Elderly Thai Woman Dies in Accident with Amputated Foot

Elderly Thai Woman Dies in Accident with Amputated Foot

On June 15, 2014 an elderly couple on a motorcycle collided with a pickup truck. Neither wore a safety helmet, but while the man survived, the woman died. The accident also amputated her right foot.

Here’s a sample of online translation of source text in Thai:

Volunteer Hook 31 points, the Great Hall of the car arthropods support. 2 wounded at the scene found the man, 1 woman killed, 1 Hook unconscious teams 31 teams awaiting rescue. Foundation for supporting the scene of the death of her 62 year old injured Eumporn help middle names dominate the global 62 year husband and wife, Mr. 177 Moo 5, Tambon Ban Muang milk.

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  1. As in the last post with hilarious translation, this Hook 31 guy is looking more and more suspicious. The last few posts about Thailand, Hook 31 is somehow involved. Personally I believe he is a serial killer who those dumbass Thai cops are too stupid to catch him.

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