9.98 with a 10 for artistic interpretation!

    Damn at 22 seconds she is at least 30 feet above ground… No possible way to survive such an accident.

  3. I remember this video. It appeared an oncoming car went over the line. It caused the van to swerve and lose control. That rollover was an incredible site with the van falling to pieces. Wearing a seatbelt might not have mattered.

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