Elderly Woman Enters Blind Spot, Gets Smeared on the Road by Truck

Elderly Woman Enters Blind Spot, Gets Smeared on the Road by Truck

This video reminded me of the other video from Ukraine whereby another elderly woman entered a truck driver’s blind spot and got brutally crushed. So many similarities between the two it’s scary.

The accident happened near a bus stop on Serysheva Street in Khabarovsk (Far East of Russia) at around 9pm on May 19, 2013 (dashcam time is not correct). An Iveco dump truck stopped on a marked zebra crossing to let pedestrians across. The woman made a mistake of being too close to the truck and not on the marked crosswalk.

The 13-ton truck crushed the woman and dragged her for nearly five meters, turning her body into a smear on the road. The driver felt something was under his wheels plus he was signalled by other drivers and stopped immediately after. Police reviewed the dashcam video and concluded that the driver could not have seen the woman from where he was and found him not at fault.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video and photos:

Gallery of a few photos:

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100 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Enters Blind Spot, Gets Smeared on the Road by Truck”

    1. Or you could just let the big truck with the really big wheels and a massive blind spot go by first. You might get to your destination 3 seconds later, but sometimes the grim reaper is totally avoidable if you throw a little common fucking sense into the mix while crossing the street.

      1. Common sense wouldn’t work. Something else would have got her – a falling tree, a speeding vehicle out of nowhere, a falling pane of glass from a building, a sink hole, a bullet etc.

        There is no escape.

  1. As a young man I was under the belief that life would get better as we get older, and that when you get past a certain point in life you would only die of old age. That children and babies were off limits for the grim reaper.
    Fucking wrong wrong and wrong again.

    1. yeah, the naivety of youth….people seem to want so desperately to believe that death is some sentient entity that exists in hundreds of thousands of places at the same time and specifically chooses who dies and how they die at a specific time. death is nothing but an event. shit happens, you die, it’s not planned by some unseen force. you die when you die. there’s nothing behind death other than the circumstances that bring it about. something falls and happens to hit you hard enough on the head, your brain is damaged and it ceases to function, you die of brain hemorrhage…there’s no shadowy form standing on the sidelines making that shit happen.

    1. Yep you are right girl, and she never knew what hit her and did not suffer. Not a bad way to go if you ask me. I still feel bad for the old doll anyway. But seeing both my parents suffer with cancer, i would take the truck way any day.

      1. I’m truly sorry about your parents, thedre! I care for my mom everyday, alzheimers, so I know how hard it is to slowly lose someone you love! I don’t know if being crushed by a truck would be any easier to take, for me personally. Loss sucks, no matter how it happens, I guess.

      2. @dre I lost my mom to cancer and it still hurts me remembering how much she suffered and me not being able to do anything about it. I myself too feel like going out like this lady did must be less painful. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Fuck, imagine getting out after that and realizing what you did. I remember I took this chick I met online over to my friends house and when we left I peeled out of his yard…onto his dog and splattered it everywhere, and I felt slightly bad about that, but to me it was so goddamn funny. He didn’t like the dog anyways, but needless to say I haven’t seen the chick since. I imagine running over a person isn’t quite as glamorous.

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          All right. I’m done talking like a black… I hear that crap around me day in and day out… ๐Ÿ˜ก

  3. It was an accident, pretty cool one- old lady is gonna walk behind the truck, the driver sees her goin behind him, but there’s a car coming up on the right side of the truck that makes the old lady veer off and try & scoot past the front of the truck now, However death intervened.

  4. The truck driver must have heard that same crappy song on the radio that the dashcam driver was listening to. During the truck driver’s insane scramble to change the station, an old woman bit the dust. It’s understandable.

    1. That is certainly opposite how it typically is, but you feel how you feel. Most people would feel more empathy for a young person getting killed. As for an older person, fuck-em, they were going to die soon anyway.

      Moreover, we all meet our fate one way or another, and as far as deaths go, that was a good death. Quick, and messy……just how I want to go.

  5. In the mornings, I like a little butter on my toast with a healthy smear of old Russian women who did not excercise caution while crossing the street. Watching this video got me hungry.

    1. Shet nigguh, you must be a trucka mutherfucka! I likes me a big ol’ powerful mayn wit his sexy Jake Brake bustin’ exhaust in my greasy cylinder duggout. Hows about you jacknife in my brown grotto, xxmurak…?

  6. It doesn’t matter if the light is green for you, or you are in a crosswalk and you have the right of way, if it’s not clear, it’s NOT clear. Too many pedestrians force the right of way against cars and trucks. I heard like 80% of all pedestrians killed by cars were at fault. ie….jaywalking

    1. A police officer can arrest you for jaywalking.

      Jaywalking is when a pedestrian crosses a street from sidewalk to sidewalk without the benefit of a crosswalk, zebra or other pedestrian-painted-stripe-type of thingy; or crossing in a crosswalk against the light.

      It makes a pedestrian a road hazard and a potential accident, which is why a cop can give you a ticket for jaywalking.

      If it is your intention to be hit by a car for money, your case is hurt if you were jaywalking.

      It is the duty of the elders to teach the young ones things they need to know to survive in this world. For pete’s sake, you wanna learn this stuff on the street???

        1. I’d rather help liberate our cities and Countries, but that doesn’t look possible anytime soon – so migrating it is.

          What’s the alternative? Stay in Canada, eventually become beleaguered with Muslims and Blacks. Not be able to walk down the street without being arrested, accosted or attacked because of my skin-color. As it is in rapidly multiplying places in Britain, Sweden, United States etc.

          1. You want to do to others what others are doing to you. Do you really think that overcrowed asian countries want a mass immigration of whites into their lands. You would become the very person you hate. A person like you only has one real option and it involves violence.

          2. There is no way around it – yes, I’d be doing the same thing in theory. The difference is – I would assimilate in Chinese culture. I wouldn’t expect special rights because I was White. I wouldn’t be bringing with me a different culture.

            I would expect some forms of discrimination, and I would understand it and be able to empathize with it.

            These things still worry me though. There is no way I could blend in – I’m 6’3, blonde-hair and blue eyes. I’m not Chinese and I’ll never be Chinese, and that might push some to even get violent with me – the fact my wife/partner will be an Asian female won’t help matters no doubt.

            So it’s still a worry.

            As far as getting violent – I’m willing. What I’m not willing to do is become another Anders Breivik – a martyr for the other side. A symbol to be used against Whites/Europeans to ‘prove’ how racist and violent we are and tighten the chains around our necks and wrists, and further silence our voices.

            Doing that only strengthens the other side.

          1. So you’re willing to give up your cultural identity to fit in with a bunch of savage chinks? Can you even define white culture? Do you even care? You set rules for whites to live by but excuse yourself from them? Are you special? Do your own rules not apply to you? Once again, define white culture. Every so called white nationalist or white supremacist that I’ve asked has given me nothing because they have nothing. I know what it means to be a white man. Do you?

  7. This was a sad vid, but people (especially eastern Europeans, and assians) have to know that if they don’t practice “safe road crossing safety”, they’re, more than likely, going to become a shit stain on the road.

  8. K. … The driver never, ever saw the person and the person assumed the driver would yield. Seriously, I could see my sorry arse a smear on the underside of that drivers truck.

    Too close to the truck. No line of sight eye to eye contact.

    Human Bug Juice happens. I suppose I am a little bit smarter having seen this.

    That does not really mean much… … …

  9. Same thing happened in the town where I went to High School, only that lady was only pancaked on road and her guts spilled out. In 15 minutes all was cleared because this incident happened very close to town center.

  10. How to survive the Big Arse Red Truck Pull/Drag/Smear Event?… be the second slowest to cross the street. Thanks grandma.

    Finally found my way to survive the zombie apocalypse. Adopt a blue hair with a walker.

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