Elderly Man Hit By Car – Epic Pointer

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After quite a while of being absent from internet access, I finally found myself back here. What better way to know you’re alive than looking at death straight in it’s face? To make you enjoy every second as if it was the last?
I never glorified death, but it’s inevitability is appealing to most. Its the biggest certainty we all have, a fate every person on this planet will share, and although the curiosity to imagine one’s final moments can have a bittersweet taste to it, we can’t help but feel an attraction to explore the inner mysteries surrounding death, as the reality of life’s transience becomes more visible.

This time, an 86 year old bit the dust as he was ravished by a Fiat Siena in Bezerros, Pernambuco – Brazil, while trying to cross a busy motorway during the night (Brazilians have no sense of danger).
The driver claimed he was driving at around 80 km/h (around 50 miles/h), 20 km above the permitted speed limit. The driver went to the police station for further questioning.

The impact was so strong that not only his fingers flew away to perform an epic pointer, but his dental plaque made sure to exit his mouth as well. We can bet it was an instant death at that speed, and judging from the impact damage on the body and car. Life is brief, enjoy it, as you too might be featured here at BestGore one day.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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      1. @Tard I hear that bro, I’m of the age where I still use a phonebook, read actual books I can hold in my hands and still like reading a real newspaper. Were probably both of an age where our grandmothers didn’t like a remote for the tv and preferred knobs to spin instead. Just take heart in the fact that we’ve lived long enough to be stubborn and set in our ways. When these 5 kids of mine start producing me some grandchildren, I will have finally arrived at oldfuckdom. 😉

          1. suppose we should all be grateful for grandmas love of knobs, none of us would be here otherwise. LOL Should have said dials. *Looking up* Sorry Granny. 😉

      2. The other day my cellphone battery died so I used my buddies landline I kept pressing the correct nummebers but was also pressing the hang up button to send the call I kept hanging up on the call I was trying to make ,old ass phones ! We get so used to ,todays technology, hm , felt a bit stupid afterwards.

  1. I reckon 30 years ago he put a bet on the fact that he would live to 90 and at that time everybody laughed at him saying “come off it mate, this is Brazil, not fucking club tropicana where the drinks are free, you’ll never make it me old mucker” and so they gave him massive odds.

    The bookmaker knew that they would lose an absolute fortune with him about to reach match point and so, like a bunch of ravenous wolves in mating season, they hunted him down and went in for the kill.

    1. The Story Of Death

      by isitpoetry

      It is a hot day and I hate their life.
      Topless without looking at all the bimbos in the pool.
      Irritation but not from that what you think,
      the need to rearrange it bothers me constantly.
      How bad it is.
      I do it because I’m old, young they are blistering hot.

      Sunday afternoon
      and it’s all I think about from my life that you can.
      Exercise and some one elses money I never spent,
      people Refuse to know, I should be.
      I don’t think i’ve spoken to anyone since Thursday morning
      except for the girl selling magazines,
      thinking she would go to Hawaii at my expense.

      Friday morning I spoke to the milkman a woman
      Appropriately, I started to play.
      Little pink cars run around them both being bitten to often by him.

      Loking down at the pool she is around him
      and then aside it is moved the tight bikini bottom,
      watching one hot smug girl, I saw her coming.
      Through the cracks of death her, sweat, the chair, falls.
      If she was not Around, I have something interesting right.
      I look on gasping for breath several times
      I fall climbing the steep stairs.

      I have no bad habits, I know.
      All the characters are worn out.
      Each bag, new characters find themselves in, I think.
      The characters tell you all that they need to know.
      Kill, stab or spell her name backwards or if I’m going to do it now.
      Will I finish her.
      You can hear the buzzing insects outside.
      Don’t is the hope of killer bees.
      It swelled in her throat and exploded, she died.
      I am not getting any younger with all this death.
      You need the rain to clear the air.
      My face is twitching, I feel fresh cramps coming on.

      I sigh deeply, lunging from the stairs the tea Kettle is whistling.
      From start to finish, as long as it took to read all of this.
      The time has arrived again.
      The whistle it builds as the steam floats off the memories.
      These are those times when I hate what I do in the C.I.A.

      is it poetry

  2. Thanks for returning to your post, Portuguese Dude!

    And what a classic gorefest it is, too! Undoubtedly, there are no fewer than a thousand women in Pernambuco that will insist on getting silicone replicas of that epic pernter! Peace to you, too Manny the Saints!

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