Elderly Man on Bicycle Totally Destroyed by Speeding Female Driver

Elderly Man on Bicycle Totally Destroyed by Speeding Female Driver

CCTV video from an intersection in New Radakovo, Bosnia shows a passenger vehicle operated by a female driver come down the wrong side of the road at a high rate of speed, narrowly missing other vehicles, but ramming an elderly man on a bicycle, killing and dismembering him on the spot. This is probably the longest flight someone hit by a vehicle was propelled into.

30 year old Zenica resident Adis Gačić was found not guilty of killing 69 year old cyclist Vladimir Andrijević because Dr. Abdulahom Kučukalićem, a neuropsychiatric expert from Sarajevo testified that the woman caused the accident in a state of mental incompetence which was likely influenced by her chronic illness – paranoid schizophrenia. She was ordered to undergo treatment in a psychiatric institution for a period of six months.

Adis Gačić was driving her father’s Audi A4 with Swiss plates and was traveling in excess of 100 km/h when she struck the cyclist.

Those people on the cross walk avoided what could have been their instant death by a second, and casually continued on.

First video shows the impact. The 69 year old man was still fit enough to ride a bicycle, but nothing could have prepared him for crazed female driver coming in like a wrecking ball. Action starts at 2:21. The smear victim left sliding on the pavement… brutal:

Second video is a footage of the aftermath. It mostly shows the scene where the accident happened from the distance:

One more video of Adis Gačić being taken to court

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    1. It’s called the sidewalk. You’re on a bike, not a 2,000 pound speeding object with bumpers. If you don’t have a motor on your bike, get off the road or face the ‘car-sequences’. Had person been on sidewalk, they’d be alive. Galavanting through intersections like its cool

      1. Fuck that! I would weld that bitch up in an iron cage and hang her over the same intersection with just enough food and water so that she would last for months, then I would leave her rotting corpse there as a reminder to all cunts who can’t fucking drive to stay the fuck on the bus. Fuck Her!

  1. Aha, the old “I killed somebody but I was not responsible for my actions due to mental illness” chestnut.

    I will acknowledge that mental illness does indeed interfere with the thought process and therefore actions of the sufferer, though I am inclined to believe that this particular case was not one of mental illness because she avoids the cars at speed which shows that she was aware of her surroundings and her excessive speed compared to the rest of the traffic, the cyclist just so happened to be small and harder to see at that speed.

    I do however believe that a person must be equally punished for their actions regardless of supposed mental states because at the end of the day you have still committed the crime, in this case manslaughter, and I doubt that his family will care whether or not the killer was fully compos mentis, only that justice is served.

    There is also the problem with having a law backed mental illness defence in that the perceived leniency will give cause for every other criminal to have a go at it and claim the same.

    Anyhow, that poor old bastard sure did fly, the landing was a bit rough though and could have gone better, oh well, it could have been worse, he could have ended up in a care home which is a fate far worse than death.

    1. I agree, anyone can plea mental insanity, and this is common amongst killers. I mean, who wants to be butt raped for the test of your life by 2 meter tall Jamal? The shocking aspect of this is that she only received 6 months of clinical treatment. She should be locked in a mental institution for the rest of her of life, since there is a high chance she’ll kill someone again.

    2. someone correct me if i’m wrong, but here in the States, i believe paranoid schizos are prohibited from operating motorized vehicles. they’re also only limited to jobs where they have constant supervision if they are deemed “sound” through use of medication…

      1. I think that’s is only after a voluntary or an involuntary committal, Obli. Once this serious ruling is handed down by a judge, the ward may no longer have a valid driver’s license, vote, live at home alone, manage their own medication or own firearms of any kind. Also, if there is nobody willing to serve, in other words, no immediate family member is willing to take this responsibility, the court will appoint an independent conservator to handle all of the ward’s financial and medical decisions.

        Such rulings are regularly handed down to folks the court deems are a danger to themselves and others. Also, this ruling is proceeded by a full psychological evaluation, which usually takes place in a psyche ward and takes several weeks. The results of this evaluation includes full diagnoses and the prescribing of medication necessary to control all symptoms of various mental conditions including the use of chemical restraints if necessary.

        Trust me when I tell you while she may not be in prison, she is just as fucked, if not more so, because she no longer controls anything in her life other than her own feeding and toileting. They will let her watch just about as much television as she wants, but that’s about the extent of any remaining freedom. Oh, and the food is the worst. Think public school third grade lunches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… every day, from now on.

      2. Medication is the problem and turns humans into vegetables.

        Fucking disgrace from the mental health profession.

        Yeah some people have issues but hey………

        I never go ( next door 😉 ) to a chemist with my GP’s script before researching online and still have all of them on file and never taken any 😉

        Fuck it, I won’t be taking that prescribed rubbish.

        Doctors and drug companies along with chemists have a lot to answer for.

        Money and sheep never cease to amaze me.

  2. Geez-US- lol. That was pretty brutal! He definitely went out with a boom/bang and totally handled that somersault with grace! I’m just surprised that we didn’t see other accidents on that CCTV! That intersection seems like a clusterfuck of car chaos!!!

  3. Fucking hell. How does someone obtain a license if they have a severe mental illness? Allowing someone behind the wheel of a motor vehicle knowing that at some point in time said person could suffer from an episode while operating the vehicle and therefore pose a major threat to public safety is quite strange…

    I think just as much fault should be found in the people that tested and issued her the license as the woman herself. Although as Empty said, I doubt she suffered an attack and is instead using it as a scapegoat.

  4. Greetings everyone! After trolling the comments section of this site for many months, I’ve finally caved in and had to make my prescence known. I must say Bestgore is one of the best reality/gore sites…unlike other sites such as ync.com. which is infested with stupid,childish comments like “that rape scene was awesome”…the majority of the people here on Bestgore seem mentally intelligent and have interesting things to say..not to mention each video/post is presented with an intelligent angle )(thank you Mark M. & ATE)…..I truly hope the higher level of intelligent. Perspective remains intact on this site……………..Unlike some morons who come to this site to “fap” and get off on other people’s misfortunes *ahem..cough..cough Ladywicked666*……I view the content on this site so I can be aware of the atrocities going on in this world and to be aware of things which the mainstream media otherwise hides. And yes Ladywicked666 (yes I’m talking to YOU) how would you like it if let’s say one of the Zeta cartel members in Mexico kidnapped..tortured & murdered one of your family members? You always talk about “getting off” and “fappiing” when it comes to other peoples misfortunes..yet I’m quite sure if a Zeta or Snackbarist was about to ductape your mouth shut..slice your fingers off & behead you…you sure as hell wouldn’t be getting wet between the legs………..plus then we wouldn’t have to hear your insensitive & dumbass remarks………….in your posts I’ve read you don’t care what people think about your comments….but its all good..I’m just calling it like it is and am pointing out this world is a fucked up..evil place because of people such as yourself who “get off” on others suffering…yet if your life was on the line I’m sure you’d be dancing like your shoes were on fire! By the way…I’m not sure if you’re a parent with kids..but if you are…I feel very sorry for your young ones for they’ll grow up with a warped perspective on life. Ladywicked666…..I also notice you refer to arabs as “sandniggers”…..hell…I’m whiter then a stick of chalk..yet I respect All races and will not bother making racist and moronic comments such as yourself…….just like you claim to enjoy excersising your freedom of speech…I’m doing the same Ladywicked

    1. Hi! You know that LW is only being sarcastically nasty, as I am sometimes. Give it a little slack. You know, I just don’t read comments of people that I think are full of shit and crap or just being an idiot for a sake of trolling.

      1. Grazie Arjuna…i appreciate the fact that there’s some actual intellects on this site that see my humor is just shits and giggles…im pretty sure this sus fucker here never really did do too much lurking here..just saw a couple posts of mines flipped out and came on here to “get at me”…haha…

        1. No problem with being sarcastic or using black humor defense from hard core gore. What is problem here is constant private messaging flooding on every page.

          I use to read all comments but when i find tones of chit chat i skip it and sometimes read it just for fun but now that thing is on EVERY page and topic is lost completely with flooding&spams.

      2. You’re not sarcastic about being a racist, though, are you?

        It’s hard to believe you actually listen to the same music I do, despite the fact that bands like Ministry are about as far as Nazi/Skinhead racial types as possible.

        “This is a test”.

        You’re failing that test, kid.

    2. Haha..i seemed to really get under your skin..i love it..do you know what shock value is…I’m what you consider a shock valuest if you may…i say the shit i do to get under cunts skins like yourself…its another form of entertainment for me….i love this site and i love alot of the people on here…by the way Fuckface all my family is dead…my kid is only 9 and is not only well aware of her surroundings but has been taught alot in self defense..and other then school she’s under my constant monitoring…my uncle doesn’t do shit but work with it shit..so unless a computer blows up on him he’s cool and like i said everyone else in my family is gone..but nice try douchebag..haha…ooh and yeeeeah..id LOVE for the cartels to behead me not sandniggers though..i don’t even what those things near me let alone touching me….haha thanks for making my day more entertaining…i can’t stop giggling writing this….haha

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        1. Only if it’s a jew or a nignog. Germans used to throw jew babies up in the air and catch them on their bayonet mounted rifles. I couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes after reading this and hearing it on the History channel later. It is so fucked up and creative it makes me laugh every time I just think about it.

      1. It really wasn’t was it obli??…hey alX..seeing how you like to stalk the site then you know obli’s one of the older members here..and he doesn’t mind me too much…none of them really do..ITS BECAUSE THEY KNOW I’M FUCKING AROUND…lolz…also i think a whole post regarding me and what not might be considered a personal attack of some sort..i think??..i don’t know because i never take anything personal..specially not from some fucking sus like yourself alx….you brought this on yourself….have fun….Ciao!!

        1. Hey miss wicked, you were only playing around? Aww, guess i fell for a dream.. I knew it was too good to be true.. Alas, if its all the same to you, ill just keep FAPPING to your post like i do. My f-ed up dream girl.

        2. We are the outcasts of society because we actually have common sense, don’t follow trends and don’t buy the bullshit they feed us in the mainstream media. There’s the man, the dog, the sheep, and then there’s us. A lot of people are sarcastic but i don’t think anyone means any harm. For me, watching gore woke me up to the dark side of humanity, and how shitty this species is, the fleshy viruses called Humans. But it also made me appreciate nature more and all of it’s diversity.

          1. And by the way dude, you should know the reasons she calls them sandniggers before making a judgment. You really should. Not saying i use the same names to refer to arabs, but i comprehend her resentment, seeing as she has a plausible reason.

        3. I’ve been wanting to say this for a few weeks now: Can we PLEASE retire “fap” already?? My God if a word can jump the shark then this one cleared a row of them! It needs to be imprisoned with “syke”, “…not” & “bogus” (unless your name is either Bill and/or Ted) .
          This has been a MikeyGraves PSA ?The More You Know?

          1. Haha yeah you guys did good. I don’t get why so many people go after Lady. Shit there’s a couple people here that annoy me with what they write but I simply see their avatar and skip their comments & don’t interact with them.

          2. Its okay Mikey..the weak always try to fuck with the strong hun….I’ve seen alot worse then some silly sus trying to put me down…oOoOOooo….alx said mean things to me…imma go lock myself in my closet and cry a fucking river now….hahaha..naw not really imma go smoke a bowl and show my girl and roomie this shit so they know why I’m laughing so loudly alone in my room..I’m sure they think I’m more nuttier then before…lolz..

          3. Oh yeah…they fuck with me because its me ajay…I’m always saying FUCK AJAY…this is nothing new to me love…in reality i deal with shit like this almost daily…in real life i say the shit i thi nk and i don’t give a fuck offends anyone because they will either run up or shut up..I’m down for both… <3

      1. You know guys that I have never introduced myself to you all on BG when I came for the first time over a year ago? I just started my ramming of my shit without vaseline. But if somebody still wishes to welcome me it is much appreciated 😉

      1. We have another one hit wonder on our hands. Coming in with a fury and posting one single long ass paragraph with way more quotation marks and dots than I’m comfortable seeing. Simply to be thrown away and discarded in the discount CD bin, alongside other hits of the past such as “The Macarena” and “I Had a Bad Day”. Never to be heard from again. I’d be shocked to see a second post.

        Just to be honest, “sandnigger” kind of bothers me too, but “dunecunt” and “dakka dakka” make up for it. That makes @ladywicked a + contributor for me.

    4. Oh yeeeeah…alx you dumbfuck…seeing how you’re oh so interested in my fappings here..i jack off to guns and gun talk…intelligence or intellect in subjects that intrigue me..and idiots like you fall for my “trolling” and flip the fuck out and umm..write whole posts bout me and how what i say bugs em…not the casualties here……thank you for providing me something to fap to with my crucifix….grazie alx!!!

      1. I’m feeling the need to FAP right now myself. First time I’ve ever used that word in a sentence btw! Lol. Maybe I’ll go through the archives and get myself ALL turned on! Too bad I’m home all alone! Well at least I got all the bg peeps here with me! Lol 😉

          1. ??*~Juicy~*?? I ‘ve said “It would have to be a knockout time to have a girlfriend like you! ” Hahahaa! and I said that from my memory just now lol 🙂

          1. LOL!! 😉 Fapping is fun! Haha, I’ll never forget when I asked the fam what it meant! Haha!! I’ve leaned SOOoo so much here! Dirty Sanchez’, Cleveland Steamers- ETC! Ha! 😉

    5. Ladywicked can come across as abrasive but if you truly read posts you would know she has a lot to deal with , loss of family and illness I think more than most on here. If you were to ask her why she jokes as she does she would openly and tell you why and whats up in her life. Obviously coming here and venting is therapeutic (for all of us) so don’t judge till you have the whole picture or diss all of us because we all say retarded shit ..pal…

      1. Thanks reality..i have dealt with alot and i still am..but i don’t know if id say more then anyone here..i like to try to stay optimistic and say there’s always someone whose going through tougher times..not because i wish badness or misfortune on others but because I’m trying to see the light in each day… <3

        1. I hear DAT! Lol jk I identify with that and at first I thought wow she’s fucking crazy but now I know when your venting, when you’re having fun etc. You make me laugh a lot and I don’t even get offended if u mock Christianity, in fact I rarely get offended by that from anyone . Just because I’m a christian don’t mean I’m perfect , better or smarter than anyone. Maybe it means I have more problems than y’all. You guys will hate me but I used to hang cats when I was 12, weird shit and I don’t do anything like that anymore but I think I might be a killer if I’d never found Christ, seriously .

          1. Lolz..will I’m glad you know it’s all just in fun I’m games..i do say alot of real shit on here..even shit i say in person…im a very flavorful person I’ve been told…btw the whole Christ thing..i will never degrade a believer….i mean really..i talk shit but not directly to someone…i was raised by a very strict Roman catholic grandfather..went to church every wed and Sunday…i sang in the choirs even……my grandfather would be rolling around in his grave if he saw what I’ve written here…fuck……i was a believer too….July 1st of this year was the last day i talked to him…believed in anything…i died that day with my son….I’m just here…a numb meatpuppet anxiously awaiting my demise….9 yrs and then I’m fair game……also being an old Catholic I’ve seen shit in person that makes me ques tion God& satan….i don’t know…Imma walking paradox…i honestly don’t know how anyone likes or puts up with me at times…

      1. Haha..its okay fiend we’re all a lil nutty here my love… 😉
        And i see I am loved by alot here…Thank you all so much…i appreciate each and everyone of you…you’ve all made my day alot less shitty since i became a member……oh my this mushy shits getting to me……like we’re in an intervention or a counseling group..haha……I’m so sorry admins….I’m not trying to hijack the post or be this gay…..please don’t ban me for playing part in this…… <3

          1. Sure @short but thin but more information means more lies and propaganda and bullshit… Everyone used to ” know” the earth was flat too. I’m not even pro Jew I just have a hard time buying that they control everything.

    6. watched the video twice..accident appears not her fault but rather brake system failure, likely the throattle applicatiojn was stuck. you see her on the hairpin clearly trying to AVOID hitting the cars….and even hitting the man she wouldnt be able to stop or slow down…..
      audi’s are fucking notorious for getting throttle seizure during cruise control..

      yeah they musta proved it was the brake failure that caused the out of control acceleration and she’s being treated for shock…
      HOPE SHE and the VICTIMS FAMILY sue the fucking lifeblood outta audi;-)

        1. since when did they start putting drunks in psyche wards for 6 months??? then exoronate them from vehicular manslaughter…
          thats not how this looks like its unfolding…NOR was that accelerating extreme left shift of hers to avoid the 5 cars infront her…

          not saying drunks dont drive like shit but her quick left looked like defensive left cut of the steering wheel as she straigtened out to avoid the concrete barriors

          1. Trust me on this that’s backward, country in europe where this happened, audi won’t have to pay shit for anything, not in this case, and I don’t think that audi would have to pay even if this happened in the states too.

          2. Baby..you can sue! ford audo mercedes even toyota have all been sued for cars losing control…all yuo need is certified mechanic to to sign a troubleshooting diagnostic certificate, and insurance gets automative mechanical engineers to re trouble shoot. if the part is defective than you’ve got mail..as in lawsuit…and eventually $$$$ showering down on thee 😉
            its happened baby.
            thats what this looked like too..she’s avoiding collision with cars but sadly took out the elderly man who was in the path

  5. Al X, You started out alright until your post turned into mainly calling out ladywicked for her comments. One of the rules on this site is no personal attacks against fellow members. As long as the administrators don’t have a problem with her comments, she’s entitled to say what she wants and it doesn’t matter what you think about it or if you approve. If you don’t like what she has to say, scroll past it.

    1. Thank you it was me…i guess we might as well get used to this though hun….and the ones who can’t handle the shit i say..because I’m not going anywhere…..not till my meatpuppet is on one of these posts..or i get banned which i hope never happens…. <3

        1. Haha….you’re great Portuguese…i changed it for that dumbfuck who thought that we’re what our avi’s are…..id love to be an antiChrist kitty…fuck yeeeeah!!!…I’ll put my pic back so you can bust loads on your pc hun….. <3

    2. @ItWasMe, I think of you as like the conscious of BG. No joke. I like how you’re always there to remind people about what the site is supposed to be about and are always polite and objective about it. You seem like a really good person.

      1. Mikey, Thank you, but I just think we should abide by the rules. If we all do that we don’t end up hijacking posts and it makes it easier on the administrators as well as each other.
        You seem like a really good person yourself.

          1. @Reality, basicallywhat happened on this post, where a lot of the comments have nothing to do with the original topic.
            And yeah that happenson every post, which is fine & normal, but hijaking means when the original topic goes out the window & it becomes about something completely off topic.

          1. I wish it was that easy…I am caring for my 91yr old mother who has dementia and she is pretty good with the abuse and criticism…thing is I gave up my life so she wouldn’t have to move into a home and now all I get is shit on…
            and her coupled with my December funk just is not going together too well

          2. Okay i know i come off as satan but I know where you’re at hun…i gave up my life to help my elders transition into the next world as well…you’re a wonderful person Ali..it takes a strong..kindhearted individual to do what you are doing my love….just remember hun when they get to the dementia stage they often say or act mean but they don’t know what they’re doing or saying really….i wish i could give you a hug…sending you a huge virtual bear hug now….stay strong love!!! <3

          3. Dearest alicatt…
            I have been where you are… I have dedicated my life to caring for my parents (who both suffer/ed from Alzheimers) since 2006.
            Dad has been gone a couple of years now and I had to ultimately put Mum into care in May as it just became too much for me alone. I still spend 4-6 hours with her everyday.
            Know you are not alone here, there will be dark days, just remember – it’s not your mother, it’s the disease.
            I’m here if you ever want to talk.

      1. @alicat
        I don’t wanna sound patronising this comes from the heart…… For you to be taking care of your mum with dementia , I applaud you.
        It takes a strong person to deal with all that comes with age related care. It brightened my soul to hear that you’re doing it to save her from those soulless ‘homes’.
        My great nan had dementia.. You don’t need me to tell you its an evil condition.
        Props to you.

        1. Yes alicat, you are being a better human for sure by not just dumping your mom away as many do, especially in this day of self worship. My grandmas passed without dementia so I can only imagine what you must face but you have my support and even more respect than ever. May you have strength and wisdom always.

      1. thanks for the kind words everyone..i wasn’t really wanting to throw a pity party…I just get super angry sometimes and I vent wherever I find the opening.

        again thanks and I will try to not have pity parties for myself in the future..its kind of embarrassing 😕

  6. Oh….my…I’m sooooooo butthurt….NOT! Yes..Ladywicked666…I admire your “nothing phases me” attitude…but seriously…my opiinion about you stays the same and I don’t care what you or anyone thinks of my opinion…I’ve been thru hell & back in my 38 years on this planet and a bunch of “comments” on a website ain’t gonna get me all worked up…..plus seriously…use the terminilogy “jackin off” instead of “fap”…however I’m all for freedom of speech and hate censorship so bring it on baby!..=)……..I’m. Just not gonna stoop down to your ignorant level…plus I can handle watching all forms of brutality..beheadings..murders..etc…however I would never wish death or torture on innocents or think its “cool” like you do….or like some others on this site…….what’s funny is I just as much love this website like everyone els here who comments..but sorry…I don’t come to bestgore to “get off” on other peoples misfortunes like some here do…..do you think torturing animals and murdering & raping kids is cool too? I’m sure some clown here is gonna say “yea…I think its cool” just to be a wiseass….quite honestly if everybody on this site wants to gang up on me and attack me for having an opinion about you..it wouldn’t phase me one bit..in fact I find it amusing and humourous………….yes..I find beheading videos to be interesting to watch because of the shock value nature of it…however I won’t cross that line and say “good..that innocent person deserved it..awesome”..very easy to say sitting from the safety of your keyboard..yet if you were faced with a life n death scenario I don’t think your vadge would be leaking orgasmic juices…(then again…I’m sure you’re gonna try to be cool and say “yea.it would make me wet”…..like I said..if anybody here thiinks I’m toooo serious or doesn’t think I have a sense of humour..I could care less what ANYONE thinks of me….I’m one of the most warped & twisted peeps out there…and yes..I’m capable of having a very twisted & sarcastic sense of humour if I feel like showing it…but again…I just felt like excersising my freedom of speech just like everyone else here…and if I’m the only fucker who feels this way on bestgore..no worries….I know myself better then anyone else and don’t care what anyone has to say….I’m sure I’m gonna get a super amount of hater comments simply because I have a conscious….but again..id say 95% of the people who post comments here speak intelligently…and the other 5% speak tard…lol……..anyways..I love all you fuckers..keep up the good work by bringing on those twisted comments..=)

      1. Haha…ex i don’t actually get off on the ACT..its meaning or reasoning behind the act that gets my juices flowing hun…I’m strange but not quite demented..just yet….and i told y’all i jackoff with crucifixes..lolz…which i really don’t….i don’t believe anymore so therefore why would i have one of those laying around my place…haha…also i don’t like vibrators hun…i like..umm…other toys…. 😉

    1. Mate, you should really smoke some pot, and look for the definition of “sarcasm”. If you could care less about what people think about you, you wouldn’t make that testimony. Plus, i don’t think anyone here gets off by watching deaths, people being killed, etc, but i do believe we all get “used” to them with time. Not meaning to say we become less sensitive, but we just realize that murder and death have always existed and that is, unfortunately, part of human nature.

    2. Haha..soooo you wanna compare cocks now??..honey I’ve been through some very horrific things in life..but that’s my business..not yours..also..once again i don’t get off to the deaths or innocents….you should really read all my posts before you try to pass any judgment on me…and when that time comes when im at deaths door I’ll make sure whoevers around me will live and i will die for them to do so…not because of the oath i took once..or because imma hero…but because of my greed..I’m ready to die and any situation that might give me that I’ll jump feet first into…tell me how many lives have you saved you arrogant asshole??..I’ve personally..meaning me myself..have given the breath of life to 30+ in all of my 28 yrs of life..with the help of my colleagues and the Drs in the er i used to be a nurse at we’ve saved..and helped thousands..so once again douchebag you don’t know the real me..you know the me I’ve allowed you to see here…..thanks for giving me the spotlight again…gets me wet……but im sure the lovely people here would rather hear your feedback about the post…not your weak attempt at deeming me some retarded monster…and you’re right..i give a fuckless about what you or anyone thinks about me or the shit i say…..you should really pay attention to what it was me told you already though..they really don’t like personal attacks here or shit like this..you’re disrupting the community you intelligent fucker you…

  7. Yes..I’ll admit I got a bit carried away..and quite honestly I’m not here to attack anyone…I just was pointing out what I thought was disrespectful comments by someone in particular..but I’m here to actually speak about many more important issues…I guess taking a break from smoking weed in the good ole’ peacepipe had a negative. Effect on me….anyways….I. seriously meant no harm..and I’m gonna give everyone here a fair chance to say what they gotta say..and yes Ladywicked666 I rushed a bit too soon to judge..I do respect your “I don’t care what yyou think of me” point of view..and I’m sure you’re not a bad person

    1. Yeah im actually pretty laid back…..no hard feelings I’m sure there’s lots who would do the same…ehh..oh well..I’m used to it..your not the first to call me out and trust me hun you won’t be the last…i know this..anywho welcome alx……

  8. Anyways….I do really notice a whole lot of thought provoking and intelligent commentary on this site…I myself am totally anti-establishment….not part of the sheeple..and mainstream media in my book = deception & lies..not all the time..but quite often enough…I look forward to sharing my views with what seems like a really cool group of misfits (yes..I’m a misfit too) and don’t worry folks..I won’t take things sooooooo seriously…..anyways..once again “hello everyone”!….=)

    1. The thing is, if you just left out the personal attack stuff out of your original comment it would have been a wonderful way to introduce yourself.
      Despite it all you really do sound like you can be a cool guy with a lot to contribute to our community. But just remember that this IS a community. We’ll always defend our own as I hope you would too.
      I always believe in 2nd impressions because most of us in life fuck up our 1st ones. At least you owned up to it.
      But if you ever use “…not” again, this relationship is o-vah!!

    2. @Al X,

      It certainly was an interesting introduction, if not a tiny bit judgmental in it’s stance.

      It was quite revealing though, you say that you respect all races and will not bother making racist and moronic comments but then how does a person hold such wide spread respect across all the worlds population without running into errors in perception.

      Each race has an individual culture and moral standpoint, some vastly different to our own, the hardliner Muslims for example have honour killings and torturous deaths for all who stray from the rules, The African tribesmen lynch and set fire to people who are perceived to be criminal so and so forth.

      What this should tell you is that these groups of people have and hold a way of life violently opposed to your own and as such you should not feel and hold any respect for them.

      Maybe it would have been better to conclude that you treat people as you find them, that you treat them in the same way as they treat you, a sort of “judge a person on their character and not on the colour of their skin” stance, but it seems at odds with the survival instinct to not make judgments based upon race when you would make such judgments daily with other organic life forms such as breeds of dog, and other large animals.

      You also refer to the lack of empathy from some people to be wrong, wicked and cruel when I would argue it to be natural and normal.

      Human beings cannot feel what other people feel, we can only try to understand from our own past experience but what if they have no such past experience, what if they have never been stabbed or beheaded, then they will not be able to feel empathy, they could pretend to show it but that would be a fake expression of a false idea of humanity.

      Therefore they could remain silent but people like to express themselves externally and they all deal with the world in different ways, some through false empathy, some through indifference, others through anger, it’s all natural though and non of it wrong, wicked or cruel, morally objectable maybe, but unless they themselves commit the acts for which their eyes bare witness, not wicked and cruel.

      Anyhow, you may find that by cornering yourself into a moral box with no windows and grounding yourself into the ideology of the present social/political world that you end up viewing life through the eyes of somebody else, how will you then be able to pass judgment on others when you yourself cannot be said to be real.

    1. Yeah, i’m wondering too. Have they run out of people to kill? They also play great Mexican music while beheading someone. Between the sicarios and the muzzies, the muzzies are far more experienced at the art of decapitation. Quick and efficient. The cartels on the other hand, bloody hell… But i do believe they do try to inflict as much pain as possible, on purpose. While the muzzies do it just to get it done with, the mexicans actually enjoy it.

      1. I say they both pop Chubb’s when they do it. Perhaps the videos are leading to too much arrests and evidence so they are ordered to not be so public. Hell, I don’t know man just one idea because I been wondering myself. I guess I’m happy at the possibility that less possibly non deserving people may not be dying brutally but since people still use drugs like crazy I suspect they are underground for now.

        1. Well, they usually hide their faces, so… And i doubt they can be arrested. The drug cartels have millions and so they buy the police and government. And if these refuse, well, it won’t be good. They make the videos to scare rivals, so i do think one might be on the way.

          1. @portugese plus I think people can only take so much… If they could quell corruption, increase cooperation from citizens and keep striking the cartels hard n fast they might do enough damage where being cartel justaint worth it. But when I see peoples desire fro drugs I think it may always be an uphill battle , trying to shut down the cartels.

    2. I Miss the cartels honestly…that’s one of my favorite subjects actually…you know why the cartels started right?!?..to police their homes because the pigs in Mexico are crooked as FUCK..and the cartels were tired of seeing their people and kids buyin doing dying from….DRUGS…and groups killing people….crazy right..but here’s what got Me interested with em..why they turned…I’m all for justice and people as a whole defending there own..but for the good…these people started this with good intentions but the dope..money..and power got to em and whaaalaa..our videos….sigh…i Miss mundonarco vids..

  9. Stop all the Al X bashing already. Ain’t no way to welcome a newcomer to the site. For fock’s sake. Yes, fock!

    He did not attack anyone, just shared his opinion about what he perceived to be lower grade comments is all. Cut the guy some slack.

    1. @Crybaby, he didn’t just share his opinion about what he perceived to be lower grade comments, he singled out one member. It may not be any way to welcome a newcomer to the site, it’s also by the same token, not the best way to introduce yourself to the membership.

    2. He could’ve either scrolled past her comments or simply said “Lady, I just don’t agree with the comments you make.” He called her names and insulted her parenting skills. That’s an attack in my opinion. I don’t get why people come on here and talk shit about her. She says shit about videos or people in the videos. I’ve never once, since she’s been here seen her go after not even one person and attack them. She’s defended herself and others, but she’s never picked someone out and talked shit about them. You know, kind of like this dude did..

        1. Nope..not my style reality..not only do i believe in the freedom of speech but i believe everyone is allowed their opinions and thoughts….but i will always jump in someones shit if they single out or try to “bully”someone…I’ve always been the bully of the bullies in school and in life…as an adult i do the same in hopes my daughter will follow in my footsteps..to a point….I’ve made mistakes and i say and do shit i hope she’ll never do or say…thank you reality for also defending me..i appreciate it and you very much…. <3

          1. Yeah i do..and I’ve heard the same..my best friend always asks for me to lick her cat all the time….a few ex boyfriends still brag about my skills and tounge ring…… 😉

  10. None of us are perfect..and I do take responsibility for getting a bit tooo serious and overlooking someones sarcasm oriented sense of humor….I just wanna move on and get to other topics…..I do admire the sense of community on this site and people looking out for one another…….anyways….I do wonder too why there has been a “dryspell” with cartel beheadings…I guess for the sake of peace in Mexico that’s a good thing..but judging by all the reports of mass graves and many kidnappings lately on the narco news sites like borderlandbeat.com…I’m assuming many heads have been rollin…but for whatever reason maybe the cartels are trying to be more under the radar about it….or perhaps they’re busy investing and purchasing higher grade camera equiptment…who knows

        1. Wait what?!?..i missed that…he was rich??..watched a few trials in my criminal law class…you ever heard of the twinkies did it defense and the bitch on her rag who killed her hubby kuz of PMS….oh pleeeease..let me use the PMS defense..lolz..I’m constantly Pms’n I’ve heard before..haha..

    1. sorry @srbijabgd

      im gonna try not to do that anymore..but im not going to promise anything! lol
      but yeah im annoying at times I know…don’t have to tell me..i annoy myself! BAHHH!

      You can slap me with a splintered ruler 😉

  11. Look at her doing the perp walk in that blood red jacket.Pedestrians and bikers need to stay off the road. Shit happens, and it may happen to you. I don’t drive a bike on the road, I don’t trust the retards driving cars. Ride your bike in the park or take your chances.

  12. It’s all good stuff but when I read a wall of text I start to ‘glaze’ over and-or get bored or sidetracked……… anyone else ?

    Reality sucks I know but hey……….

    It shits me big time but I do know that knowledge over attitude helps :mrgreen:

    Do not ask me questions 😆

  13. 239 posts on one topic is the most I’v ever read ?

    What’s the most for you lot ?

    The Canadian police should be hiding in shame.

    Yeah yeah I know…………

    I’m not watching that video either.

      1. How about 888…….. fuck no because it’s already taken by Craig Lowndes 😉

        There is also Shane Warne who uses the triple eight as well so what’s the go ?

        If anyone is a gambler with no control then seek help I say.

  14. I feel sorry for the poor people in the blue car, traumatised or what?!

    And I know this is completely off subject, but am I sad for wanting ‘Facebook like’ notifications when someone posts a reply to one of my comments?

    I’m welsh, which automatically makes me half one of the ‘sheeple’, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, PMSL.

    1. When your balls drop and your voice changes while noticing a pube on your chin you’ll get it 😆

      No homo :mrgreen:

      Everybody needs to grow up and show some respect for chicks.

      After all………. You know 😀

  15. By reading comments i forgot what is the topic and i am lost in another dimension…
    ——————————————–flooding&spamming&chit chatting is endlessness—————————————
    Everything but topic.

    Anyway, this is one of the most brutal tragic traffic accident i ever saw and truly i fell so sorry for the guy.

    Rest in peace.

  16. Ok…I know that i am going to get so much hate…but to me that was fucking hillarious i felt like i was watching a denied tape for afv lol. I mean i’m not a sports fan but that guy just got punted across an entire street xD… EPIC.
    Don’t judge me.

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