Elderly Arab Woman with Cane Gets Blasted by Van

Elderly Arab Woman with Cane Gets Blasted by Van

CCTV video from an unspecified Arabic country shows an elderly woman with a cane slowly crossing a road. She toils her way across until a van shows up and blasts her out of the track.

The van seems to be moving faster than other vehicles that pass in front of the camera, so a presumption that it was speeding may be fair. I do not know what happened to the woman, but feeble elderly people may not have the body strength to get over such beat up easily.

Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Elderly Arab Woman with Cane Gets Blasted by Van”

    1. I heard they were filming the Saudi version of The Flying Nun, and this was what they came up with for their special effects shot for the opening credits. Looks very entertaining, can’t wait until it’s on Netflix.

      1. I’m Going To Go To Hell For Laughing My Ass Off, “Blasted By Van” Isn’t The Word.!! LMFAO, That Old Arab Allahu Akkbar Lady Took Take Off To Fucking PLUTO.!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… hahaha.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Dying, Oh Lord… I.. Can’t… Breathe… xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. awww, geez. that is just terrible.
    i wonder if the person on the bench was related or knew her? seemed to jump up right away.

    man, oh man. i don’t know what it is, but innocents getting messed up by random acts on BG lately is really killing my heart.

    RIP, old lady. 🙁

    1. Whenever we go to a restaurant in Dearborn, MI, we see this all the time in the parking lot. I’ll say, “That’s 100 points,” but I’ll stop. It’s a combination of being a good citizen and unsure of what set of laws will be enforced.

  2. This is single-handedly the funniest vid I have seen on this site over the last few years of perusing.

    Here I am focusing on the woman on the bench, only to realize there is a woman on the actual road at 6:30 am taking her sweet ass time and wearing all black. The second I say to myself “what a fucking idiot, what are you doing?” she gets shot out of a cannon and out of the video altogether. Truly brilliant.

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